Nintendo Wii: GameSpot Awards The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword A Disappointing 7.5

Despite receiving rave reviews from the majority of gaming publications GameSpot has awarded The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword a mere 7.5/10. The publication states that there just aren’t enough fresh ideas in the game and it feels more like a nostalgic retread of previous titles. That being said GameSpot says that those looking for an exciting adventure will find plenty to enjoy in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.


        1. Sites like this can (and do) receive “review copies” so that they can get reviews out before the consumer buys the game.

          1. I own it, the game sucks. I would probably be playing it right now if I didn’t have to deal with the retarded motion control crap. Doesn’t Nintendo know anyone who plays video games and isn’t 5 years old hates that crap?

      1. Considering Gamespot went about their way insinuating the game didn’t have enough fresh ideas despite the 1:1 sword gameplay, unique monsters and bosses, story line encompassing the origin of the master sword as well as preceding all other Zelda games, new 1:1 motion based items allowing for unique and new puzzles and strategies in combat.

        Really though i can understand why someone would give the game an 8.5 or something cause it wasn’t their cup of tea (god forbid), but a 7.5? All while saying the game lacked any fresh ideas? WHAT?!?! That review sounds more akin to the new modern warfare game.

        Me and many other fans have seen enough videos, played some of the game, read enough articles and interviews on the game to have a good jist of how it plays and some of the new content available, enough to warrant giving our own assumptions and opinions on the game. Far better ones then Tom Mc Shea.

        I’m honestly under the belief this guy has been sitting outside on pavement with a potato in his hands and a card board box in front of him, under the impression that he’s playing Skyward Sword.

        1. I love every Zelda game, I’ve played every one since I was 3 years old (I’m 25), they actually provide me with a lot of great memories from when I was a kid, but this game is horrible. I don’t care if the story is great if I can’t tolerate the game for more than 5 minutes because of the horrible, inaccurate, unresponsive, slow controls. This is the same thing they did with Twilight Princess, although Twilight Princess was infinitely better than this garbage. There’s nothing in either game that you couldn’t do with a regular controller, but they make you flail around like an idiot if you want to play them.

          Also, I’ve noticed a terrible trend in Zelda games recently, with Twilight Princess being the exception. They seem to have lost that “dire” feeling, and traded it in for more of a “sunshine happiness” feeling, and it pisses me off. There’s a definite different in these games from Ocarina of Time, where it really is the end of the world, you can see it, you can feel it, things are cursed and dying and it’s right in your face.. Majora’s Mask where you can literally sit and watch the world end unless you save it.. And then Twilight Princess, where darkness basically takes over the world and encases the entire castle in a golden pyramid… Then you have Skyward Sword.. Uhhh… We were playing on our birdies and flying around above the clouds and OOPS! Zelda falls down and her little stupid looking cartoony retarded pelican-duck thing saves her. This doesn’t really make me feel a dire sense of urgency to do anything, this just makes me feel like I’m watching Blue’s Clues or something.

          In the end, this game was a huge disappointment. HUGE.

          You know, I would have been less mad if they would have sold me a re-release of Ocarina of Time with updated graphics and no motion controls. That would have been worth $50… Skyward Sword isn’t worth 50 cents..

      2. “That being said GameSpot says that those looking for an exciting adventure will find plenty to enjoy in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.”

        They obviously are. So plenty of enjoyment is worth 7.5 points?
        They “think” the game is similar to the other Zelda games and that’s why thy gave it a low rating. They didn’t take into consideration whether the game is good or bad, they rated it based on it purely being Zelda.

        Reviewing a game should include many more factors, not just similarity with previous titles. You judge is based on how well done the game is, the story, the music, the animation, the atmosphere and most importantly, how much you enjoyed a game.

        They did NOT rate Zelda based on all those factors.

        1. Left without space in the previous post.

          Just wanted to add this.

          Gamespot simply tried to be the “cool” kid be hating Nintendo and Zelda. Look at every game related forum and you will see that hating N. and Zelda is “cool”.

    1. I totally agree, gamespot gave a well deserved 7.5. I don’t understand the other amazing reviews… It’s a good game but not the great Zelda ever and i was expecting better for the 25th anniversary. Well done gamespot you’ve got taste.

    1. No…


    2. The reviewer probably was so lazy that they kept dying because they couldn’t the Wiimote properly.

      Reviewer: Why isn’t this enemy dying when I aimlessly swing the remote? This game sucks. 7.5.

