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Nintendo 3DS: Kingdom Hearts 3D Update Coming Next Week

Famitsu will apparently be publishing a feature for the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3D in next weeks issue. The next issue of Famitsu officially hits on the 24th so expect to hear all the details online a couple of days before it hits news-stands in Japan. Anything in-particular you would like to hear?

16 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Kingdom Hearts 3D Update Coming Next Week”

    1. Once FFVersus XIII is finishes, maybe by 2015, KH3 will be started. Until then, enjoy this little prelude to KH3 that honestly, it looks promising.

  1. In other news, the 3DS sells 103,000 units in Japan this past week. Mario still holds high sales despite new releases. I wonder if they’ll have a bundle for the 3DS when KH gets released.

  2. I’d honestly want to see info on the new Disney worlds they promised us, other than the already confirmed “Hunchback of Notre Dame” world, of course.

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