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Nintendo Reconfirms No Wii U Until After E3 In June

Nintendo has reconfirmed that the Wii U won’t be released until after E3 which takes place in June. Both Destructoid and Kotaku are adamant that Nintendo will announce a firm release date for the console during the company’s keynote presentation at E3 2012. Nintendo will be showing off the console at CES next month but won’t be showing any new games. The console is expected to be released between June and December 2012.

75 thoughts on “Nintendo Reconfirms No Wii U Until After E3 In June”

    1. Anything is possible. We haven’t seen that F-Zero since the Gamecube!
      It would be nice to see it in GLORIOUS HIGH DEFINITION!

  1. At the rate technology depreciates, I wouldn’t think Nintendo would want to put off releasing the system too long…

    Obviously, we don’t want a half ass piece tech, but we don’t want an aged piece of tech either. I’m not sure where the right balance is, but I hope they know what they’re doing.

    1. It already is aged tech. It’s barely a step above 360 and ps3 in terms of hardware. So it’s actually a good thing to release it earlier, just because it will have exclusivity in the market.

        1. I always do. Sometimes I regret it (3DS), sometimes I don’t.

          But if it’s Nintendo, I’ll be there on release day. (Loving my 3DS now…)

      1. How is it “barely a step above 360 and ps3 in terms of hardware”?
        Based upon the info that is known right now, the Wii U will be substantially more capable than the 360 and PS3.
        I could be incorrect, but wait until e3 to judge the hardware specs.

      2. Technology and power are two different things.
        In terms of hardware technology, surely it will be more than a just “barely a step above”. In term of power, perhaps may be just “barely” a step above ps360, but we don’t know that yet.
        Look at 3DS, earlier is not always a good thing if you can’t sustain momentum. Also, it won’t truly have exclusivity as wii, ps3, x360 won’t just disappear.

      1. They WILL show games, for both WiiU and 3DS (wii maybe?) We all know there are games being produced for years like Super smash bros next game, and Pikmin 3. If we think that Wii got new franchises from Nintendo like Wii sports, wii Play, Wii fit, we could also expect something brand new for WiiU.

        How are they supose to launch a console without games? I know, 3DS says “Hi!”, but I dont think Nintendo will do the same with wiiU,

  2. There’s no doubt Nintendo will absolutely rule E3 2012. It’s amazing how they are able to have almost no information leaks!

    1. I agree. Nintendo will absolutely rule the show. I also want microsoft and sony new console announcement. to have some balance. =)

      1. fuck microsoft and sony they suck, Nintendo ftw.

        PS3 haz no games and xbox360 just red rings so even the few games it haz you can’t play because it’s a piece of shit. Wii haz all the best games and always will Nintendo is the best. The only platform that you should be gaming on besides the wii and 3ds is the pc, but even that sucks compared to wii/3ds.

        1. ”Nintendo FTW” “PS3 haz no games” “360 just red rings”

          You are damn right! that’s why nintendo is rushing to get Third-party games that were only NOT playable on the nintendo systems.

          1. if you absolutely must play them, then play those shitty gamez on the pee-see

            any games that don’t make it to a nintendo system are most likely not worth your time when you could be playing nintendo games instead. The wii u will get those third party gamez that you seem to covet so much and then there will be no reason to own a microshit or son-gay kawnsul.

        2. Do you know PS3 has games but PS3 copyz nintendo

          Xbox360 is worst cuz it copyz Sony and nintendo and it’s kinect is a copy of sonys eye toy.

        3. Coming from a person who has all 3 systems now and all available hand helds, give the other guys a chance!

          I used to hate xbox big time but I went and bought one yesterday and I actually quite like it. Now I still prefer my PS3 over it and I wont compare the Wii to either of them just because its Wii, doswnt matter what system you have everyone has a Wii with it. Wii U would be more comparable when it comes out.

          So anyways stop hating on the other systems and try another one out. Play one more often at a family/friends house. Eventualy you will stop with the hating like I did with xbox360 trolling.

