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Nintendo 3DS Messaging System Coming This Week

Nintendo UK has announced via a press release that Nintendo Letterbox is available to download for free via the Nintendo eShop this Thursday, December 22nd.

Nintendo Letter Box is a fun, simple and creative new way to stay connected with your friends via StreetPass and SpotPass. You can send them messages, 2D and 3D drawings, as well as photos and sound effects all through your Nintendo 3DS. The perfect opportunity to send your friends some Christmas greetings.

109 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Messaging System Coming This Week”

    1. we are just missing one more thingumajig::::::::::::::::::::::downloadable flash drive for youtube!?!?!??!?!?!!!!¿¿¿?¿

    1. Seconded, i dont know anyone in real life who has a 3DS! perhaps they think a 28 year old shouldnt be obsessed with Mario (and more to the point Animal Crossing) but i said screw them the heartless sport fanatics! there is only so much football a guy can take before he needs his Animal buddies

      1. That sucks. lol. I’m 18, so my age group is more likely to get them I suppose, but I’m also a 3rd year computer science major, and there are at least 10 or so people in my department with them on this relatively small campus :P

        It’s nice because a college campus is perfect for streetpass.

        1. Hun i’m 50 and I STILL play Mario,Luigi and the gang games and I’m in med school . goes to show you , you’re never to old to play Nintendo Mario games. Yes guess you can say that has always been my addiction.

      2. Same here. A 21 year-old with a love for Mario and other first party Nintendo franchises who doesn’t personally know anyone who has a 3DS. But it’s understandable, as iPhones and iPads are all the effing rage now, lol.

        1. :rolls eyes:

          I’m 20 so I’m more in the middle of the spectrum. But yeah, this is basically like text messaging but without the monthly bill. You just need a place with free wifi and SpotPass takes care of the rest. There are @45 people on my college campus with a 3DS. Now they’re all going home for the holidays so you might get to StreetPass with them. ;)

              1. this sucks :C 1 and a half year to finish school… meh… still, i love videogames :) luckily, all of my friends and cousins play video games :3 heavy eats a sandvich

    1. They say that its going to be on the next Eshop update sometime this week and the Eshop updates every thursday so i would presume we get it on thursday

  1. Why is it never specified if it runs in the background or not? This system is useless if it can’t be used while a game is playing.

    1. My friend and I had a lot of fun with the Pictochat too, but then he started drawing “things” so I just fought fire with fire.

  2. I guess im the one who has to say what has to be said. Will this be a worldwide thing or just for the UK at the moment?

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  4. The Only Pokemon Champion

    I wish nintendo wouldve integrated the messaging system into the 3ds
    it just makes it that much cooler :D

  5. i have good news for u guys i talked to nintendo company and the lady said that swapnote will be like gamenotes why did i call nintendo becuz the glitch that was n mario k 7

    1. It should be patched, but in the mean time I’ll use it if I need to.

      I wonder how it would patch since people likely have time trials with the score.

  6. I’m really excited and everything, but this really should’ve came at launch. But I guess this sorta makes up for it with the extra features, instead of just sending text.

    1. So far it has been worldwide, (for firmware upgrades and things like that) So we can only hope it does come out the same day Europe gets it. I’m %95 sure it will come out the same day. :)

  7. I’m going to say it. Copying off of the vitas ability to send messages.

    Well I should say psn in general…..

    1. Thats like saying nintendo is copying cellphones ability to send messages. Nintendo develops their own software in their own style. I think that’s blatantly obvious. Having similar functions doesn’t make it copying.

    2. It’s a pretty basic function, and the Wii DID have it anyways. If you want to call it copying, I suppose you can, but really, sending messages isn’t an incredibly unique and innovative idea to begin with.

      1. How about the old fashioned memo, or letter? How about text messaging? Man the Wii, Vita, 3DS stole this original idea. Last time I checked, I think the Vita is not out in the majority of the territories, so I think the Vita would be copying the 3DS.

    3. It’s Pictochat online… not copying the Vita at all. There’s dozens of messaging types out there, from typing (email, texts, actual mail), to drawing (Yahoo Messenger, those free online doodling services, etc.). Nintendo put them together in Pictochat, and here it’s just improving on that. Next you’ll say Nintendo is stealing the ability to download games from PSN?

  8. Glad to hear it’s finally coming! With all the consoles capable of messaging, and the Vita capable of messaging, it’s good to see the 3DS is adopting it as well. Though, honestly, I’d rather see it in an update that would mean everyone has it. Ah well, I’ll make sure my friends get it at least! =)

    1. Giving letter box to everyone in an update would be bad. You gotta dl it from the eshop so that kids have to ask their parents permission. That’s were the parental controls come in. im glad nintendo is kid friendly.

  9. Finally we get a messaging app. I wish Nintendo would have skype on the 3DS or something related because the system does have the inside camera so it could be able to have it. I guess I have to wait and see

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  11. Wait.. Can someone please tell me what’s the difference between using swapnote with streetpass or spotpass. Also if the app doesnt run in the background then how do i recieve the messages or even know i got a msg? :/

    1. Using StreetPass with SwapNote means that you can talk to someone who is near you with a Nintendo 3DS, (like PictoChat.)

      Using SpotPass with SwapNote means that you can only talk to friends on your Nintendo 3DS via the internet.

      I’m just guessing, (don’t quote me on this) that you will have to exit the game or something to be able to receive the message, also I think you will see the notification light blink, or turn a certain colour as it would when you get a message.

  12. I say our old friend the blue spot pass dot might be in action a lot, I need to test this therefore friend code is 0130-1783-8731.

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  15. Too bad this didn’t come in the update from early this month, then it could have been in the home screen instead of an app. Oh well, still pretty sweet!

    1. I think there’s something called “Flipnote Memo” that’s supposed to come out this year, but I don’t really know. Google “Flipnote Memo 3DS” or just “Flipnote Memo”and look at some of the sites, some of them have been out since April!

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  17. You all can give me your friend codes so when this comes out I can send you pictures of my huge cock all covered with jizz along with some squeaky noises.

    Peteriuss, no thanks, I don’t want to see you stabbing your ass with a Wiimote, though I am sure Petros must be very interested on that.

  18. You all can give me your friend codes so when this comes out I can send you pictures of my huge cock all covered with jizz along with some squeaky noises.

    Peteriuss, no thanks, I don’t want to see you stabbing your ass with a Wiimote, though I am sure Petros must be very interested on that.

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  22. @The age argument above me: I’m 13 and I have played both classic and modern games. WE EVEN HAVE AN NES! and the nes we got…..we got it only 2-3 days ago. I now know how big an nes cartridge is….O_O wow. nintendo sure made somg BIG games back then. (pun intended)

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