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Nintendo: PETA’s Anti Super Mario 3D Land Campaign Was A Joke

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has confessed in a statement that their anti Tanooki suit campaign was in fact just a joke. Clearly they managed to troll quite a few people including a variety of mainstream news outlets.

Mario fans: Relax! PETA’s game was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, a fun way to call attention to a serious issue, that raccoon dogs are skinned alive for their fur. We wish real-life tanukis could fly or swat enemies away with their tails and escape from those who profit from their skins. You can help them by never buying real fur.

163 thoughts on “Nintendo: PETA’s Anti Super Mario 3D Land Campaign Was A Joke”

        1. The only reason that PETA made this “confession” was because they realized what bad publicity it would give them.

        1. not everyone hates PETA, it is clearly a joke. everyone knows that no animals were skinned alive by a fictional cartoon character.

          the fur trade is a serious and horrifying issue. watch the portion of on the fur trade and see if you still hate on people who want to prevent such disgusting cruelty.

          1. True true… PETA seems to take it a bit far with this joke.

            And Earthlings is the most horrifying and powerful Documentory on our effects on Creatures.

    1. Not all PETA members are crazy :)

      They do deserve a lot of great credit for what they do. But they need to cool it on stunts like this because joke or not, it’s bad for their reputation. But don’t judge them collectively, there are many great caring people that mean well. You don’t judge a nation based on its leader, after all.

      1. No. PETA is a complete joke.

        I f you want to support hypocracy and insanity, then support PETA.

        If you want to support animals and fight for an actual cause, support the humane society(PETA is against the humane society btw. Just some extra info for ya).

      2. Thats a crock because all around the world its not the nations fault…it was Bush’s fault if you asked anyone…and now Obama…

            1. You are aware that this is a Nintendo blog, right moron? he reserves the right to defend his turd if he wanted to you typing contradiction. now get the fuck out of here you tree hugging hippie or stay and suck a fatty!

              1. “no shit because i could read the big letters that said Nintendo”and you also reserve the right to mind your own business and thank you i am a tree hugging hippie,<3

    2. not everyone hates PETA, it is clearly a joke. everyone knows that no animals were skinned alive by a fictional cartoon character.

      the fur trade is a serious and horrifying issue.

      watch the fur trade portion of and see if you still hate on people who want to prevent such cruelty.

    1. That’s not funny in the slightest. In fact, that kind of comment can get you in serious trouble since it sounds like a threat. Not all PETA members are as extreme as the ones you hear about, and the overall people do some very great things for animal rights and to prevent animal cruelty. I support that. Should I be shot since I’m a PETA member?? Grow up. This was a lame joke, even I think that, but no one deserves to be shot because of it.

      1. this is why we hate poota, because you take things too seriously, and then, like we saw in this article, you play it off like you were joking too…

        fuck you. your cause is stupid.

        1. Steve should masturbate more. He’d feel better.

          And BTW, Legal Scholar Steve, the statement “this is why guns exist” would not amount to a threat in any jurisdiction and no it could not get anyone into trouble. Sorry, pussy, the first amendment is still alive and well in this country.

      2. Boy, you really are worked up for nothing. Seriously, was there any point at all for you to lecture this guy? Plus, i think i should inform you that PETA kills approximately 94% of the stray animals they try to find a home for. Wanna know how many they killed since 1998? 25,840 animals. So stop trying to be the mature guy here.

      3. Steve mcllroy shut up. mario is EPIC! first mama, then pokemon now mario. FUCK POOOOOOOOTA! PETA CUNT FAGGOT ASS AAAAAAAAAAA

    2. This is the most hilarious thing I have ever read! Gun exist because of PETA LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Any PETA who responds to this must a a loser homo dick ROFL.

  1. Oh, right “Fuck You Mario, this skin belongs to an animal” is a joke. A pretty gruesome joke I’d say, and a terrible way to draw attention to your objectives.

