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Check Out This Super Fun Mario Party 9 Trailer For Wii

Nintendo has released a new trailer for the next instalment in the successful Mario Party franchise. The trailer shows off a bunch of exciting mini-games and plenty of multiplayer related shenanigans. Mario Party 9 is due to be released in North America on March 11th and will be arriving in Europe on March 2nd.

48 thoughts on “Check Out This Super Fun Mario Party 9 Trailer For Wii”

  1. I don’t understand how the game play is, … I’m used to just hitting a dice block and moving SEPARATELY around the bored

  2. That looks fun as hell! I am so friggen happy the guy at Game Stop told me that it was coming out in March, i didn’t hesitate at getting a pre-order on it. ^_^ This one looks a LOT more fun than the crap that was Mario Party 8. I’m sorry to say, that game was boring lol i had it beaten the day i got it

  3. look samazing! though i wanted an option where you could move separatly. Or maybe like, some boards where you move in conjuction and some where you move separatly Well, Nintendo probably made the game amazing wither way..

  4. I wonder why they always insist on the animations of the characters being absolutely horrid…Does it add some kind of old school charm to see them stiffly run and slide across the ground? When they are all in the 4 seater car, they just sit in an idle pose, even if the car is about to dump them out. Looks like there is again little detail in how the game looks.

    But the gameplay looks fantastic! I like the idea of boss battles and some of the game board ideas…very clever!

    I will always remember clunky controls in Mario Party games though, haha.

    1. Mario Party 8 had some horrible mini-games, it seemed like they ran out of ideas, the most infuriating min-game is the flag pole game that ends in about 2 seconds. I can enjoy all the Mario Party games, but if I had a choice, I’d probably never play 8 very often. 2 will forever hold my favorites spot.

        1. Seems fair. Give 2, 3 or 4 a try and then play 8 again. Given that you had a pleasant experience with 8 in the first place, though, you may still be able to enjoy it later.

  5. Why ruin the series even further by taking out the competition of moving individually on the game board??? Just when I thought they couldn’t ruin it any further past candy. I’ll stick to the first 4 Mario Party games thank you…

      1. Sadly, from what I understand, you can only play in a car in this game. I really do hope the regular model is also available, because having that be the only choice would be a real shame.

  6. I’ve been hating on this car idea for a loooooong time now, but the more I see it, the more accepting I am of it. I’ll definitely be picking this one up, finally looks like we have a worthy Mario Party game for Wii.

  7. Looks really boring to me. Dunno why but most of the mini games look like rehashes and the ones that are new look bland.

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  9. Screw it! New idea. We shud have a Mario Party with different Nintendo characters (like Super Smash Bros) and all boards are themed with diff games. (Ex. If you were in a Pokemon themed board you would have patches of tall grass instead of the circles you land on and mini games would appear like if you were about to battle a wild Pokemon.) But then we’d have to call it Nintendo Party, but still, that would be my fave game if thy ever did make a game like that :P

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