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Nintendogs + Cats Demo Coming To Nintendo 3DS This Week

Nintendo Europe has announced via a press release that they’re bringing out a demo for Nintendogs + Cats on the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendogs + Cats was a launch game for the Nintendo 3DS, so it would appear that Nintendo are still keen to push the title. Nintendogs + Cats demo will be available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop on Thursday and is a free download.



  1. Too bad I got this game with my 3DS on release…It really wasn’t that different from Nintendogs either, but the 3D effects were pretty nice.


  2. . . . Why this game…. Why not a demo of Rhythm Thief or KH3d, or Kid Icarus…. Atleast a game that hasn’t come out yet… which is what the other demos have been….


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