    1. Of course you’re right. Even them know you’re right! This kind of “trolling-advertisements” doesn’t make them transmit any good message to anyone, this is indeed just a way to say sorry or, UPS!
      What a bad excuse………

  2. lol WTF! stupidest joke ever and my ass it was a joke! OOppps i said something wrong so i better say i was joking tee hee :P

    1. All possible people who could possible stop playing Mario games just for a PETA’s “joke” (or statement) applied to any Mario Bros game, doesn’t deserve the right to play any kind of videogames. Mario would be happy not no see them criticize him. Period.

  3. For fucks sake… Companies like this should actually think of the consequences their “jokes” could cause before they make them… No one is going to take them seriously now…

  4. I call bullshit. They probably just “confessed” this just because it raised so much negative attention. This is not the right way to send a message. Their “joke” was sick and over the top. It was highly offensive and their message was drowned out by disbelief and disgust for what they did. There are better ways to promote your cause than this. What they did was uncalled for, joke or not. This is why no one takes them seriously.

    1. Not True! I’m a vegitarian who hasn’t joined peta. That generalization is offensive and almost as stupid as peta’s ”joke”

        1. If that was a joke, then he’s right haha.
          If not, RELAX! Calm down ;) Nobody it’s trying to make you feel bad =) That was just a generic joke not intended to offend anyone as I see it. =) Be happy =)

  5. Calum Nicholson-Walker

    if it was supposed to be a joke then why the hell did they say “By wearing Tanooki, Mario is sending the message that it’s OK to wear fur” if it were a joke? If they released the game by itself with no statement then maybe I’d buy the proposition that it were a (sick) joke, but the fact PETA genuinely did speak out against the game shows they wanted to make Mario 3D Land look bad.
    Ugh. PETA can just fuck off.

  6. Ironically, when you play their game and lose the racoon dies, either being crushed to death or falling down a cliff.

    1. HEY!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t seen that $%&/() crap!!!!
      Now THAT is OFFENSIVE!!! I can’t believe they’re so sick to see our favorite character as a mad raccon assasin!! They indeed should read more about the Tanuki folklore in Japan ¬¬

  7. They shud’ve jus admit they made a mistake and say sorry, dont tell ppl dat it was a joke. Cuz it obviously wasnt a joke. They really have spare time to make a parody game of Super Mario in a bloody version.

  8. They realized they fucked up an withdrew thier statement to try an not look so fucking crazy. Too bad they failed. Dumbfuck peta bitches. EAT ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. It was a “joke” like it’s a joke when you call your boss a ****ing ***hole w/o realizing he’s standing behind you and then have to, rapidly and desperately, convince him of that fact.

  10. Jesus Christ, they’re crazy. What a bunch of assholes. I wasn’t ever going to buy real fur up until now. They simply changed my mind.

  11. I never thought of mario like that before reading PETA s “joke” but now I think they might be right. maybe if I skin a bunch of animals I will gain super powers I’ll have to go and try it just to make sure.

  12. They’re probably saying that because obviously, nobody thought it was plausible. Wow, those guys are idiots. And they still managed to say something (“You can help them by never buying real fur”).

    Even if it was a joke, I consider it a direct attack on Mario and Nintendo. Gimme their credentials *cocks pistol*

  13. PETA is full of shit. This wasn’t a joke and they know it wasn’t. They were very clear with their message and their graphic video posted with it. What happened was that either received a C & D order or anticipated receiving one from Nintendo so they are trying to quickly back-off, claim it’s a parody and be protected from the obvious IP rights infringement. The problem that they have is that even in parody, that can’t just use trademarks of other companies wholesale and PROFIT off of them.

  14. Hmmm… We either got trolled hardcore and props to them or they are trying to cover up what was a bad idea by saying ‘it was just a joke’. Any publicity is good publicity I guess.

  15. You people are all stupid. Because of all you heartless pieces of shit the world is so messed up. Yeah, talk shit about an organization that is trying to end all this horrible things that happen to millions of innocent animals that are beaten, boiled, hanged, tortured to death and electrocuted every year.

