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Wii U Will Push Boundaries With ‘Full Range Of Entertainment’

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime believes that the Wii U will continuously push boundaries with what we’ve come to expect from video games consoles and will offer consumers a full range of entertainment. Let’s hope the App Store rumour is true.

“That’s where the innovation is and we believe that not only for gaming but for a full range of entertainment it’s going to continue pushing the boundaries.”

54 thoughts on “Wii U Will Push Boundaries With ‘Full Range Of Entertainment’”

      1. Actually my newbie friend, the controller was in development since the Wii came out, and if you think that the best graphics out there are from the PS3, then you haven’t played Crysis or BF3 on PC, and Wii U’s graphics are even higher than a PC

        1. “Wii U’s graphics are even higher than a PC” lol consoles never gonna reach PC hardware, never. when the wii u comes out its already gonna be compared to an average 2008-9 PC.

  1. What boundaries, you mean catching up, because Sony & Microsoft made their consoles full entertainment centers years ago, or maybe he means casual shitty apps, apple have made that possible years ago too, what boundaries are you looking at.

  2. ♫ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ♫ Nintendo is the true innovators in this industry because time and time again they have been pushing boundries. The U console is shaping up to be a really good piece of hardware. We are waiting for list of launch titles now.

      1. I don’t think NSMBMii is confirmed as a launch title (correct me if I’m wrong), but Killer freaks from outer space is a confirmed launch title as well as a Wii U exclusive.

        Lots of third party titles have been confirmed as well including The Darkness 2.

  3. One of the things I hope Nintendo can do with the Wii U, and it would be a huge blow to Apple and other smartphone makers, is to have the system compatible with the latest full versions of Flash, not the lite ones. If this could be accomplished, they would be beasts of the industry

    1. Why are comparing a static home console to a obile phone. Thos are two completely different industrys with two complete different markets. So if I can’t watch Flash video om phone, not to fear, my home consolr has me covered? That makes no sense!

      1. first of al lern to spel 0_o… and he was talking about phones that have app stores since the wii U might have one too

        1. Phones that have an app store have nothing to do with consoles that have an app store. A person thay buys a smartphone is not the same peron or even demographic that will buy a video game console. That’s not even that difficult to piece togerher.

  4. What kind if vague, pandering statement is that supppsed to mean????!!!!? Does that mean it’ll have a Blu-Ray player and be 1080pto HD video streaming capable? Because if so, that boundary was “pushed” by the PS3 years ago. Why not just say “Oir system will have a phenomenal launch title selection “, and then don’t announce wjat those title are. That is basically what he did here.

      1. Jake, contribute to the discussion or go get a English degree and troll elementary kids for spelling errors. Spelling mistakes happen, get over it and yourself.

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  6. Ever since the introduction of the Wii U by both Fils-Aime and Iwata-san, I have complete faith in Nintendo. Being a proud member of Operation: BlUewave, I’m already excited on the official release as well as the raw power of their up-coming system. I have a feeling that Nintendo WILL use an App Store for the U as well as streaming movies and TV shows on Netflix… and of course play video games. The only question that I’m concerned about is the sound. Is Nintendo gonna present their Wii U games in either Dolby TruHD or DTS-HD Master Audio? If they still use Pro Logic II, I still have complete faith in Nintendo.

  7. I do find it interesting how this approach is the exact opposite of their approach to Gamecube. For those who don’t remember, their aim with the system was to provide a 100% game console instead of a media hub.

    I’m incredibly excited for Wii U and do feel this adaptation is necessary in the current market, but that occurred to me.

  8. The Wii U is gonna kick ass. Did you hear what he said in the interview? When asked if he was he thought the Wii U would be able to stay competitive with Sony and MS’ new consoles in the future, Reggie replied: “We drive our own innovation agenda. We don’t care what our opponents do. We don’t care what’s happening in the broader entertainment landscape. We are looking to drive an innovative new experience that will make the consumer say I have to have a Wii U.”

    That sums up Nintendo perfectly. They don’t sway to the whims of their competitors or the industry. They are only interested in bringing compelling new experiences to the consumer. Nintendo is not playing the same game Sony and Microsoft are playing.

  9. Like yeah???

  10. Sounds promising. Right now all I’m concerned about is the price. I don’t want this console to suck but if it is too much I know it will flop.

    1. Let’s hope it’s between $300 to $400. But for right now, let’s just wait until this June’s E3 show. I’m sure the system is ultimately worth the purchase including at least a game or two.

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