Here’s The Limited Edition The Last Story Box-Art As Well As The Standard Edition

Nintendo has released the official European box-art for The Last Story. You’ll be able to purchase either the standard edition of the game or the limited edition. The limited edition version comes with a premium steel-book, a mini art book, and a soundtrack CD consisting of 7 tracks. Both versions will be available to purchase on February 24th.



      1. ^ This is true

        I also couldn’t give a care about GTA V. Maybe if you never go on the internet or watch TV you’d be anxious but I know 2 months before to about a year after GTA Vs release there will be non-stop commercials/ads/hoopla for it.


      1. That’s because the original creators of the early games left Square Enix in disgust to start their own company. The Last Story is a product of the minds behind the EARLY Final Fantasies.


      1. I think the PS3 still has a little bit more juice left. I would also be disappointed if they announced PS4 this year.


      2. Yeah, the PS3 is supposed to last longer than the PS2 Sony said years ago. So maybe 2015ish will be the time PS4 will roll out. I love my PS3, they still haven’t tapped into it fully.


  1. The Last Story is one of the rainfall three that I actually wanted to play. I’m still happy that we’re getting Xenoblade in North American though. :)


  2. I do want The Last Story but to be honest I’d probably hardly play it. Guess I’m burnt out on games right now. Bought but haven’t finished MP3: Corruption, Chrono Trigger, LoZ: Skyward Sword, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii……so yeah :/


    1. i feel ya. playing: epic mickey, LoZ: TP and SS, still playing Metroid Prime trilogy, halfway through Heavy Rain… and there’s the replays: ffx, kingdom hearts ii and ratchet and clank ^^ still gonna get this lim edition cuz it’s an awesome game that i’ll want to play for sure.


  3. Nintendo of America, please send The Last Story our way. I love the earlier Final Fantasy games and thought Lost Odyssey was more than amazing, one of the best games this gen. I’d pick up the limited edition of TLS in a heartbeat. That packaging just looks so tempting T_T


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