      1. MW3 deserves 9.0 really… you should know Gamespot are not real gamers and there bad reviewers, G4TV are also as bad as gamespot

    1. IGN is not IGNorant really, but the Sony reviewers are a little IGNorant.

      Really Gamespot and G4TV are the worst.

      1. Great Nintendo staff. They don’t get nearly enough credit being under the shadow of their company. Hopefully the 10 for SS gets them more attention.

  1. Yeah that is dumb. Go to their website and look at their comments and you will see the raaage

    1. true dat!
      i mean, surely everyone on here’s opinion is more important because we are loyal fans and know what we’re talking about! can’t wait to play it on friday!!!

      1. No biased opinions are not more valuable tan unbiased. Of course their opinion may have been biased as well for all I know.

    1. Me neither.

      Who still even checks it? It drove me off with abrasive advertising and bad reviews when I was twelve years old, which is when i was *least* aware of abrasive advertising and bad reviews.

  2. Not enough fresh ideas? Oh! Ok! So what exactly did they score modern warfare 3? Same game, different levels. Same weapons and perks, different killstreaks. How is this original?
    These people clearly need a new look on what gaming is about!
    Beautiful visuals, great storyline, brilliant controls and hours of play time! Douches!

        1. Yeah, I played Modern Warfare and then Black Ops, they felt like the same game just with a little extra here and there.

      1. I guess when it comes to games that the VAST MAJORITY of gamers play it just HAS to get above an 8.0. When it comes to games that only a segment of gamers like, Gamestop has to be different… Shoot, they need to get back to what real gaming is about. Without Zelda and Mario, nobody would have MW3 and Battlefield.

    1. Because everyone working at Gamespot is of a group mind. All the reviews are done by like-minded people who judge by the exact same standards as the rest of the staff.

    2. Probably got an extra point for all the people out there that bought it and can play it online until the next one comes out.

    3. maybe these crazies hav been looking @ the graphics,if so i suggest they go back home and just watch tv!

    4. Ridiculous how much obsession realistic FPS get these days. Isn’t the fictional and impossibly adventure that couldn’t be possible in real life, what makes a game fun?

      I can understand Halo, it had a good story and was fun. MW from my experience is just the most casual gaming experience I’ve had yet.

      No offense if anyone liked the game. Just too much hype over so little change.

  3. well, I can only say that it’s been a long time since I stoped having blind faith on GameSpot reviews, in the end they are just to pesonal, I don’t agree with their posture they should review from a personal and “professional”? point o view (both but explicitly), being agnostic and having standard criteria not just because it’s someone who loves or hates X game. I mean, just look at the score they give to every street fighter game, and you’re going to tell me that they are ALL FRESH IDEAS?… just my two cents.

  4. Gamespot went to shit when the main gang left, but even that gang at now GiantBomb are still douchebags as they pretty much said that both mario 3D land and Skyward Sword were good, but not great. I think many people just like to hatre on Nintendo. Oh well, next gen when Wii U will have HD all the games will be amazing. HD= Good games for some publications.

    1. Yea, I visited Gamespot and IGN frequently around 5-10yrs ago. Back then, i think Gamespot had a different name Videogamers or something. They were great sites, but i guess things changed.

  5. Since when is 7.5 a terrible score? That’s a 75%. People really need to learn how to interpret review scores, it’s basic math most seem to lack these days. Also, a review is an opinion, if it doesn’t match yours, that’s fine, to each their own. But ridiculing someone for their opinion is childish and makes you look like an idiot.

      1. Why? How do you even know? Have you played it yourself? If I make a Zelda-themed solitaire clone, does it deserve a 9.5?

        I’m not saying the game isn’t as great as most of the reviews are saying it is, but come on.

        1. I think it’s more that when a majority of reviews are 9.5+, a 7.5 looks pretty anomalous and probably carries some bias. Or they’re just d-bags like everyone says.

          1. Or maybe they just have differing opinions and don’t judge by the same standards as the other reviewers. Maybe their focus was on a different aspect of the game than was the focus of the other reviewers. Of course they may have been biased/trolls but those aren’t the only options.

            1. Something are opinions, but in this case is hippocrecy.
              I played Zelda and COD, both are awesome, but Zelda is better, GameSpot didn’t give good reason, the “lack of fresh ideas” pretext is invalid, CoD is the same every year, and they give it more score.
              If they think CoD is better, ok, go ahead, but at least give us a GOOD reason.

