Nintendo Wii: Miyamoto Says That People Say “Zelda Is The Same Puzzles/Dungeons” So We Made Skyward Sword

In exclusive interview with 1up legendary games designer Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed that Nintendo feared gamers would simply dismiss The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword as just another Zelda title with the same old puzzles across the same old dungeons, so they strived to switch things up with Skyward Sword to continue to keep the franchise fresh.

With previous Zeldas, we took what we thought was good from the past and used that as a base to build on. Sooner or later, though, we need to add some new play structure to the thing, or else people will say ‘Well, Zelda’s just the same old puzzles going across the same dungeons.’ I don’t feel a need to stick with that system, because I think Zelda’s core lies in playing around in the same world over a period time, gradually learning more about it and building experience as you discover new secrets.

“That thought drove us to structure this game so you play in the same places many times through the game,” he continued, “and the story is built on top of that. Outside of Link’s home turf, there are essentially only three major sections — but there are lots of events in each of these sections, as well as dungeons to explore. It’s not a set system of dungeons, but instead three sections that gradually open themselves more as you dive deeper in. Maybe it sounds complex, but as you play, it’ll basically feel like you have the sky, and then three different areas to play in.”

I think this Zelda offers a new adventure, a new type of gameplay. I think we were able to bring multiple things that are important to Zelda into a single package. We’ve evolved Zelda without having to turn it into an epic thing.”


  1. I think the people who say that are ignorant but still, it is a welcomed decision that Miyamoto decided to try and do some things different with the franchise nonetheless.

  2. One of my favorite parts of Twilight Princess was traversing the vast fields of Hyrule on Epona, an aspect that doesn’t exist in this game. Instead, it looks like we’re getting a compact, but incredibly dense Hyrule, filled with new things to do every time we go these places. Needless to say, I have a few doubts about the small map size, but Nintendo has this amazing habit of alleviating all my fears. They did it in Majora’s Mask, they did it in the Wind Waker, and come Sunday, I’ll be prepared for them to do it again Skyward Sword. Hats off to you Nintendo.

    1. You have a misconception here. Skyward Sword is the most vast Zelda yet. In terms of size and things to do.

      1. Not to mention that in retrospective, OoT had probably the SMALLEST Hyrule in the whole story of the franchise, yet we felt it was big just because of Epona and all that backtracking we had to do, so even if SS has a -relatively- small map, we will find how to make it grow. Plus, it will surely be at leat larger than the map that the hyper acclaimed OoT had.

    2. It’s basically like Metroid. You like how exploration is done in Metroid, you’ll like it in this game.

      1. SO you have played the game? First of all, in Metroid Prime series you never HAVE to go, maybe a couple of times. Im guessing (only 5 hrs in Skyward Sword) this will be different.

        1. What??? Metroid you always have to go back and forth when you get certain powerups, that’s what makes the game so great. You have to remember all kind of weird things and places and then when you get some power up you rack your brain thinking where you can use it in previous stages.

          At about 12 hours now in Zelda, I’d say yes, it really is copying Metroid pretty much exactly. For me that’s not a bad thing, I’m enjoying this Zelda 1000X more than Twilight Princess. But at least Miyamoto should just admit they made it like Metroid.

  3. With that being said, the people who are still posing the argument that the Zelda formula hasn’t changed at all, I question how fair there judgment is toward the series as well as the ability to determine subtleties that in turn make impactful refreshments for the series.

  4. weee i bought that zelda figure at the nintendo world store last month! Well in some ways twilight princess lacked a bit more of uniqueness to it, and the wolf concept didn’t impress as much due to some people having already played okami for example. Is still a fine zelda game of course. majora mask and wind waker however are very different to that formula and so will be skyward sword it seems.

    1. lol i know right! i still cant beleave that they gave mw3 a higher score than this game and this is coming from a none zelda fan!

  5. Let’s count all the 3-D Zelda games

    1998 LoZOoT – N64 – Staple in the genre, first to bring Zelda into the 3-D world
    2000 LoZMM – N64 – Gameplay elements from OoT, time feature where you must control time to solve puzzles do certain quests.
    2003 LoZWW – Gamecube – Extremely open world, cute art style, bunch of little side quests
    2006 LoZTP – Gamecube/Wii – Dark and gloomy style added to the already good LoZOoT style.

    So lets see so far we have only had 4 3-D zelda games on console, but yet people are still complaining about it? If you’ve actually played all these games you’d know not each one is the same.

  6. I can’t comprehend how people think all zelda games are the same, while acting all amazed when a new call of duty game comes out

    1. While I agree with you on this one, for me, twilight princess was trying far too hard to be an upgraded version of OoT and while they added a few cool new ideas in places, parts of the game felt like you’d already been there before even on first play through so I’m glad Skyward Sword is changing some things up. Hope it lives up to some of the reviews, only one more day to go!!

    2. While I don’t agree with this, I have heard this:

      Zelda games are “the same” since in each you follow a specific formula. You venture to a temple, collect a weapon, defeat the boss, explore overworld for next temple, venture to a temple; etc. Then within each temple, it’s defeat all the enemies in the room, advance to next room, defeat all enemies; etc.

      This is why I like Zelda 1 for the NES. The weapon is not required to do the temple, you can do the temples out of order (for harder challenges). The 3D games force you on a specific route (my biggest issue). You should be able to complete harder temples first if you are able to, not have the previous temple’s item to do the first half of the “puzzles”.

      In other news, only 2 full days until Skyword Sword! Can’t wait!

  7. Hmm yeah, so this is why I’ve liked Metroid more than Zelda since the very first.

    This is nothing new, this is “The Legend of Metroid”.

  8. Did he really say “turf”? Everytime I read these things they don’t sound like they’re Shigerus’ words, but more like some random white dude.

  9. “We’ve evolved Zelda without having to turn it into an epic thing.”
    Actually Shigeru, you’ve made and epic game even more epic :DDDDD.

    1. Actually, he’s right; Uncharted 3, Skyrim, MW3, BF3, Batman AC, Dark Souls, those games are the epic ones.

      1. You should realize that all the HD 3rd party games, and their future iterations, are going to be on Nintendo’s console next year alongside Nintendo’s stellar 1st party franchises. With Wii U, the only games you won’t be able to play are Sony exclusives, which most people who play those games already own a PS3.

      2. “We’ve evolved Zelda without having to turn it into an epic thing.” He means they have changed the Zelda formula of the over world and dungeon interaction to make it distinct without making drastic changes to TLoZ identity. If you don’t consider this game epic then then that’s unfortunate for you.

  10. I like that Nintendo take this comment and decide to prove the people wrong.

    Reminds me of the Hush episode of Buffy which came about due to critics saying what helped make the show good was the dialogue. So Joss decided to prove them wrong with a mostly dialogue free episode.

  11. I think a Game can be declared as big, if you go trough the game and only realise you are in a temple, after you went halfway trough (happened to me in the third temple of skyward sword oO) Its just Massive gameplay. You^ll love it!

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