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Check Out the First Trailer For Pokemon X Nobunaga’s Ambition On Nintendo DS

We heard yesterday that the Pokemon Company has teamed up with Koei Tecmo for a brand new Pokemon title called Pokemon X Nobunaga’s Ambition. The game sees the Pokemon franchise joining forces with Nobunaga’s Ambition . It’s currently scheduled to be released in Japan exclusively for Nintendo DS during the Spring.

61 thoughts on “Check Out the First Trailer For Pokemon X Nobunaga’s Ambition On Nintendo DS”

    1. Spoiler alert! You’re adopted and nobody loves you; being “first” doesn’t change that.

      On a related note, this game looks pretty weird. Is Nobunaga’s Ambition a series in Japan that’s being sort-of spun-off with Pokemon?

    1. i also dont like this game it looks like something old crap. not because i dont like pokemon its amazing and all there games to. but this game… :(

    1. it would be better if it was naruto ultimate ninja storm type fighting system. Or tales fighting system. pokemon could easily get bigger if nintendo did better leaps.

  1. i want a pokemon game for my 3ds, that utilizes the 3DS’s power, not the ds :l i dont care how good this is, i wont be getting this.

  2. It looks like we might actually get a story in a pokemon game! If it looks to be a decent story then day one purchase for me :D

  3. Oh and BTW Hideyoshi Hashiba and infernape , and Nobunaga Oda and Zekrom are perfect matches !((Though Maybe Nobunaga Oda coulda gone better with Darkrai))

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  5. Ok I don’t get this at all. Is this suppose to be Dynasty Warriors Pokemon or just Pokemon set in feudal Japan? Seriously what was that? I’ve been playing Pokemon since I was six and I just don’t understand this.

    1. It’s a new style of pokemon spinoff. Like Mystery Dungeon and Ranger were when they were first released. It’s just another way for more gamers to become interested or for pokemon gamers to become even more interested.

    2. Exactly what I thought of! the guy at about the 20 second mark almost looks EXACTLY like Cao Cao from Dynasty Warriors

  6. I’m not saying I hate this, but it looks very strange. It’s basically (Already forget what the name is) added with Pokemon. I haven’t even heard of this franchise. It seems very odd with these two franchises combining, but Disney and Square-Enix were able to do it right. I’m still hoping that they’ll announce something like Gray or R/S Remake, but I won’t disregard this game…yet. Finally, is this only for Japan?

  7. I hope there’s a chance that is becomes a double release with DS and 3DS when it releases in the US. It looks very original…i don’t really care what it is really, if it’s pokemon, i’m hooked. :D

  8. looks cool. Really glad its for the ds since its going to be awhile till i get a 3ds. But maybe they’ll have it come out for both systems (like mystery dungeon red and blue) but the 3d version will have some more stuff. Overall i think its good to give something different while we wait for the next BIG pokemon game(gray?). And for those who say its going to be bad: dont hate it till you play it.

  9. I highly doubt this will be released outside of Japan, since only one game in the Nobunaga’s Ambition series has ever been released outside of Japan (as to my knowledge). Plus, I don’t think this type of game would appeal to a Western audience

    But it is good to notice that this game is not developed by Game Freak (instead Tecmo Koei), so the “big annoucement” coming up could still very well be Grey or Ruby and Sapphire remakes.

  10. Nintendo gameplan: Lets release our number one selling game over the past 5 years on the DS. We’ll sell millions of copies. Fuck the 3DS

  11. This is what happens when fire emblem meets pokemon, the game looks awesome though, and i never heard of nobunaga or a related franchise.

  12. k but wat sucks tht is tht is only for japan thts sad becux its a fresh idea to the frachise since the pokemon franchise its getting stale

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