              1. Gamespot is not a group mind, if Tom McShea also does the reviews for CD then you have a point. Otherwise you don’t.

    1. 7.5 is pretty darn good…out of something like 8.5, maybe. But out of 10? Do we need any more of an underachieving attitude here?

    2. Game informer 10, Ign 10, Nintendo Power 10, Famitsu 10. Yes these are all opinions, but people who like this genre review it. It shouldn’t be people who don’t like this genre. My friend hated mass effect. But he hates all rpg and that’s the aspect of it he hated! And this guy is definitely the minority! And you’re an idiot.

    3. its a terrible score when its based on unfair arguments, i dont want to sound like a fanboy but uncharted 3 and MW3 also lack of innovation and still they got better scores. not get me wrong, these games are great but i think that all reviews must be judge fairly

    4. Its not so much that the game got a 7.5 but more so that the reviewer gave it said score whilst commenting that the game didn’t have enough fresh ideas. If he were to review something like modern warfare, according to the standards he scored SS, the game woulda gotten a 5.0.

      Ultimately he seems to discard the 1:1 motion gameplay which is something we haven’t seen in a full on AAA action adventure title with hours upon hours of gameplay.

      A franchise as big as the Zelda series along with innovative control schemes and gameplay doesn’t sound like the kinda game you would give a 7.5. I can see scores like 8.5 or 8.0 but saying the game didn’t have enough fresh ideas and giving it a 7.5?!?! No, that does sound like a terrible review and score.

    5. Think about it in terms of actual grades. A 7.5 is not a good score that’s a C or D and barely passing. Top of the class games like Zelda are supposed to get A’s like most reviews are showing. (I understand that grading systems are not the same in every country)

    1. Imagine putting all your hard work into a single paper for school….and only getting a C.

  6. GameSpot still exists? o.o

    And why do you insist on posting every single bloody review here? It’s really annoying. The only review I give a damn about is Famitsu, and even then I don’t care a whole lot beyond mild curiosity.

      1. Obviously it can be annoying having to scroll past a ton of reviews of the same game to get to the news that actually interests you. Also if you’re subscribed to this blog by email you end up getting a ton of junk emails of reviews for the same game. The reviews don’t bother me personally but it’s easy to see why they would bother some people.

        1. It takes SECONDS to move your finger downward a couple of inches to scroll past it.

  7. From reading all of the positive reviews from everyone, I am wondering if they even actually played the game…

        1. Actually, some of us have played it. Some of us have found that the game is quite innovative and different. Wiimotionplus swordplay is phenomenal for one. A game that controls like this deserves an 8.5 immediately. The enemy battles are now increasingly challenging and strategic. But, the whole structure of zelda has changed. Dungeons are no longer long torch lighting mazes but quick, smart puzzles. So far, I’ve spent more time in the pre dungeon areas solving puzzles and what not than actually in the temples.

  8. They can have their own opinion, can’t they? Stop whinning, guys. You and your silly nostalgia glasses…

    1. Nostalgia, twilight princess wasn’t that long ago, and almost every review I’ve seen is a 10! Nostalgia is a word you can use when Kid Icarus comes out!

  9. >reinvents entire battle system
    >added item upgrades
    >gives characters more personality
    >nothing new

  10. i understand that 7.5 is still good but It jusy makes no sense when you give tired ass mw3 a 8.5 and then a beautiful new zelda game a 7.5 because its too much like a zelda game?? And it also seemed like he just couldnt grasp the controls, he almost seemed mad that he couldnt just flail wildly to defeat enemys and that a took some time. Also based on other reviews he is one of the very few who had these control issues.

      1. you can’t. if you try to do that a message pops up and says “please plug in the wiimotion plus accessory” or something of that nature.

  11. gamespot be trollin.

    I haven’t heard of gamespot in years…
    and what better way to get your name back out on the internets…
    just piss off the zelda fanboys and make the zelda fanboy haters have a good laugh.

  12. Stupid GameSpot, I have played just the very beggining of the game and I would give it a 10/10 so far. I can’t wait to see what awaits me, however I’m waiting for sunday to really play it.

  13. Not enough new stuff? Uh Gamespot, you sure you didn’t put Twilight Princess in by mistake?

    God, it’s like Spoony’s running that site or something.

