Nintendo Wii: The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Gets Perfect Marks In Famitsu

Revered Japanese gaming publication Famistu has awarded The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword a perfect 40/40. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is the third Zelda game to receive 40/40 from Famitsu after the legendary Ocarina Of Time and Wind Waker.


          1. My bad, iPod is messing up. Meant to say this is the first perfect this year. Last year, only Pokemon B/W and one other title got perfect scores.

    1. Not irony.

      And being any number comment (regardless of “first” or not) is worthless and is a stupid internet tradition that needs to stop.

        1. Oh I confused Gamepro and Gamespot, still, while 7.5 seems low (specially considering all other scores) for what I have heard from this game, 7.5 is not hating.

    1. Cause dudes controller was broken and he couldn’t tell the difference. Cause everyone has praised the controls and that was one of dudes issues with that game.

  1. lied before and said that i went to comic con and played it and said the controls were shitty…but i played it last night at my local gamestop and dear lord… the sword control is PERFECT…to bad every other control is shitty. bow control is shitty. beatle thing control is VERY sluggish. you cant get your shield in front of you half the time. and alot of the enemies of no noticeable week points until u test the different angles of the sword. ill probably give it a rent though.

      1. im for real. and wow this website has to have like a really weird ass spelling correction cause i proof read my shit a ton. anyways yes. and while the basic sword controls are perfect there are a little tricky some times. like when u flip a spider (just jolt the wiimote upwards) a thing comes up that shows u have to thrust the nunchuk and wiimote down to perform a final strike. but it sometimes does a spin attack instead of a final strike.

        1. Oh dont sweat it, this website has intergrated “SpellBots” that mock/insult/belittle you for spelling incorrectly. and they all do it for free lol

        2. I have heard that doing thrusting motions is a bit hard in this game becuase it doesn’t come out right most of the time, but that the rest of the controls work perfectly.

  2. Glad to see Zelda getting another good score. However, gamespot gave it a 7.5. One of their major gripes was the controls. I find this hard to believe since the majority of other reviewers said that the controls worked really good. I just think its more Nintendo hating. Hell they gave Red steel 2 a higher score, and I’m sure Zelda is the better game…

      1. gamespot gave Mario Galaxy a perfect 10.. so either it was a different person reviewing it, or the controllers werent that great.. so we cant say they hate nintendo, what we can say is that they might hate the zelda franchise seeing as the voice acting was another one of their complains in TP. and it was rated 8.8/8.9 (wii/GC) scores

      2. Dude, I’m on the autism spectrum and I’m more inclined to believe the overwhelming 9’s and 10’s. That GameSpot reviewer has no excuse.

        I’m serious about that, btw.

  3. 94/100 on metacritic. Nice score. But man looking at the game rankings……. Why are so many companies sucking off Microsoft……… Like every multiplatform game the highest review score is for 360…… Even Skyrim. Even metal gear solid……

  4. IVE GOT THE FREAKING GAME!! Love all this blablabla but now I can go experience it for myself!

    4 years…..finally!!!!!!

    Over excited!!!

  5. So, the people who gave it a 9 or lower played a different game or something? I heard gamespot gave it a 7 or something. Glad I don’t base my purchases on reviews.

    You know what Nintendo should do? Let the series rest for a while, at least for 10 years. Let’s see what “new” and “innovative” things the next Uncharted, Skyrim, and CoD, introduce in their next games. Once they realize these games don’t change, then they will miss Zelda for all the different things it does in every game. I’m a Zelda fan and it’s my favorite franchise, but this would be a good lesson for all those people who call it “outdated” and stuff.

      1. Well, the wait is usually 5 years. I’d say 7-10 for ANY new Zelda game. Maybe people will realize how important this franchise is.

  6. ahhh damn i cant wait! i didnt play even the demo.i pre ordered the legend of epic zelda,but i cant hold myself anylonger.just 2 days gyes and the game will be in urliving room.i am 16 years old u can say kid,but i know how to get informed ty from my bro (he is 26 years old).i love all nintendos platforms but about the nintendo 3ds they should plus a littlle resolation and featurs.i want my nintendos to kick asses as first aime said (i am here to kicking asses i u remeber).anyway about the legend of epic zelda will be the best because of the wii motion plus and the BEST more thing.i dont have problem about graphics.i love wii.i hate microdick and especially sony sucks.!

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