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Here’s The Latest European The Last Story Trailer

I’ve just remembered that I forgot to post the most recent trailer for the forthcoming The Last Story which is due for release in Europe on February 24th. Nintendo of America has yet to announce whether or not the game is coming Stateside, but given their decision to release Xenoblade Chronicles in April, I’d say it’s quite likely. European gamers will be able to purchase a limited edition version of The Last Story or a standard edition.

24 thoughts on “Here’s The Latest European The Last Story Trailer”

    1. im sorry but this is bullcrap, the wii sucks not even latest zelda saves it… these games are just kiddy garbage. you should support real gaming companies like microsoft or sony ignorant morons thanks to you the videogame industry is going to shit….

      1. Wow. You have no idea what video games ARE do you?

        Why am I replying to you? Don’t know, oh well.

        “Real gaming companies” This makes me laugh so hard I die. Microsoft and Sony’s game companies are pretty much side projects dumbass. Sony makes TV’s, Dvd players, bluray, and other stuff, Microsoft makes computer software and hardware. Nintendo is the truest gaming company of the three.

        What you say after that is even more hilarious. “thanks to you the videogame industry is going to shit….”

        Everyone take a moment to take in this sentence, and attempt to comprehend what it means, and why any sensable human being is capable of saying this. I won’t explain it……I’ll just leave this for you.

  1. Nice! I really want this to come here. Really want to try the multiplayer mode. I’m also excited for Xenoblade Chronicles.
    Oddly, before I was most excited for Pandora’s Tower, but now I’m not…

  2. This is definitely the game I’m most excited for. The only thing really getting me interested in Xenoblade is the amazing size of the world. With the few number of hours I put into Xenogears, I thought it was a nice enough game, however, I could not get into the Xenosaga series so it makes me wonder how much I’ll enjoy Xenoblade. Regardless, I will still pick it up to support JRPGs come April. On the flip side, I love the older Final Fantasy games and, so far, Lost Odyssey is pretty much my favorite JRPG of this gen. The developers at Mistwalker know how to do down-to-earth and endearing characters as well as memorable stories containing plots/music that will evoke emotions from the players. The art direction in TLS looks fantastic. I’m very much interested in picking up the limited edition but, unfortunately, Nintendo seems to hate money where I live.

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