    1. TP is a great game, and contrary to some ignorant/blind people, it did indeed innovate and add new elements to the Zelda formula.

  14. Gamespot is very biased, never read their reviews. They give games like MW3 8.5 even though the it’s just like all the past games, then give Nintendo’s biggest project ever a 7.5 because the ideas aren’t fresh? Uh, there’s something wrong here!

  15. Maybe Nintendo didn’t pony up a bribe for Gamespot. I remember gamespot having issues with reviews and publishers bribing them for good reviews.

    At least this confirms the other perfect scores weren’t bought. And perhaps Gamespot is trying to send Nintendo a message for not bribing them. A weak, flaccid, impotent message.

  16. They are dumbasses coz everyone who red the review and played the game (yes I played already 30h) know’s that they are talking bullshit.


  17. You know, I remember when games were given a 7.5 and they were classified as awesome. What happened? We have games being rated 8 and 9 out of 10 and people are still up in arms. Back in the day, if a game was crap it was given a 5 or lower. Now it seems that unless the game gets an 8.5 or higher, it’s considered crap!

    The thing to remember here, is this *ahem*
    “FSCK THE REVIEWS!” If you love the game, then that is all that matters. Who cares if its rated a 1 or a 10. If YOU love it, then that is what matters. These games are not made for the reviewers, they are made for YOU, the gamer!

    I’m looking forward to Skyward Sword. I’m really enjoying Twilight Princess and almost have it finished (yes, it’s taken me, what, 7 years to beat a game that came out around launch? So sue me!). I’m going to really enjoy Skyward Sword. And if you love the series, you will too. That’s all that matters!

    1. I dont totally disagree, but haven’t you ever enjoyed something (a song, book , movie, video game). Shared it with someone and want them to enjoy it too? Plus a lot of reviews gave this a 10. That’s a big diff in opinion

    2. the ONLY reason i watched the video review is so i could see more content but they blocked it so i had to hear this guy bitch for 7 minutes… He sort of a newb

  18. U know? I wouldn’t mind gamespot’s score, but something doesn’t past the smell test. 1st, how can skyward sword receive the same score as kirby’s return to dreamland? I’m willing to bet skyward sword is a much better game. 2nd, out of the 30 plus reviews of skyward sword, 98% have been extremely positive. 3rd, many of the top games released thus far, have been recycled, or they have plenty bugs. However, the scoring of these games were not affected ( ex. modern warfare 3, skyrim, saints row 3). In fact, when I read gamespot’s preview of the skyward sword review, the reviewer sounded very positive. I thought this game was destined for a 9. Based upon my argument, I believe that the reviewer was not very good @ playing this game, or is Nintendo hating…

  19. Mwahahaha Ill see for myself freaking subjective gamespot…Like they always been…><

    GOT THE GAME ALREADY! Mwahahahaha

    1. HAHAHAHA! Yeah I do too, it’s so invigorating and affirms myself in a way that no other thing can!

      HHAHAhahaha… haa…. my life is a hollow lie.

      1. Think of it this way, if a game publisher always got a perfect score, do you think they’ll be more likely or less likely to improve their games?

        1. It’s the Zelda series that we get up in arms about dude. It’s (un)arguably the best series in gaming.

  20. I’m quite ‘shocked’ myself, especially after all the rave reviews. Of course, not all Zelda games will receive 10/10 like OoT did, but Gamespot has known to be a bit harsh. I’ll have to read their review for myself…

  21. After reading their review, I think they have an IR source in their gaming area. Their main complaint is about the motion controls, which few other reviewers have found to be an issue. What they describe about the calibration can often be due to an IR source messing things up.

  22. Gamespot gave Super Scribblenauts a 6.5 and Pokemon Black+White a 7.5, so there isn’t really any reason to get worried about their review.

      1. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again; the job of reviewers is to inform the consumer if a game is worth a purchase or not. From their comments, it seems they just don’t like motion controls. They also state there aren’t frsh ideas in the game, yet other games that have done nothing new have gotten higher scores and stuff.

