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Nintendo 3DS Blows Away The Competition In Japan

This weeks Media Create and Enterbrain sales figures are in from Japan and once again they clearly show that the Nintendo 3DS is trouncing the competition in the land of the rising sun. The Nintendo 3DS was the best-selling piece of hardware in Japan selling 67, 558 units, while five of the top ten games were either on the Wii or the Nintendo 3DS.

  1. [PSP] Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki
  2. [PSV] Gravity Rush
  3. [3DS] Resident Evil: Revelations
  4. [3DS] Mario Kart 7
  5. [3DS] Monster Hunter 3G
  6. [3DS] Super Mario 3D Land
  7. [PS3] Gran Turismo 5 Spec II
  8. [PS3] Armored Core V
  9. [PSV] Ragnarok Odyssey
  10. [WII] Just Dance Wii
  • Nintendo 3DS: 67.558
  • PlayStation 3: 22,002
  • PSP: 15,860
  • PlayStation Vita: 13,939
  • Wii: 8,206
  • Nintendo DS: 1,608
  • PlayStation 2: 1,239
  • Xbox 360: 1,139

100 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Blows Away The Competition In Japan”

        1. yes but its only new. it has a lot of time to improve. however without a price drop or a monster hunter game i believe it will continue to struggle. its game line up is rather lack luster considering how much sony boasted how great the line up would be.

        2. It’s only been released in Japan. Here in america it’s in the top 10 on Amazon, most wished lists, Walmart, Gamestop, look around.

        3. Vita is not failing, anything non nintendo in the world of handheld gaming has it tough, but the vita will bounce back, because shock horror, People Like It.

          It’s market share will probably end up slightly less than psp’s was last gen, which isn’t bad.

          Especially when you stop to consider that the psp is the highest selling non nintendo dedicated handheld ever.

      1. I don’t think the vita will fail. Did the 3DS not suck at its own launch as well? it will take some time like the 3DS to pick up in sales. I myself cant wait to get one and know other people who will be buying one too.

      1. Well, since it’s actually selling less than the fucking Playstation 2 I believe that it is indeed fair to say: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. If the PSV had backwards compatibility, It could have potentially sold a lot more. The highest selling game is a PSP title, and the second is a PSV title.

      1. WTF. It’s not that big of a difference really. The PS Vita can’t be backwards compatible because they changed the media from UMD to a faster, smaller flash card.

          1. Can the 3DS play Gameboy games?? No, only online because of the change in format. It can play DS games, but that adds to the confusion some people have that it’s just another DS. The PS Vita is the next generation compared to the PSP, and it doesn’t use UMD. It’s like the N64 not playing SNES games, or the Wii U not playing Gamecube games.

            1. Livin' Ain't Eazy When You Cheezy

              Comment makes no sense. No, the 3DS doesn’t come equipped with a GB slot for three generation old games, but it is compatible with last gens DS games. Something the PSV can’t do..

                1. On 3DS you don’t have to re-buy and download DS games from the previous generation like you have to do with the PS Vita to play PSP games. Even the old DS had a slot at the bottom to play GBA games, why couldn’t Sony do that with the Vita? Oh yeah, because they wasted all the development time and money trying to make the Vita a multimedia device to compete with smart phones rather than putting in basic video game technology like backwards compatibility. Nintendo has been putting backwards compatibility in every single handheld they had since the Game Boy Color. The GBA could play games as far back as the first Game Boy. When will Sony get with the fucking program?!?!?!?!?! They don’t care as long as they make extra money I guess.

                  1. ……Ok…I’ll try to explain this as simply as I can. Sony ditched the UMD drive because it was useless. UMD’s were terrible, they wasted battery and required a lot of room. Sony spent a lot of money making the PS Vita slim, and got a new format. What would be stupid, is if they put a UMD slot in, it would make the Vita fat and heavy, as well as reduce the battery life. Did the Gamecube play N64 games?

                    1. Since UMD’s are so bad, why didn’t Sony use the card format in the first place like Nintendo did with the the DS, Hmmmmmmm? Would’ve made backward compatibility much easier. Yeah, Gamecube couldn’t play N64, but right now, Sony dropped PS2 support with the new PS3 models, and apparently can’t play every PS1 game either. You need to download shit to play Xbox games on 360, and even then you can’t play all of them. The Wii on the other hand can play every single Gamecube game right out of the box with no additions needed. Face it, only Nintendo does backwards compatibility right. Yeah, a UMD drive would’ve added weight, but it would’ve been appreciated among Sony fans I know for a fact are probably pissed. Heck, if not a UMD drive they could’ve done some kind of transfer feature on the Vita where you can get your PSP games downloaded for free. Nintendo already has that for people to transfer from their DSi to their 3DS.

