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Circle Pad Pro Resident Evil Revelations Bundle To Be A Zavvi Exclusive In The UK, Plus Box Art

Online store Zavvi claims that the Resident Evil: Revelations bundle which contains the Circle Pad Pro is an exclusive for the UK retail chain. We already know that the Resident Evil: Revelations Circle Pad Pro bundle is a GameStop exclusive in the United States. The Circle Pad Pro is expected to retail for £12 alongside Resident Evil: Revelations on January 22nd.

19 thoughts on “Circle Pad Pro Resident Evil Revelations Bundle To Be A Zavvi Exclusive In The UK, Plus Box Art”

    1. Higher ratings are given out for excessive blood, sex, etc. No game is rated 18+ because it’s too scary; 16 year olds can handle fear as well as 18 year olds.

      This rating only means that they’re focusing on the fear, rather than cashing in on ADHD teenagers who like tons of blood, cleavage, and drug use.

  1. That’s one sexy box.

    Also, I’m surprised you haven’t posted the release date for Mighty Switch Force on the eShop. It arrives on December 22nd (next week) simultaneously in North America, Europe, and Australia for $5.99/6 euros (I don’t know where the symbol is at). It’s dirt cheap for a game like that. I was expecting it to cost $10 or so.

    1. Actually, sickr, reading this I was thinking would it be possible to maybe post a weekly list of the week’s releases on Wii/DS/3DS/E-shop?

  2. Wow…. that’s one awesome looking box…. too bad I won’t be able to afford when it comes to the US. I bet it will be pricy….

  3. I guess these retail exclusives shows how much the circle pad pro will influence 3DS games. In other words, it’s going to have a marginal impact in how 3DS games are being designed now and in the future. Tough, for people holding out for a redesign ;P that may never happen!!!

  4. So is the circle pad pro bundle only available in Europe?Or will I be able to buy it here in th US?It looks great,I’d be disappointed if I couldn’t get one.

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