    1. they are a dick… or gay ass sony fuckers + transexual microsoft whores + 7.5 dicks mashed together = gamestop

  23. On its own, it’s not really a bad score. However, you see other BIG publications giving it 10’s. And the problem is not as much about the actual score as it is what comments that go with it. Uncharted 3 and MW3 got higher scores and if anything, they are not as good as the previous games; nothing is fresh. You can’t expect every Zelda game to “reshape gaming” over and over; it’s a game like any other game, so why should it innovate while the others keep on doing the same thing. I also understand that motion controls are not for everyone, and that’s a valid point. However, the job of reviewers is to inform people if the game is good or bad not if the reviewer himself loved it. You can’t give a game like Skyrim to someone who hates RPGs to review it. Whether the reviewer liked motion controls is out of the question. Did they work? If they work, then that’s all the consumer needs to hear. He could say that he is not a fan of it, but that does have importance.

    Reviews these days have lost the meaning of a review. They just slap a score and up their favorite games. The complains I’ve read for the lower scores, even GT’s 9.1, is that they want the game to have voice acting and have an open world like Skyrim and stuff. WTF? The beauty of gaming is that we have so many different types of games. Portal 2 runs on a very old game engine, doesn’t allow to have weapons other than the portal gun, and it’s a linear game. Does that make it less appealing than any other game just because it’s different and it’s its own thing? Of course not. I like Famitsu’s reviews because they give the game to I think 3 or 4 reviewers, and then they combine the scores and comments on the game. If this game got a perfect 40, then that means all of those reviewers thought the game was good. It makes you wonder about the other scores when you think about it. Oh, and Zelda is a Jaoanese-made game, but it’s not really oriented for the Japanese.

    1. This is I was trying to say man. If I would have read your post before I have save some words. Great post!

    2. The point you are missing is Skyward DOES innovate and actually changes around the tried and true Zelda formula significantly.

  24. Sorry but some of you are ridiculous. Many other reviewers may have given them perfect scores, but at the end of the day it’s their opinion…
    And there’s the simple fact they’ve played through the game and you haven’t, so their opinions are more strongly backed up.

    1. Have you read their review? It’s not about the score; it’s about their complains on the game. It feels like the reviewer is stuck in one particular type of game and he hates the others. How is that professional? If it was a random fanboy, then sure, but this is supposed to be a professional review.

    2. Not if they’re shit at this type of game and dont know how to use the motion control properly and have a fetish for controversy for the sake of it.Most should enjoy it based on their own experience and its had a positive feedback going by most reviews anyway.

    3. Saying this yet again… some of us HAVE played the game. Some of us HAVE beaten it, and most of us KNOW 7.5 isn’t a fair score.

  25. -Seach: gay ass transexual 7.5-dick-headed mentally fucked anti-nintendo demented raping fuck

    -Did you mean: gamestop?

  26. idk why you guys are complaining, these are just reviews/opinions from them, i said it before and ill say it again, these reviews are NOT unbias, they complained about the motion controls bcause they PREFER buttons, they also down rated the game because link still doesnt speak.. see PREFERANCE.. plus why gives a fuck what anyone else thinks about a game we are already comited to buying.. dont give Gamespot any traffi c because thats what they want, and enjoy your games.. smfh

    1. You know, if they prefer buttons, they shouldn’t be playing this game anyway. If your going to review a game with motion control, you’re going to have to deal with the motion controls. If they were broken, or made the game unplayable, it’s understandable, (Powerglove) but the motion controls in this game have been praised for being fantastic.

      And because Link doesn’t speak? …………..
      Ok plug in your cdi, and pop in faces of evil. There. You’ve got your buttons, and you’ve got your talking link. Happy now Gamespot?

  27. I guess they are mad since they did not get a copy of zelda earely like IGN, however ! they gave mario 8 … and Zelda which is pressing to the max of Wii and takes 7.5 , REALLY WTF !

    1. Yes, that must be it. They’re mad they didn’t get an early copy like IGN, so they scored the game lower than you wanted. The logic of this post seems flawless.

  28. How can any of you shit on Gamespot for their review? The vast majority of you haven’t played the game. This review has played the game and given his/her opinion of it. You say Gamespot is “retarded” and “stupid”? Listen to all of you. This reviewer may very well have a point. He/she didn’t just give Zelda a 10 because he/she was expected to. Wait until you play the game and don’t be blinded by your fanboy rage. I was disappointed by the score and a little outraged, but Gamespot is usually pretty accurate with their reviews. So I think they could have raised some very valid points, especially with saying the traditional Zelda formula can be a bit redundant–that’s very true. I’m still buying the game and I have no doubt I’ll be blown away. Seriously though, grow up and accept that there are going to be problems with the game and that people aren’t “stupid” to point them out, despite what fantasies and illusions of yours that may shatter.

