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Wii Sales Down 55% Year-Over-Year According To NPD

Famed industry analyst Michael Pachter has revealed that Wii sales are down 55% year-over-year. Nintendo declined to reveal specific hardware figures for the month of December which prompted many to speculate that they didn’t have as good a Christmas as they had hoped. However, Pachter did say that sales of the Nintendo 3DS were solid.

48 thoughts on “Wii Sales Down 55% Year-Over-Year According To NPD”

  1. Makes sense. Only Zelda out worth getting recently. That and nearly everyone’s already got a Wii from years past. As great as Xenoblade is I don’t think it was really a system seller for a lot of people (and this could just be America’s)

    1. My thoughts exactly when I was reading this post.
      “Solid”?! The 3DS sales were solid? Then I wanna hear what he has to say about the PS3’s sales.

    2. After what was pretty much the last good game to come out on the Wii (Zelda) and with the Wii U expected sometime this year, is it any kind of surprise that Wii sales are down? Also, congratulations to Pachter. When he’s not making a lot of BS predictions, he’s stating the obvious to help his right-to-wrong ratio

      1. Agreed. My 360 never messed up either. But my ps3 messed up twice. I had a 20gb that I got when prices went down but it messed up. Then I got a slim one and it messed up but thankfully it was still under warranty. Also my ps2 messed up. I bought the slim one and it was the one that was being recalled. Yet none of my nintendo systems have ever messed up. My snes still works great.

        1. The only system I’ve had that has failed is my wii. Good thing I got the 2 year warranty. Broke right after Brawl came out (launch console). Was so mad.

  2. Does this guy get paid by some one to just spread shit about Nintendo!? I mean sales may went down but sinds 2006 i think more than half of the world bought a Wii. I dont see the 360 or ps3 doing that!

  3. Jesus, if there’s no other news but sales figures that no one gives a shit about, pachters running their mouth, or Sony being Sony, then just don’t post at all. God, these posts are just annoying…

    1. If there’s news that doesn’t interest you, why not just skip them instead of waisting time covering up the comments field for people who does?

      1. Because, why not? Especially when it probably took him less than 1 min to write that comment. Not long enough to be considered as wasting time for me…

      1. Well its actually kind of my fault cause it actually tells you that hero mode will over write your current data. All I wanted to do was after finishing the game was complete all the side quests NOT start the whole damn game again -_-

    1. you get to keep all the treasures that you’ve collected so far, so it’ll be a relief to be able to upgrade earlier in hero mode

  4. i may be dumb, but isn’t it expected that sales and first party support will drop off a fair bit if not completely when you’re approaching the release date of the next generation of console?

    I’m sick of hearing that the wii has nothing lined up for it this year! When you have a wii u coming after June/July, and a 3ds in your hand!

  5. As many others have surely stated, over 90 million Wii consoles sold and the 3DS is selling like hot cakes. The Wii sales will slow down because people are saving up for the Wii U and they really don’t have that much new software available right now.

  6. I echo other’s concerns that sickr will post anything Pachter says. It’s getting annoying, mainly because nothing he says has been newsworthy, therefore he does not warrant to be talked about.

  7. there will only be a finite number of consumers and the Wii is getting to the end of its life span. for the graphic limitations of the console it has had a good run. i got mine the first day it came out, the one thing at the moment there not been much good out for it except Zelda. role on Wii U.

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  9. Woooooow… Patcher is sooo good at what he does -_-‘

    If he were a real man he would atleast give away the reasons why that’s the case? He did mention the 3DS sales, but Wii U is also a reason why no Wiis are sold -.-‘

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