    1. Maybe they should keep the way our food is killed ethical (last time i checked you cant ask an animal to drop dead on demand). Or entertainment animals that star in movies zoos and circuses safe. But what right do any of them have Making outrageous claims on video games. w.o.w collect pelts, big game hunter shoot the bucks. mario grab a leaf and it becomes a suit. At times their is a place for organizations. Alot of us can tell when someone puts a dick in their mouth and chokes on the outcome. You call me heartless i Call you ignorant ( not rude ignorant like is has become) But lack of knowledge. I support and contribute time to H.S. of Mo also it was peta in the early 90’s discussing bombing certain entertainment establishments. dont forget the fur is murder spray can mess they introduced. I dont like to wear fur. it smells funny. hard to keep clean. and needs special treatment. are you really reading all of this cause im rambling. sh nananana na na

    2. Of course their goal is one we can all stand by (or at least I can, I would never buy real fur, I love animals) but honestly PETA is ridiculous now. They go by too many extremes just to get attention. What’s worse is what do they do with this attention? Nothing but advertise themselves. They’re a terrible organization, I would much rather support the Human Society which is basically doing the same thing without the idiots who promote PETA.

  16. Honestly, PETA, why didn’t you just say that in the first f#%ing place? Geez! And as a side note, I’m against animal cruelty, but there’s a line that’s got to be drawn somewhere that says okay, people are far superior than animals; we should take care of animals in a decent and kind fashion, but not to the point where we lower ourselves down to their level. You people at PETA watch too many Disney movies like Bambi, lol.

    1. They wouldnt agree with bambi. Animal cruelty hearing bambis mother shot. and animals fleeing for their life in the forest fire.

  17. Yea the f*ck right. Shit wasn’t a joke. They’re only claiming it was a joke now because they realized that because of it, everyone viewed them as complete fking idiots…Which they are. It’s like when someone says something seriously, but gets negative responses from it so they claim it’s a joke. But that shit was serious all along. PETA’s a joke in every sense.

  18. LOL, the game is funny!! Come on, don’t take it so seriously… They organize naked women rallys against bullfighting, and they are hot! They’re a kind of comedy association…

  19. PETA, you’ve lost some credibility by pulling off a stunt like this. Maybe Nintendo should launch a lawsuit for defamation. You do realize that a stunt such as this can hurt a viable business and hurt a company’s profits and possibly result in job loss. But forget about their fellow man! Let’s only look after the welfare of their fellow furry friend … =/

    Us: “PETA, you’re so fucking dumb”
    Nintendo: “Yeah guys, Mario is just a video game character and he collects magic leafs to turn into a Tanooki”

  21. Liars. they know they just said that so people would stop hating them and they wouldnt gent sued by nintendo.

    P.S PETA, it didnt work.

  22. Since when has PETA not been over the top? I support their cause, but they sure have a lousy way of getting shit done. Try actually talking to people assholes rather than resorting to “shock” campains. I love animals and all, but if I had a tanuki suit that could fly……..

  23. I did think it was a bit too farfetched to be genuine. PETA tends to go the limit, but they know when some things are a little too ridiculous. I imagine they would have been congratulated had this joke been pulled on April Fools Day. Of course this means that the game should have came out around that time. Oh well.

  24. I did not think nintendo should sue them before, because it was stupid to sue retarded people… But I think that nintendo now has every right to sue them for being even more retarded

  25. Well, there you go, even though it was somewhat obvious (cause really, the tanooki suit is more like a fursuit than a suit made out of fur) they did manage to get their point across and get a lot of people aware of the fur issue.

    So i say, well played PETA, wel played

  26. There’s a name for this, parody retcon. Like how some bullies and idiots say they’re just joking after insulting someone. Sorry PETA, don’t buy that this was deliberately meant to be a joke. Maybe it is now after they saw all the bad press they were getting, but I suspect initially they were serious about it.

    1. I think everyone is well aware that no animals were skinned alive by a fictional cartoon character. The first time I read the article I believed it was a joke.

      It has done the job well of raising a very harrowing issue of the cruelty within the fur trade

  27. PETA should of just shut their bloody mouths, but noooooooooooooooo. They had to bring out that stupid, retarded, so called joke. I always wander why people can’t team up into hundreds of people and run them over and blast the building. Or at least a fire bomb for slow painful deaths. An empty plastic drink bottle with oil and a sparkler as the fuse and creating hundreds more, taking all the water supply, start lighting up than… KA-BOOOOOOOOOOM. Gone.

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