    1. Their reason for said score in baseless and doesn’t really make sense. Plus, many of us are educated enough on this game to have a good idea of the quality of the game. Thusly, we all have the right to express our disdain of this poorly written/scored review. I hate it when snobs like you complain about people complaining.

      Also, every game has flaws. No one game is perfect. (I’m willing to bet this game is as close as it gets to that ideal). But what this oaf seems to have done is needlessly pick out any flaw he can find, even if unfounded, and base his score on that.

      Bottom Line: this reviewer is clearly biased and knows less than your average monkey.

    1. Also by what i’ve heard gamespot judges nintendo a little harder than other companies, and my question to all of you is should they? I mean nintendo has been in the console business a lot longer than sony or xbox, Do you guys think they put that in perspective or do you think that they just have something out for nintendo?

      1. My guess is, they’re bored with Nintendo. Reasonable by this point, but that shouldn’t factor into the review, much like how nostalgia shouldn’t factor likewise.

        1. That would be like me giving a good shooter a 7 because I’m bored with it, your opinion is always going to influence your rating scale no denying it, but if your going to be a professional reviewer you have to put into account how other people will play it and what they’ll think of it, no just yourself. That is the problem with this review.

  29. It’s obvious they hate Nintendo.
    LoZ OoT 3D got a 8.5
    Super Mario 3D Land a 8.0
    This a 7.5 I knew they were gonna give Skyward Sword a score lower than 8.5.

    1. They don’t hate Nintendo… they gave the original OoT a perfect 10/10, as well as Super Mario Galaxy 2. Besides, that’s just one guy’s opinion, and at least he wasn’t so biased to give SS an automatic 10 just because it’s a Zelda game.

      1. All he complained about is controls. No matter how you look at it just the hate Nintendo TODAY! That was a decade ago things were different. This is 7th Generation.

        1. Mario Galaxy 2 is 7th generation and it was given a 10/10. Not everyone on GS is biased towards Nintendo.

    2. hahaha, sites like gamespot and ign are like 24 hour news networks they are all pushing there own agendas, fox news makes money off of conservatives and msnbc makes money off of liberals, is ether side right? Not really, they’re just pushing opinions that will be taken positively by there majority audience. This makes the most since to me, but hey maybe i’m just paranoid. haha

  30. lol… guys…. Metascore is 94. 14 gave 100%. No need to worry. Gamespot’s dementia speaks by itself :-P
    Although I gotta admit I’m quite shocked, because I always thought IGN was Nintendo’s troll, not Gamespot…..

    Now I think I understand why Sophia Tong left Gamespot!


  31. I’ve always liked GameFaqs. It’s sad it’s got GameSpot’s tag at the top now. Ah well, I don’t like listening to most reviews. I usually search for IGN’s reviews, they’re usually pretty fair about their reviews. I like their video reviews. I can’t say I absolutely disagreed with their reviews, though I did like some games they rated bad.

    GameSpot apparently doesn’t understand when an idea is reused though. Call Of Duty got an 8.5, which is stupid, considering those games are pretty much ALWAYS the same thing.

  32. And they give MW3 a better score… if any game needs “fresh ideas” are all the Call of Duty games.

  33. Everyone knows only the Sony side of IGN is IGNorant…



    1. And why is the Sony side of IGN ignorant? They give a sony game a good score: “IGN you’re so ignorant, we hate you!” They give a nintendo game a good score: “cool IGN, you’re awesome” the hypocrisy is really annoying…

    2. Only the fanbase is ignorant. Not only sony fan base though, it’s all of them.
      For some reason, almost everyone there wants two thirds of their beloved industry to fail.

      However, I do agree, some of their reviews are rubbish, but most is worth a good insight.

  34. I think the review business is not well understood, and this is a clear example. I think, and I could be wrong, that the game’s reviews should say what a game offers and if it does it well or not (here is where fits the qualification, varying from very bad to masterpiece). The review should avoid any kind of personal preference of a particular game genre or type of controls or anything.

    I think the main objective of a review is to help consumers if the product they are interesting in is good or not for their liking. That way everyone who read the review should have a better picture if they would like or not the game. Because of that I find very important that a review has to mention what the game offers and how well it accomplish that. Also has to mention the reasons the reviewer thinks is not good at one particular thing, and the reason should be anything but personal preference.

