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Nintendo 3DS Is The Fastest Selling Console During The First Ten Months In Italy, 72% Of Handheld Market In 2011

Nintendo has announced that the Nintendo 3DS is the fastest selling console during the first ten months in Italy. According to the press release issued by Nintendo 243,700 Nintendo 3DS consoles were sold in the first 44 weeks after the launch, in comparison the Nintendo DS and the Wii sold 108,000 and 63,600 units respectively. Also of interest is that Nintendo had 72% of the handheld market in Italy during 2011.

55 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Is The Fastest Selling Console During The First Ten Months In Italy, 72% Of Handheld Market In 2011”

    1. It’s a brilliant console if you buy the good games.

      With out the games there is 3D camera (Or non 3D), Face raiders, AR games, 3D amount or off.

      Really with the console at $165 it’s a bargain… and i mean real. Better then the DSI witch costed more.

      Anyone else put your opinions or if anyone trolls then i will spray you with something special.

    2. you can always get a vita, i dont judge. but you could wait until the next big pokemon or zelda games come out, i mean those games alone would make me buy a 3ds asap. but thats me of course.

      1. I mean that it would’ve beated it by far more because the PSP is bad :S Yes, I said it! PSP is BAD… Vita might be good though… but the PSP failed so hard…

        1. If Sony doesn’t cut their Vita shipments to Italy, maybe we’ll see some real head to head competition, yeah? :D

        2. Actually, the PSP was kind of successful in a way. It was the first handheld console to sell as much as it did that wasn’t made by Nintendo. But yes, compared to DS, it failed :)

          1. It was a bit…

            I played it in my local store a week ago… it’s screen was massive… o_o And was playing uncharted 3.

            it’s graphics were equivalent to the first X box to me.

              1. Bear in mind that it’s a hand held and first Xbox graphics are quite good.

                Better then 3DS =p i’m serious nintendo fans but 3DS 4 ever

                  1. 1) uncharted 3 is not for PSP, its for PS3
                    2)im not sure if the PSP ‘graphics’ are the same as the original xbox, but they are very similar to the PS2 though.
                    3)i cant understand you.

                    1. Oh!!! i ment PS Vita!

                      I forgot to say vita!

                      It’s between X box and 360 graphics really and uncharted 3 was PS V.

                      Why am i such a dummy at times =P

  1. 2011 and 2012 are the years of Nintendo. Not only it’s the fastest selling handheld in Japan and here in America, but in Italy as well!!!!!!!

  2. It’s obvious the 3DS has made an incredible come-back.
    The analysts were wrong.
    The skeptics were wrong.
    The competition was wrong.

    Even though this is only Italy, we see 3DS sales rocking the charts across the other countries as well. Maybe not at the same marketshare percentage, but certainly crushing next-gen competition like the Vita.

    Way to go Nintendo.

  3. cuando sacaran un I-carly para el nintendo 3ds? se venderia como virginidades enlatadas hahahahah just kidding…ya quiero Wii U

  4. Batman spends thousand of dollars on computer equipment for the new bat cave but can only run shitty windows 7 on it.

    Im guessing the 28% is the cell phone market.

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