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Shigeru Miyamoto Says Nothing Has Changed Regarding His Position At Nintendo

Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed to The San Francisco Chronicle that his position at Nintendo hasn’t changed. Miyamoto says that nothing has changed, and nothing will be changed in the near future regarding his position at the company. Miyamoto said he would continue to oversee development of Nintendo’s games, but would increasingly delegate more responsibility to younger designers at Nintendo.

11 thoughts on “Shigeru Miyamoto Says Nothing Has Changed Regarding His Position At Nintendo”

  1. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS

    i guarantee Gamespot will put up an article within 4 hours with the headline “No Guys He’s Still Leaving”

  2. He’s doing the perfect thing, not leaving but is slowly but surely handing over to the younger generation of developers and guiding them with his expert knowledge so that when he is eventually completely done and leaves Nintendo it will be as if nothing has changed and the wondrous work he has created such as Mario and Zelda can live on and on even after Miyamoto has moved on.

    1. not only when he is done you never know 20 or 30 years from now he may die. I wouldn’t worry much because his outstanding effort and skills will be pass on. Just like how Link reincarnation is.

  3. I wonder what Nintendo will be like after Miyamoto and Iwata… I’m still just a kid so I bet i will notice the chances since i will live for quite some time. NOT saying that older fans won’t notice anything, they will probably notice it even more. I’m not making sense, am I ?

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