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Nintendo 3DS: Retail Is Now Selling Out Of Nintendo 3DS Consoles

UK trade publication MCV is reporting that retail outlets throughout the United Kingdom are now beginning to sell out of Nintendo 3DS consoles following the release of Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7. The Metallic Red Nintendo 3DS seems to be the most popular version, with other colours also in short supply.

39 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Retail Is Now Selling Out Of Nintendo 3DS Consoles”

      1. Because this means that the 3DS is starting to really pick up speed in terms of sales after a not-so-hot first few months.

      2. Because people are buying it. Why isn’t that good news? It means Nintendo isn’t gonna go bankrupt if this keeps up.

          1. It’s because I’m and I don’t think like this. Um…does anyones online multiplayer not work on Mario Kart 7 even though your connection is full because mine does and I want to make sure its not hte game and its just a bug or not :(

            1. I had the same problem, i found a solution with my router, i just desactivate the router and connected directly to the modem.

              If you have a game router you should´t have problem tho

              1. well everyone uses it, meaning 4 people which connects to a PS3 my 3DS and 3 laptops so maybe it has too much use? :|

    1. You should check out They have very accurate weekly updates on consoles and software.

      They’ve been kinda slow lately though, probably because of the holidays and some recent updates.

  1. Good to hear :) I think 3DS will be pretty successful, especially as it gets more solidified as a new and worthy handheld with the great games coming out. Next year should be a good year indeed!

  2. good old Mario and friends! that is nice to hear that and could mean more streetpass hits for us when we take our 3ds out and about!

    1. Yeah, getting streepasses seems kind of difficult. I barely have 190 Streetpass hits…

      (Seriously, go to a gaming expo like Eurogamer or an event like the Zelda concert. You can get about 100 in one day, and also makes a great distraction whilst queueing.)

  3. Well at least Im not buying one from the UK. If that happend where I live then id have to hold off on a 3DS and probaly just wait for the newer model to come out and go and preorder me a PSVita!

  4. Were any of you surprise? This thing could be selling at the original price right about now, but it lacked the games more than anything.Now that is no longer a valid excuse. Just in November, the 3DS sold a little over 900,000 units, just below the Wii which was second with over 1,000,000 units sold and the Xbox 360 which got first, and that was without Mario Kart 7. Apparently Mario Kart had a big opening in Japan. It’s almost as good as the MK Wii opening with such a smaller userbase.

  5. Seeling out current stock of this dumb ass model ..

    now middle finger to all of the people who bought it, here is the new 3ds model..

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