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Nintendo Of America Asks Fans To Vote For These Reversible Xenoblade Chronicles Covers

Nintendo of America has asked fans via Facebook to vote for their favourite Xenoblade Chronicles reversible cover-art. All you’ll need to do is head to the Nintendo Facebook account and click ‘Like’ on the reversible cover you like the most. Which is your favourite?

87 thoughts on “Nintendo Of America Asks Fans To Vote For These Reversible Xenoblade Chronicles Covers”

    1. Damn I can’t believe morgan was a traitor. Also veltro the end boss was hiding in the ship and video tape himself injecting the T-abyss virius and seeking revenge on morgan.

      1. well duh morgan was the traitor , was the fbc head, who felt the world had no fear in bio-terrorism and wanted more power and security. The last boss battle was veltro was cheap he ingested more of the viruis transforming him at an accelerate rate and he teleports alot making it hard to shoot his purple heart. after you kill him they upload the video of morgan and veltro saving o’brain from being incriminated. overall resident evil revelation was boring and had the same recycle scare of re2 and your not even on the ship for that long just the beggining levels. I give resident evil revelations 5/10.

        1. bonjovi and justin beiber world tour

          Wtf morgan use the satellite to destroy terregriga sinking the queen dido,the leadership of the 3 and the one the veltro boss was hiding in. a year after chris and jill arrive at the sunken ship, shortly after the events of the queen zenoba, they arrive on cueen dido. once they traverse the wreackage they find they find a place still filled with air and look around which the first thing they spot is the dead fbc agent recently killed. jill and chris then see the recording from the veltro boss ,which they need to take him down,and shortly after the boss battle ensues. but yeah veltro teleportation and hard to hit purple heart equal cheap imo but i rate resident evil 7/10 but yeah the scare factor are recycle 4 example zombies popping out of closet or the eye monster popping through the walls…boring.


            Yeah I already beat it to and the end cutscence is them in a helecopter flying over sea thats soo recycled fuck crapcom that game was too short,too easy and overdone re1 and 2 clichies smh.

            1. Your name is a fail!

              Iwata said all games will display in 1080P HD.

              PS3 And 360 40% of games were 720P.

              And Wii U is next gen also… it’s going to be the first Next gen as Xbox 720 is launching in 2013/4… wii u is also 50% more powerful then pS3.

              And if you said about avatar graphics on a console… your a dummy because Games can’t be develuped in 5 years with avatar graphics…. yesh even the film took a long time for the CGI.

    1. I also maced the first post person… But you would post “first” if you could! I can tell!
      Sorry, I have to mace you for a crime you will commit in the future.

      Oh, and 2nd picture is beautiful.

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  1. The first one is prettier, shows a team of cool heroes that are going to begin the most awesome advenure ever in a beatifull world and the watercolor stile is awesome! Sorry if my grammar fails, english isn’t my first language.

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  2. I love them all. xD Kinda wish they’d give us all of them even if we have to buy the ones that didn’t win separately.

    1. I’m with you. It would be a cool pre-order bonus to have the first shipment ship with both game-box sleeves inside.

    1. Imagine how it would look on the box itself. I love the second one, because its so simple- Pastel colors and beautiful lighting. I think the 3rd one is really boring. Its kinda generic.

      1st and 2nd seem to be the most cohesive to me, while the 3rd and 4th feel like the foreground was done completely separately from the background.

  3. “Nintendo of America asks fans to vote for” oh this gonna be good :D “These reversible Xenoblade Chronicles covers” oh ¬.¬

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  4. Nintendo really needs to allow fans to vote on things more. Like bringing games to the west. *cough*monsterhunter*cough*

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          Fuck shitendo bring this to the iphone/cellphone the one iwata copy to make ds and wii upad then without proof said ds was the inspiration yet touch screen was on cellphones first. look like they steal apples cellphone tech smh fucking trash! btw ya dicks the power glove made by 3rd company not ninty cuz nintendo is fucking garbabge innovatlrs my ass they stole that title from atari/sega/odysses america better than japs. miyamoto stop bashing smart phones if you intend to steal all there inventions like appstore.

        1. I love Monster Hunter!!!! I really wish they would bring it here. Also I hope they are making MH4 for the WiiU as well as the 3DS.

  5. I don’t have a facebook account anymore but if I did, I would vote for the first one.

    However, all 4 of them are pretty great. I’m just happy we’re getting this game in NA finally.

  6. stop it nintendo, im getting the game regardless of what the cover is, so just… stop it :l

    ps: am i the only one that read the word reversible? meaning we get 2 of these covers, not to choses 1 of 4.

  7. I loved the first one, it’s very detailed but that are some problems, the light casted on each character is diferent from a lot of parts of the scenario, I think the composition was assembly (is that correct in english?) but still it’s just me.

    I could also pick the second one, I loved the sunset light on the caracters and the feeling of a gigantic world

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    I like 3 as the front cover and 4 as the back cover.

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  9. Awesome! Now lots of Americans better buy this game because I want the Last Story and Pandora’s Tower to come to the U.S. I know I will be getting this game and hopefully the bundle with the red classic controller pro if the bundle comes to the U.S.

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