  3. That’s obvious. Since the last E3 we saw a prototype of what could possible be the new console.
    Same happened with Wii at E3 2005, only ideas. In next E3 we’ll see what the system can do. they will show REAL games, explain about the new network, show off the real console and pad design and all.

  4. There should be some kind of universal, Online penalty for people who say, “First,” then fail… Like a 2 week ban on posting.

    That should reduce the number of ridiculous people posting, “first.”. *sigh*

    1. and then go on to ban people posting about said first because they simply spam up the comments even more with mundane unrelated crap.

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    1. Hey man, just suscribe to Club Nintendo and use a fake US address, as long as you don’t redeem physical rewards, you should be fine. Worked for me :)

      1. I certainly did that before but when I asked if I could have physical rewards out us the kicked me out (i was like *okay face*) and two worries came in my mind
        First if a us code would work and second if they really open a mexican club Nintendo

  6. Isn’t that the best option? I mean, if you’re going to spend millions of dollars in a presentation with new games and stuff, the best way to do it is E3 for video game companies.

    It’s amazing how well Nintendo has kept the Wii U under wraps. Third parties have their stuff leak out fairly early, which is what happened with the Wii U last year. However, Nintendo is very secretive of their content. I mean, they announced the full list of GBA games for the 3DS the same week they were released. They also showed Mighty Switch Force and VVVVVV for an early 2012 release, yet one has already come out and another will come out this week. They also have a new conference this week.

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  8. Wii U release date predictions

    Nintendo said it’s after April 2012

    Sega said it’s ether spring or Summer 2012

    Nikkei says the system will be released in mid-2012

    Nintendo Said the release date and price will be announced in 2012

    My highest guesses on current rumors is just after E3 2012 (June 12-14), The release date is most likely late June. As Nintendo released Zelda OC 3DS just after E3, Nintendo may give the chance for more players to have a go on the Wii U just like with Zelda OC 3DS.

    Of course as of what happened with the 3DS launch, the 3DS was released in Europe two days earlier then USA. and about 27 days after the 3DS was released in Japan.

    With Nintendo every console launch through years, different regions got it quicker like with the NES when it was released in Japan, North america had to wait just over 2 years until the NES was released. then compare with the gamecube America got the gamecube 2 months after Japan, then with the Wii, Europe got the Wii 6 days after Japan. but then compare with the 3DS.

    As of the Dsi Australia got it a day before Europe, and the same with the Wii, and Australia got the DS lite before Europe, this was of 2006 and 2009. The Dsi XL however was released in Europe first then Australia last, and same thing happened with the 3Ds. since 2010 Europe got the consoles before Australia.

    Australia got the Wii remote plus before Europe and with the Wii being released before Europe. There is a chance the Wii U could be released in Australia before Europe. Home consoles maybe different on release dates to hand held.

    Europe mostly gets nintendo consoles before North america these days. Because of this Europe may get the Wii U a week after Japan launch and North america is most likely to get the Wii U after Europe. As nintendo and sony are based in Japan, the consoles are released there first, and Microsoft are based in USA, America get the Xbox first. and Australia got the 3DS last, but they got the Wii before Europe by a day.

    In Europe games and consoles are almost always released on Fridays.

    Japan will almost certainly get the Wii U first

    Australia could get the Wii U before Europe

    North America will almost certainly get the Wii U after Europe

    Console may be released after E3 2012 so Gamers get another chance to use the Wii U

    The best predictions for release dates

    Japan: 23rd June 2012

    Europe: 29th June 2012

    North America: 1st July 2012

    Australia: 28th June 2012

  9. I hope that they take there time on this system unlike the 3DS (Which is still a gd handheld) and bring some great games out for it on release :3

  10. Yeah it seems reasonable, it’s a perfect time to showcase all games and any hardware/software updates to the system from the last time we saw it

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  12. Games I want on Wii U:
    Endless Ocean 3
    Resident Evil games
    Call of Duty
    Mario Kart 8

    Much much much more memory space, SD slot so I can transfer over my Wii data/games saves/downloads when I sell my Wii to buy this console.


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