Nintendo has released the official European box-art for The Last Story. You’ll be able to purchase either the standard edition of the game or the limited edition. The limited edition version comes with a premium steel-book, a mini art book, and a soundtrack CD consisting of 7 tracks. Both versions will be available to purchase on February 24th.



  1. The Last Story is one of the rainfall three that I actually wanted to play. I’m still happy that we’re getting Xenoblade in North American though. :)


  2. I do want The Last Story but to be honest I’d probably hardly play it. Guess I’m burnt out on games right now. Bought but haven’t finished MP3: Corruption, Chrono Trigger, LoZ: Skyward Sword, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii……so yeah :/


    • i feel ya. playing: epic mickey, LoZ: TP and SS, still playing Metroid Prime trilogy, halfway through Heavy Rain… and there’s the replays: ffx, kingdom hearts ii and ratchet and clank ^^ still gonna get this lim edition cuz it’s an awesome game that i’ll want to play for sure.


  3. Nintendo of America, please send The Last Story our way. I love the earlier Final Fantasy games and thought Lost Odyssey was more than amazing, one of the best games this gen. I’d pick up the limited edition of TLS in a heartbeat. That packaging just looks so tempting T_T


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