        1. i wanted a backward compatibility PSV because i have tons of umds but all 3 of my psp’s (PSP1000, PSP2000 PSP3000) broke first the analog died then the d-pad died then eventualy the L and R buttons statred to break and thats kinda sad because im still using my Gray DS from the first release to play my GBA games

          1. So am I! My first Gray DS still works like it did on Day 1.

            Note Sony, Nintendo’s DS Slot did not support the previous Gen, so Nintendo added a SECOND slot to make the system backwards compatible. – busting their asses for the customer, something Sony doesn’t do.

        2. The original DS had a cartridge slot for GBA games.

          The fact that Sony wouldn’t even put backwards compatibility with a system that is still getting high rated games, is completely ridiculous on their part.

          1. The PS Vita used UMD’s which took up a lot of space. What part of “next generation system” don’t you understand? If they put in a UMD slot, it would be huge and use a ton of power. Why do I even try to argue with nitendo fanboys.

            1. You’re an Idiot.

              Do you even have a Vita? If you do, just by holding it you could tell that the system itself has loads of space available within the case. Sony could’ve easily put in a UMD drive.

              1. Kid….Somebody, please try to explain to this kid about technology. The Vita is slim, there is no waisted space. Everything inside is already tightly packed, and there is NO ROOM FOR A UMD DRIVE. I played a Vita already.

                1. I OWN an Vita. I’ve owned one for quite some time now. The system itself is surprisingly light, and just by merely holding it you could tell that the system itself has loads of free space within the plastic casing. Sony could have easily manufactured the hardware in a way which would support a UMD drive. THERE IS ROOM FOR A UMD DRIVE.

                  Are you seriously going to tell me Sony wouldn’t be able to pack in a UMD drive into this?


                    1. Just keep telling yourself that Sony dickrider. One day it’ll be true, don’t you worry.

                      Ughh. I can’t believe I’m wasting time with this idiot.

            2. What part of Sony doesn’t give a fuck do you not understand.

              goddamn Sony Fanboys trying tondefend their company on a Nintendo site? Idiots.

      1. yep… and i’m pretty sure japanese don’t understand the concept of saving money.

        and please don’t ask me if this is sarcasm.

  2. Personally, I think it’s because Nintendo is using more current technology while Sony is just using some more capable hardware…Future vs. Power? There’s really no contest…that and all Nintendo games are just pure fun! :D

  3. The PS2 outsold the Xbox 360? That is fucking hilarious! I bet when a store in Japan sells a Xbox 360 they throw a big party. If somebody walks down a Japanese street with an Xbox 360 box in their hands, I bet people stare at him and think “What the hell is that guy carrying?” I bet 90% of the Japanese Xbox 360s are taken apart for spare parts. Wow Microspft you totally fail, the only place the Xbox 360 sells well is in North America, and that’s ’cause we’re loaded with CoD loving brats!

      1. And because gaming styles differ, the original poster wasn’t far off, Local Handheld gaming (true social gaming) is all the rage in Japan and a Console, such as the 360, that provides online interaction as its mainstay is inherently faceless.

        Also the guy is right, generic FPS’ are the main source of software sales in America and UK (though I know other parts of europe don’t adhere to this), whereas software sales in Japan are more diverse (barring FPS)

  4. Gravity rush :(

    Wait…. Gravity rush doesn’t exist….. Gravity daze exists though.

    May 29th needs to get here.

    And I think vita in America outsold vita in Japan already an it’s not even out here yet.

    Love my vita.

    1. The Gravity Rush demo is awesome. Don’t listen to these Nintendo trolls, all they do is worship Nintendo and hate other companies.

      1. Yeah. And Sony fuck-tards tell us not to waste money on Metal Gear when they haven’t played MGS3 in 3D… Hypocrite. Preach your Sony Religion on a SONY blog.

  5. Just because the PS Vita isn’t selling well in Japan (with a library of launch titles catered towards Western audiences) that doesn’t mean it will fail. I’m sure the 3DS and Vita will succeed in the long run, but you guys want the Vita to fail because it’s made by another company.

    1. Remember, Vita had an amazing launch the first few days.
      In America, it will be the same. Amazing launch, all the preorders will make the numbers look pretty (as they did with the 3DS)

      But will Vita CONTINUE to sell after the Launch week… That is where they failed in Japan. That is where Nintendo failed in America. The 3DS picked itself up with software and a huge price drop… Can/Will Vita do the same?

