Nintendo 3DS: Stunning New Resident Evil Revelations Trailer For Nintendo 3DS

Capcom has uploaded a brand new trailer for the frankly stunning-looking Resident Evil: Revelations on the Nintendo 3DS. The trailer shows off the game’s high quality cut scenes, though the storyline itself is rather vague. Resident Evil: Revelations launches across Europe on 27th January and in the United States February 7th.


  1. They’re starting to promote next year’s games. I think third party developers screw themselves over. They started releasing crappy 3DS games with a few high quality games and now it’s Nintendo’s time to shine. Super Mario 3D Land has sold like crazy and Ocarina of Time 3D will receive a boost this holiday season. Kid Icarus may release in January and Animal Crossing and Luigi’s Mansion may follow suit. Then Paper Mario and who knows; maybe they’ll release a new, main Pokemon game world wide around the Vita launches everywhere else next year. RE Revelations is among the few games that can compete against the might of Nintendo games. Everyone else working on the 3DS may have trouble selling their games like Namco and Tales of the Abyss. Now that the 3DS is selling like crazy, they’ll start thinking twice before delaying a game. Nintendo learned a hard lesson, so did third party developers on Nintendo’s consoles.

  2. Anyone else get a serious Metal Gear Solid vibe after watching that trailer? I feel like I’m hearing the same voice actors from MGS1 (particularly Campbell and Psycho Mantis). And the tanker setting…reminds me so much of MGS2.

  3. There is no way that this is running on 3DS hardware… It looks too pretty and high-res to be on a 3DS console.

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