Nintendo 3DS: Join The My Nintendo News Mario Kart 7 Community

This week has been a nightmare as my review copy of Mario Kart 7 is nowhere to be seen. Regardless, I decided to pop down to my local store and pick up a copy. I’ve set up a My Nintendo News community so we can all get together and kick some ass. All you need to do is select Online Multiplayer then select Community and then Enter Code:


Hope to play with you all online!


    1. btw for anybody that has the game, how good are the graphics? are they better or worse than the wii? and i know, gameplay>graphics but im just curious

      1. The graphics are better, the framerate is solid (this is all from watching a livestream) the screen is smaller and the effects (like the ink on screen) is so much better.

        To me, graphics make a difference becuase they are the first thing you see, though the gameplay is similar to every other mario kart game.

              1. Same here.I’ll add all of you tomorrow but in the meantime mine is 1118-0463-5986

  1. Hmm I’ll probably join this one but to be honest I don’t really like the mynintendonews community all that much.

    Inb4:OMG then why are you even posting here?

  2. Awesome! I’ll get my copy and a few minutes and join the Community. Keep it up, I’m always glued to this blog =)

  3. I gotta wait til christmas… Should’ve got 3D Land for christmas and this for play now. Sonic Generations 3DS sucks btw.

          1. Well, online cheats are completely. But offline ones can be rather fun to use, like the super clawshot AR code for Zelda Twilight Princess(search Youtube if you don’t know).

        1. They almost did. It just requires an incredible amount of skill to succeed.
          I partially did it do win a race in single player, but it was difficult.

        1. Yeah snaking is def not in mk7. So thats nice. Btw lets get done more players in the community so I can dominate you all.

    1. Snaking is NOT cheating. It’s an advanced tactical maneuver that’s built into the game. It can’t be cheating if it’s an actual gameplay mechanic. Just because you’re not good enough to pull it off doesn’t mean it’s cheating when someone else actually puts in the effort to learn how to effectively make use of it.

  4. my copy was supposed to arrive on friday but it`s also nowhere to be seen so i`ve been really sad since then :( i hope it comes next week :(.. Please somone kill me

  5. Ok so these instructions are for when I get the game. Lol ive been looking for a communtiy button on this article for a minute. Doink.

  6. Hello, added the group in hope of getting stuck in but I’m having major problems with the online, I haven’t been able to get on since I received the game on Friday!!! Just getting either error codes or ‘a communication error has occurred’. Could anybody help me please!! because Nintendo service center phone number doesn’t seem to work anymore either. Would be much appreciated, thanks

    1. Cheers for the help you grand prix, phoned nintendo couldn’t tell me anything…also grand prix. I will find you (when i finally get online) within the mushroom kingdom and I will leave tread marks over all of yo unhelpful asses.

      1. I am now online, sorry for the rudeness I was very frustrated. See you online tonight :) watch out I’m a coming!

        1. i hate so much digimon(its copy from pokemon).anyway i dont care if he is first or second or last.

  7. The community idea was really good. I think it’s safe to assume that they will incorporate that to future online Nintendo games like Smash Bros. There are so many communities to join to already, and it’s likely to go up. This gives us a lot of hope for Wii U.

  8. Nice! I’ll join as soon as I get my hands on the game! Which won’t be after christmas… oh well
    For now, I’ll memorize this code =D

  9. GUYS PLEASE ADD MY FRIEND CODE I HAVE MK7, SSF7, AND NINTENDOGS + CATS 2921-9436-4466 :) My name is Catherine

  10. i ll bye mk7 on manday.i will unlock some features and characters and then prepare to lose(i should say for trouble but lets just make u know)

  11. well done sickr, you’re in 3rd place ;D btw, does anyone know if your grand prix points carry over when you join a new community? thanks

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