    Nowadays there are many unprofessional “professional” reviewers that believe the objective of a review is to defend the games they like the most, criticize games they don’t like just because they don’t like it, and so. It’s normal, and good I believe, that people have different preferences but showing that in a review is totally wrong. For example I don’t like games which are first person shooters that the only thing to do is just kill and kill and kill; but if I have to make a review of a game of that genre I couldn’t write how bad is the game because I find it so boring. Thinking about doing a review for a game I really don’t like makes me realize that it should be a hard work to do, but it is their a job. It is supposed they have to do it the best they can and if they can’t they (the reviewer company) have to give another person the job. Because of that I believe the best reviewers should be gamers with very wide preferences or they should be assigned according to their neutrality to different game’s genres.

    Well apart from all that I just want to say that until now the only “bad” things people is finding in this Zelda game are the lack of voice acting, motion controls and that is a Zelda game.

    For the first, voice acting, I believe is not an obligation in a game. Games are unique experiences and don’t need to have any kind of rules in order to be great. That is something great of games, they are not films and even then, I have enjoyed some films without voice that many of the films of full sound and visual effects. What I mean is game designers are free, as any artist, to express themselves through their game. Is this what I understand when listening something a song without lyrics. Is very close to that.

    Motion controls. The first time I tried the Wii (last year) I realize is so much fun because of the simplicity of the controls, so easy to understand because is part of every human being. I can understand some people don’t like it because we all have different likings but if a game have good controls, of any kind, I think is a positive thing, and in these case I believe is the first time motion controls were carrying out to a high level of interaction in a game that just that is very unique. This wasn’t done before so “new enough fresh ideas”, where are they looking?

    Being a Zelda game. Nothing to say here. We all know that there are games but only one Legend :).

    P.D. Sorry for the bad English.

  35. Though I think that the score should have been at least a 9.5/10, I understand what GameSpot means by having the same ideas as older Zelda games. I am a Zelda fan and I have played enough of the games to notice that some of the puzzles are just throwbacks from previous LoZ games like bombing a wall to get a neat treasure. My two favorite games of LoZ titles are Link’s Awakening DX and OoT (3DS version) and I never really had to use any walkthroughs for OoT since some of the mazes put some memories from Link’s Awakening in my head. One of my biggest fails though was trying to kill the actual first enemy that you HAD to kill (it’s the one with that shoots nuts at you; forgot it’s name) But overall everything else was smooth sailing. But I still think Zelda games are one of Nintendo’s best money-makers and will (hopefully) always be. I know it will be from me though.

  36. Lol, they gave Twilight Princess a 8.8 and now this has a 7.5. I don’t agree with the score, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the game.

    But I know the internet is going to riot over this.

  37. Gamespot is the worst games rating company in the world. A GAME NOMINATED FOR GAME OF THE YEAR AND THEY ONLY GIVE IT A 7.5!!!! They are going be in hot water when people see how dumb that website is!!!! I SUGGEST THEY RE CONCIDER!!!!!!! -sorry, got a nerd rage

    BUT ITS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Well people might disagree… but budow! They hit the nail on the head and started a mini flamewar.
    I’d give it a 8 from what I’ve seen or heard…

  39. This is why I moved away from Gamespot a long time ago. They seem to be tough critics when it comes to gaming and always point out more bad than they do good.

  40. I’ve not finished but played 15hours of the game. Tom Mcshea’s review is complete bias, he complains about the lack of responsiveness of IR there is no IR its the motion plus. All he did was complain about controls and things in the game that are not in the actual game like a torch puzzle WTF in the first few dungeons I’ve seen torches as merely to add to the scenery and I’ve step on two switches that open doors.

    Ideas that littered old Zelda games are almost non exsistant in this game and really I think he should be fired for what he wrote. It’s not even a review of skyward sword because the game I’m playing is not anywhere near the game he is describing.
    I don’t give a shit about the score it won’t do anything I’m more pissed that a decent game got written by a biased person with no concept on how to play it properly and made up shit in the review. That is a disgrace to the industry.

    1. To be honest guys, this is not that alarming coming from GameSpot. If this score came from IGN that would be one thing, but GameSpot hasn’t been relevant since the early 2000’s. No gamer worth his/her weight in gold goes to GameSpot to seek their opinions on games. These people aren’t enthusiast, they are just corporate morons that are probably taking money under the table to give bad press to try and persuay the public in one general direction.

