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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Has Tried To Get Super Mario Galaxy 2 On The Nintendo 3DS

Super Mario 3D Land director Koichi Hayashida has told IGN that Nintendo has tested the possibility of putting Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Nintendo 3DS but found that Mario looked like a speck so the game turned out to be immensely difficult to play. Would you pay good money to play the fantastic Super Mario Galaxy 2 on your Nintendo 3DS?

“When we started developing [Super Mario 3D Land], we displayed Super Mario Galaxy 2 on a small TV monitor and found that Mario looked like a speck and that the game was difficult to play.

“This led us to look into the camera and terrain types that would be conducive to playing on a portable screen with a relatively large Mario. If we were making a console game, from the very start, we wouldn’t have been thinking about any of those things, and I think the game would have probably been a lot different.”

64 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Has Tried To Get Super Mario Galaxy 2 On The Nintendo 3DS”

    1. I disliked the Galaxy series as a whole. Worst idea ever… Mario in space? Seriously.

      And the mobile site has this Follow link that just bounces all over the page blocking the image and articles. No way to really get rid of it either. Looks like a CSS problem.

      1. You said WHAT about one of the greatest video games of all time?

        Seriously, if you can play Galaxy and not have fun, you have no soul and probably shouldn’t be playing video games.

        1. : / People ask for something new with Mario, and all you hear is that it’s the same. Sure Mario in space is strange, but there’s no other games like it.

  1. EnjoyVideoGamesPlz-Girl

    I wouldn’t pay money to get the same game I already own on another platform.
    If it would be a completely new Super Mario Galaxy, then yes.

  2. I love that they DO this stuff behind the scenes and find out what parts of a game would or wouldn’t work before putting it out at retail
    Knowing this, I can already see that if they released Galaxy 2 on the 3DS, of course it would sell well, but reviewers would use it to bolster the idea that Nintendo just reuses their old games too often (especially after Ocarina and Starfox), in addition to complaining about the things that make it not work on the system, rather than pointing out the good.

    1. Oh man, I sure do love remakes! Screw those people that want a new game! I love Ocarina of time, I sure want that game on the 3DS! A 13 year old game being used as a main product for a new system…nothing wrong with that, right?! It’s totally not like OoT has been remade/resold repeatedly!
      …You seriously don’t see the problem? Remakes should be treated as something extra, not as a main appeal for selling your system.

      1. You obviously didn’t read Guardian Hero’s post. His point was it’s great Nintendo considers what works best on a platform rather than simply copy and paste what’s successful without a second thought.

  3. I’d have though Mario Sunshine would have been the same problem, probably Mario 64 too. They all have lots of zoomed out bits that wouldn’t work on a handheld screen

    1. its not the graphics its how you would play the game.. i swear does anyone even read the articles before they comment? -_-

  4. I would rather a new Mario Galaxy build for the 3DS instead of a port that was designed for another system. Maybe the ideas they couldn’t get into SMG2 can go into a spin-off game for the 3DS.

  5. This wasn’t about playing Galaxy 2 on the 3DS, it was about the development process of Super Mario 3D Land. Read the actual meat of the text instead of just making a headline out of context. They were seeing what a 3D Mario adventure would look like on a small screen like the 3DS, so they put Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the smallest screen they could think of.

    In other words, they were seeing how they could make the experience better, not if they could make Galaxy 2 on the 3DS.

  6. Nintendo should give us sunshine for the 3DS. otherwise they break their tradition of portables having a port of the main Mario game that came out with the previous console

  7. Livin Aint Eazy When You Cheezy

    Why didn’t they wait to remake Super Mario 64 for the 3DS instead of the DS? Damn! It would have been sooo much better

    1. true.mario 64 was the best game ever made for mario series and the world.(ocarina of time was the best game ever) and nintendo cant remake that.but if they put another 50 stages for the game or 100 then yes
      or no i dont know i have the game

  8. They didn’t put it on the 3DS, they put it on a small TV.

    And I don’t think Nintendo got the right conclusion. All they had to do was zoom in closer to Mario, that’s all :P Give me SMG3 for the Wii U and I’ll be set for life :D Well, for a month or two that is.

  9. I wouldn’t like to have a remake of Super Mario Sunshine, I loved the game, but I’m tired of gettin so many remakes, I’d rather have a so-so new Mario game then playing always the same game on a different console.

    But hey, when it comes down to updating graphics of a great classic I’m good with it. I like how they remade Ocarina of Time, and I like how they remade the NES Mario’s in 16 bit with Super Mario All Stars, but I didn’t like when they made Mario 64 for DS, I never actually got to finish it, when I have completed the original quite a few times

  10. super mario galaxy should stay on the wii and mario galaxy is my favoirte mario type of game and it shouldn’t be ruined by making it portable and small

  11. I would more prefer a new title – much like Super Mario 3D Land, however going back to the fun times of Super Mario 64 and Sunshine. The Galaxy series disappointed me, though the second has an obvious boost over the first.

  12. Yeah it would be more worth while making a new game for the 3DS and focusing on the new main 3D Mario for the Wii U instead of importing more onto the 3DS, especially since MG2 is quite new and a great game to play on the Wii.
    If they’r gunna import anything onto the 3DS it’s gotta be Majora’s Mask! :D

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