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Smash Bros Wii U Will Take A While Says Nintendo

Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has reiterated to fans that the next Smash Bros game which is due out on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U will take a while, but fans patience will be rewarded. Sakurai has always stated that the game is very early is development and mentioned earlier that there had been ‘no progress’ on the highly anticipated game.

“I can’t really say anything until things settle down with Kid Icarus … And a lot of it will depend on the team that I end up assembling for Smash Bros. It may take a while, but I think your patience will be rewarded.”

68 thoughts on “Smash Bros Wii U Will Take A While Says Nintendo”

  1. …Sickr…

    Are you seriously just reposting Nintendo Magazine news stories?

    Nvm…you’ll probably just delete this.

    1. This information came from the Official Nintendo Magazine so therefore I’ve posted the information and attributed it. What’s the problem? You would rather I didn’t report on the news?

          1. I was being sarcastic…which usually doesn’t translate well into text. I thought the :/ would have helped my case. Lol

      1. Hmm, I wouldn’t say Sickr’s posts are mostly “crap” as you put it. But he does post things like Mario 64 hacks as “true successors” and almost word for word reposts from other sites with no citation. But I guess it’s nice to have all that stuff in one place right? :)

        1. Metroid Prime Sucks. Super Metroid 4 Life!

          Even though he does repost most of his news, he does USUALLY cite his sources. Its early, give him a break on this one! Lol.

      2. If 9/10 post are “crap” then why do you visit the site? And just to clarify I rarely ever delete comments as I believe everyone is entitled to say what’s on their mind. Again, if you don’t like what I post then you’re welcome to go elsewhere.

        1. Sickr, keep doin’ what you’re doin’. I think you should even post more news, regardless of where the hell you find it. Also it would be great if you posted more gameplay footage and screenshot, again regardless from the source. I visit many game news sites, including IGN, but I always find this site to have the most (if not all) newsworthy posts in one place, the other sites only ahead of you in terms of videos and screenshots. So thanks Sickr, I appreciate what you do. ;)

        2. no harm slickr, but MNN has become a forum of hate posts. why are these guys so annoyed about everything? Archgeek is a classic example of someone who needs to go outside. Start banning the haters

        3. i know right! keep doing what you already been doing, and if you never posted it i would have never seen it sense i dont read the official nintendo magazine!

    1. Did you just come from a coma lasting 27 years? There has been lots of games that Nintendo promised to make and actually made. Rumors by stupid fanboys are the ones starting the “empty promises.” BTW, there should have been a question mark at the end of your interrogative sentence, good man.

  2. I can sure wait to see the new Super Smash Bros. on WiiU. Just hope they put a ton of fun features and more exciting playable characters. :3

  3. Calum Nicholson-Walker

    A tad disappointing, but some aspects of Brawl did feel a tad rushed, so in many ways a longer development time for SSB4 is a good thing. Also if Phoenix Wright is added to the roster then all will be forgiven.

  4. Don’t games normally take 5yrs to make? If so then we will have to wait a long time because this game is for WiiU + 3DS…

    1. 5 years? No way! Have you seen the CoD franchise?
      I’m guessing an E3 2012 reveal is in the works with an early 2014 release date.

      1. CoD games haven’t been made since 4. The rest are all just copied code from previous iterations. It’s not development, it’s abusing the fact that people are stupid.

        And at the same time Nintendo is way too slow at it. 2-3 years should be the mark to hit.

        Yet Nintendo seems to be going on a 4-6 year idea. It’s not that it takes that long to develop they just don’t start until 3 years into that cycle. Like skyward sword. They didn’t start workin on it until TP was out for 3 years. And like now they haven’t even started SSB wii u.

        1. To be fair, it took longer because of the visual overhaul and attempting to make the game work with the original Wiimote. Given the poster revealed at E3 09, that shift probably happened quite recently.

  5. The Only Pokemon Champion

    Here are my thoughts about the game
    1. I think the 3ds version will be finished earlier(note finished not released) then the wii u one because portable games are generally easier to do
    2. the 3ds version, like RE:R, will be larger then 4GB and will be more expensive then usual.
    3.the 3ds version, no doubt, will have less content then the wii u one

  6. i may sound like a troll saying this, but i seriously think sakurai should scrap the 3DS version. the idea they have behind it is friggin’ ridiculous. a “customizable” is something the world should never be cursed to see.

    also, focusing all of your time in ONE game until its 100% complete is a wack move. many developers have been able to supervise/work on multiple things at once. Miyamoto did Mario Kart 3D, Super Mario 3D Land, Nintendogs + cats, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, the launch for the 3DS, and he’s working on the Wii U’s launch plus some games! while Sakurai bitches that he CAN’T (or won’t) work on the next Smash Bros. until Kid Icarus is complete! stupid! and another developer, cliffy b, supervised bulletstorm and was working on gears of war 3 at the same time. granted, it wasn’t nearly as much as miyamoto. he still was working on more than sakurai.

    though sakurai makes damn good games, i’m not gonna lie. i’ve lost respect for him cuz of his development ethics.

    1. The Only Pokemon Champion

      thats cause miyamoto is miyamoto, its tough to reach his level
      sakurais good, buts hes no miyamoto :)

    2. I think Sakurai could get a Smash Bros. game on 3DS actually quite easily. They would probably just use the same game engine and mechanics from Kid Icarus Uprising. As far as I know that game already has a SSB-like mini-game in it. Then the character models could be ported to both Wii U and 3DS. And depending on the level design, they can choose how differentiated they will have to be because of hardware differences. For a game that is guaranteed to sell well, I don’t think it would be wise for Nintendo or Project Sora to eliminate this game due to minimal time constraints. Also, it would be more accurate to compare Sakurai to Producers like Aonuma or Koizumi, rather than Miyamoto, because their individual game teams don’t work on multiple projects simultaneously. This is essentially one game on two systems, with probably some differences.

      1. Also keep in mind that Miyamoto hasn’t been too hands-on with the games mentioned. He was more of an advisor to the people actually working on the project. He hasn’t even directed a game released internationally since Ocarina of Time (the multi-disc Mario Paint for 64DD was his very last).

        I think the key word w/ Cliffy B is that he “supervised” Bulletstorm. Sakurai is investing the same kind of time and energy into both Kid Icarus and SSB4, so more of a threat to his focus could occur if Project Sora developed those 2 simultaneously.

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  8. Same idea as Brawl in that they delay it to make it better rather than just release it when it runs? I can deal with it.

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  10. I would say a mention at 2012 E3, trailer later, info at E3 2013, more info at 2014, launch late 2014 during November and BOOM! A freaking awesome game!

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