  41. GameTrailers did their podcast ‘Invisible Lines’, and they discussed their view on SS. One reviewer finished halfway, the other finished the game entirely, and they both pretty much said that the game was overall okay and that it felt really dated compared to modern franchises like Assassins Creed, Uncharted, CoD, BF, Skyrim, etc. And honestly, I have to agree with them. Nintendo needs to bring Zelda into the future with their next installment so that they can compete with other major titles.

  42. I could understand if they actually based the score on solid negatives, but it’s painfully clear that this score was given for pure shock value. Even with the content of the review in mind, it reads like an 8.5 game. What’s more this reads like an opposite “mirror version” of the reviews released beforehand, considering many things lauded by other sources as problems.

    It honestly wouldn’t matter so much if this score didn’t take a point away from the Metacritic score, and it’s only made worse by the fact that Gamespot and Metacritic are both owned by CBS Interactive. I believe that’s the reason they haven’t featured the Famitsu 40/40 review yet: They wanted to pretend their score was that important.

  43. Let’s put it into perspective here. It’s like you have two professional archaeologists who discover an ancient treasure and one says it’s garbage, while the other calls it the greatest discovery of all time. They can’t both be right can they? One has to be an impostor. Well it’s the same with all these reviewers. How can a professional magazine (Edge), as well as many others, praise this game while another (one “professional” in this case) imply that it’s mediocre? I say this “professional” probably is in need of a career change.

  44. IGN – “layered, dense, absolutely perfect gameplay that manages to not only nail motion-controlled combat but remarkably offers a stunning level of diversity.”

    EDGE – “it is the first time hands have been left, right and centre with him. The victories are ours in a way they could never be with a traditional controller.”

    GAMEINFORMER – “Challenging implementation of motion controls… Most Zelda titles have simplistic combat where mashing a single button turns into a frenzy of flourish-filled combos. Skyward Sword demands a much higher level of patience and mastery.

    MACHINIMA – “This game will remind you why you ever thought motion controls were a good idea. You precisely control Link’s sword with 1:1 accuracy.”
    GAMESPOT – ” Unfortunately, the combination is not successful. Inconsistent controls continually torment poor Link, and the predictable structure does little to distract you from these faults.”

  45. Gamespot is not doing that good financially, that’s why they need to get more people coming to the site. This is quite a moronic way to get people on the site. “Let’s bash Zelda, so people will come to our site and call us morons in the comments section.” Yay.

  46. “Editor’s note: This review originally stated that aiming was handled through the Wii Remote’s infrared sensor, which is incorrect. The review has been amended accordingly. GameSpot regrets the error.”

    nuff said…

  47. Ok 1. Guy who called SS shit for lack of dark atmosphere, your an idiot! SS did have one but it wasn’t shown like in OOT because Demise was sealed!

    2. We have ps3 and xbox fanboys in our mist with their bitchy comments about nintendo’s motion control, shutup plz, i applaud nintendo for making the step and i know they are trying to perfect it but the motion control crap as you call it is on your consoles too, so piss off and complain to Sony because SS did in fact make great use of motion control.

    3. Gamespot’s are hopless at gaming, they always whine about things which only an idiot would do, like walking into walls. They made the same arguement in their Alice 2 review which gave it less than what it should have gotten. I have so much more things to say that will counter all you haters but to the ppl with understandable opinions i respect what you have to say. Just don’t say things like how SS was too happy or nintendo sucks.

    1. i hate SS ive been a Zelda fan since OOT in 1996. And now they turned Link into a fruit cake. SS is to happy but Nintendo dosent suck. Only SS does. I would hav been happier with TP graphics again but a lillte updated. So ya SS SUCKS ALOT!

      1. Three reasons why SS is disapointing for me.

        1. Lack of races, Gorons etc.
        2.Graphics arent as smooth and clear like Wind Waker. On a bigger television i had this problem. Using 16:9 screen size for my 42inch television and 16:9 settings on my Wii. Using all of this and the graphics look fuzzy when I look at anything from a distance. only when I get close to things it gets better but not by much.
        3. The world didnt seem vast or big, buildings seemed lazy in design. for example, If you remember the first temple in TP it was a huge tree with lots of detail and vastness. it was epic. Now in SS you just get a white building type temple, its not very big and not very creative.

        So I think a 7.5 is more than enough for this new Zelda game.

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