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Nintendo Wii: Pandora’s Tower First European Debut Trailer For Wii

Nintendo Europe has uploaded a trailer for the forthcoming Pandora’s Tower for Wii. The game is scheduled to come out sometime in 2012 in Europe and is already available for purchase in Japan. Still no word of a North American release I’m afraid.

32 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Pandora’s Tower First European Debut Trailer For Wii”

  1. fucking nintendo of america. I HATE THEM!

    i’m moving to europe, at least nintendo of europe actually gives a fuck about their fans!


    1. It ain’t reggies fault. Also Xenoblade wasn’t good, and this also doesn’t look that good. My opinion. Deal with it.

      1. Xenoblade was the best-selling game the weekend it released, and got a 36/40 in Famitsu. I guess that means it wasn’t any good.

        You’re welcome to your opinions, though. The rest of us, however, would like to get our hands on this game.

      2. “Xenoblade wasn’t good”
        Elaborate, please, cause I’m dying right now from the lack of logic.

    2. When do all the studid people understand that this is not the decision of Nintendo???

      Its the decision of Ganbarion the developer in which country the game will be released!!!

      And now shut up and play with yourself!!!

        1. Hello, i think its both the publishers and developers desicion and if the developer dont want than the game will not released there too ;)

          1. Actually, you couldn’t be more wrong. The publisher owns the rights to the game, THEY decide if and where the game is localized.

            1. Exactly. Ganbarion had already previously shown their interest to localizing the game anywhere there is a demand, but Nintendo of America chose not to do so here, under the perception that there was no demand for a heavily “Japanese” title here in America. The funny thing is though that 90% of the time, these types of “niche” titles sell better in this country than all European countries combined.


    3. If you hate Nintendo than go away, no one will miss people like you and especially Nintendo!!!

      No one cares if people like you go to Sony or Microsoft!!!

      Than go now and dont come back!!!

  2. I almost cried watching this vide, knowing that Nintendo is stubbornly refusing to release Pandora’s Tower, Xenoblade, and The Last Story in North America. I’m seriously considering voiding my warranty and hacking my Wii so it can play these games.

  3. I almost cried watching this video, knowing that Nintendo is stubbornly refusing to release Pandora’s Tower, Xenoblade, and The Last Story in North America. I’m seriously considering voiding my warranty and hacking my Wii so it can play these games.

    1. I definitely do not care about it either. As far as I’m concerned, the only reason it got hyped by everybody is that everyone was starving from a lack of Wii games. You can feed them a bone and they’d kill each other for it. So, really, all the people complaining about how Nintendo didn’t answer to the hype have no one to blame but themselves for making that hype up in the first place.

  4. Come on NoA. Bring Pandora’s Tower here. and bring Xenoblade and The Last Story as well. I know they might not be your biggest money makers ever but you will still make a pretty good amount of cash!

  5. i really want that game in america afterall the only god rpg for wii in america is arc rise fantasia and the only game they want to bring to usa is dragon quest 10 but it will suuck just like dragon quest 9 did

  6. Well I’m very much looking forward to purchasing this and Last Story when they arrive in the UK, but was it just me or was that trailer totally uninteresting?

    For all you American peeps out there I recommend that you hack your Wii’s and import the game (or pirate it, depending on what your morals allow you to do). Nintendo of America really screwed you guys over and in the process they’re screwing themselves over too.

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  8. Americans are eating his hands since the Xenoblade episode. The only BIG games they get are the ones made by Nintendo. Otherwise, Japan and Europe are pointing and laughing at you.

    Now imagine us in Brazil. We don’t have Wii games in our language. The only Wii games we can buy are the american ones (our consoles are NTSC-U too). Also, if we wanna buy it we have to pay like US$ 200,00 for big games like Mario or Zelda ones, due to the raping taxes for games stipulated by the government. So, the only logical option for us is hacking. By saying this I’m not encouraging piracy, but it is the only option for us.

    Then, WHY GOD are you complaining? Just suck it up or screw the warranty and go hacking. It is a lesson we learn a LONG time ago.

  9. Haahaa I love the comments on here. Nintendo didn’t release it here but that didn’t stop me. from playing it and continuing to play it. People the wii isn’t giving us much do what you have to do to play.

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