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Check Out This Kingdom Hearts 3D Trailer For Nintendo 3DS

One of the games showcased at the Nintendo Direct conference that took place yesterday is Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. The next instalment in the popular Kingdom Hearts franchise is coming exclusively to Nintendo 3DS in Japan sometime during March 2012. Square Enix has yet to clarify a date for the West other than a vague 2012 release.

19 thoughts on “Check Out This Kingdom Hearts 3D Trailer For Nintendo 3DS”

      1. They do have the Tron level. If you looked at previous videos you can see a quick glimpse of Sora and Riku riding light cycles and fighting enemies.

  1. Lea being alive and well is reason enough for me to want to buy this game.
    From the much longer trailer they pushed out a couple days ago, it looks like he wasn’t the only one from Organization XIII that came back, either.

  2. Would like a hitchhikers guide to guide to the galaxy world, but that is never likely to happen. Would like a dream version of Roxas as a boss and an ally, since we already seem to have dream versions of Axel, Xemnas, Xehanorts heartless, micky, donald and goofy. So there will now be 3 versions( Normal, Data, Dream) of some characters.

    1. “my name is lea, get it right” he no longer goes under the name axel, he isnt a nobody, he is human now and goes by his real name now.

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