    2. in my case (and i’d like to think a lot of other people’s), i’m just enjoying the vita’s massive floppage out the gate because of one simple reason:

      months of less-than-amazing 3DS sales prompting fanboys and places like IGN to come out saying that the 3DS had no hope and that the vita, through some god-given right, was automatically destined to blow the 3DS out of the water in every way, shape, and form.

      i spent the last month laughing at the fact that the vita still has yet to break 50k units since its second week, and hasn’t broken 20k since its 4th week (these sales numbers in this article are from the vita’s 9th week of sales, i believe) and that the 3DS is killing in hardware sales, selling over 3 times as many units as second place this week. but i don’t truly want the vita to fail.

      i’m occasionally brought back to earth by the horrible thought that if nintendo is the only company with handheld games out there, some developers that worked for sony’s handhelds might wind up developing for smartphones and that’s not a future i want for gaming. i’d like to think those developers would move to nintendo, but every now and then i like to take off my rose-colored glasses and think realistically, so i know that neat and tidy ending ain’t gonna happen. i’m hoping for some success for the vita, but little enough success so that the 3DS doom crowd/vita success prophets will shut up and stay shut up.

        1. i have to be honest. i have no idea what that link is supposed to prove. the best explanation i have is that you thought my comment about not breaking 50k sales meant that the system has not yet sold that many in its lifetime, but that’s just silly. the vita’s been out for 9 weeks and never dropped to a 4-digit number of units sold in any given week, so that’s mathematically impossible.

          i just meant that after the vita’s second week, selling ~72k units, its sales for any individual week haven’t even hit 50k (the closest it got since then was ~43k) and they haven’t hit 20k since the 4th week (which sold ~43k). now behold MY old link:

  6. why the hell are those people still buying the wii, especially when it no longer supports ngc games. don’t they know the wiiu is right around the corner, save your money for the future dammit.

              1. That’s an aligned launch chart… He’s saying that the DS was outselling the 3DS after its launch, like the VITA and PSP.

                  1. Show me the link then i’ll concede dumbass.

                    Do you not know what an aligned launch chart is compared to a sales chart?

                    1. @ THE I

                      “…3DS… was selling less than the DS?”

                      You must have awful comprehension skills. He said that the 3DS was selling less than the DS, not that the 3DS was selling less units within the same launch period. Do you know what that implies?

      1. Yeah, it was pretty funny when people did that. But remember that Sony can’t really make a price drop for the Vita like Nintendo did with the 3DS. º—º

  7. LOL Microsoft… What a terrible game company. I’m glad to see Sony and Nintendo both dominating over in Japan, Especially the 3DS after It’s horrible release.

  8. PS2 selling more than 360? DAFUQ?

    I find it odd how the 360 doesn’t sell as well in Japan considering the amount of Japanese games on the system.

  9. It will only take one good Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts or Persona game to get the Vita rolling in Japan. And let’s be honest, the 3DS software catalogue is still very mediocre at the moment. Only the two mario games are worth it for me. Don’t like games like RE, MGS or brawlers on a handheld (those games are better on the big screen), ocarina is just a remake of a game that you can already own twice or more (n64, GC, wii…), pilotwings feels like a demo etc. The only thing I’m really having fun with since Mario Kart is streetpassing and the mii plaza.

    1. WTF are you on about Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7 and Resident Evil Revelations are
      all excellent games.
      You say they are meant to be played on a TV? what a bunch of crap you talk.
      Many sequels and remakes are on Sony/Microsoft systems too so that’s nothing new and a moot point.

      Also due this year, from all regions (and these are just the titles with firm release dates):-
      Heroes of Ruin
      KId Icarus: Uprising
      Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
      Super Mario (2D)
      Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D
      Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
      Rune Factory 4
      RollerCoaster Tycoon 3DS[
      Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure
      Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle[
      Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney
      Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
      Mario Tennis Open
      Luigi’s Mansion 2[
      Fire Emblem: Awakening
      Fantasy Life
      Etrian Odyssey IV
      Dynasty Warriors VS
      Paper Mario
      Beyond the Labyrinth
      Animal Crossing 3DS
      LEGO City Stories
      King Of Pirates
      Rodea the Sky Soldier
      Culdcept 3DS
      etc etc

      Announced games 2012-2013:-
      Monster Hunter 4
      Bravely Default: Flying Fairy
      Ninja Gaiden
      The Legend Of Zelda 3DS

      Super Smash Bros.

      Plus the various eShop titles which are also due in 2012.

      Also 200+ more are in development, some of which are big name titles e.g Call Of Duty, Final Fantasy V, VI remakes.

      So GTFO you Sony ass clown, you don’t know shit!!

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