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Fix Your Zelda Save File With The Zelda Data Restoration Channel

Nintendo has released a full Wii channel in order to fix the game-breaking bug that can be found in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. All you need to do is download the Zelda Data Restoration Channel from the Wii Channel section of the Wii Shopping Channel, boot the channel up, and follow the instructions.

51 thoughts on “Fix Your Zelda Save File With The Zelda Data Restoration Channel”

      1. I was trying to get the bug in hero mode, I did exactly as they say it happens, and i did not get it. I thought it didn’t happen on hero mode. That’s weird.

          1. I dunno, maybe he/she wanted to get it to see what happens. I am rather confused about it, I can’t remember what it does or how to get it, so I might try to get it, then just turn the Wii off an not save it so it should be fine. So how do u get it again?

              1. You have to do the get the Thunder Dragons portion of tr Hero Song first and speak to the Goron Golo twice. Once before getting the song and again after. Then it locks Faron Woods and The Eldin Volcanareas makingit impossible to proceed in the game any further.

        1. I took Faron to Eldin then Lanayru. Most went to Lanayru first to get the Hylian Shield. Which my brother did but didn’t get into the glitch.

    1. Well, the bug is kind of serious because when you get it, you can’t continue on with the game. And how fun is it to play 20-30 or even more hours into the game and then can’t continue on with the story? So the channel is actually pretty important.

    2. This is the only way Nintendo can fix the bug because Wii discs don’t support patching. So, it’s a work-around.

    1. The answer to that is they don’t care enough about it. They only care enough about Zelda because of how much $ they get from it. I’m still salty about Nintendo not celebrating the Metroid 25th Anniversary.

      1. not only that it also their biggest game ever created why the care so much for it. Metroid Other M is a whole lot shorter.

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    1. The whole issue is really an aesthetic one. Sure I’ll look forward to when on Wii U a patch can just be a quick, no-nonsense procedure, but this is a great way for Nintendo to handle it at the moment. If only this happened with Metroid: Other M instead of that shipping nonsense.

  3. At least Nintendo makes up for it’s mistakes unlike Phony. (I am not a Sony hater btw. I’m just mad that they had no make up for what happened with PSN and how over priced the PS3 first was but now it’s half the price.)

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