Edge magazine has revealed that Monster Hunter Tri G will be making its way to the United States and to Europe sometime this year. The publication says that Europe will be getting it in the third-quarter of this year while the US date is still to be confirmed. Hopefully Capcom will announce something shortly.



      • no, its possible. Say if this news made his day 100% better and he already had a 100% good day that would make it 200%, meaning his day was 2x better then it originally was.


      • Jaded_HM: Shut the heck up, hes only telling the truth. It is old news, weeks old. You shouldnt believe what the magazine tells you, only what capcom says.and they are very hesitant to localize even another MH game in the west.


    • No, just no. Now, if you mean that the 3ds is destroying the vita because the 3ds has content and the vita does not then yes. If you mean anything other than that then no. Stop crying that capcom moved a series from Sony to Nintendo it does not matter in any way. If you are a true gamer the company and console should not matter.


  1. Yay! Although i tried Monster Hunter Freedom for the PSP and wasn’t liking it too much, I’m still going to get this as I’ve heard only great things coming from the Japanese


  2. I can’t wait for this game to sell 5 copies in North America and Europe! All of you Nintendrones are such fat losers! Third-party support for the 3DS still sucks ass! All of dumbass shits are excited over some remake of an old Japanese game, wow! Just shows how bad you Nintnedrones have been treated by third-parties over the past few years! Semen sprays out of your cocks whenever a half decent third party game is announced! You guys are really sad!


  3. Finally! Just because Japanese consumers are ignorant towards western games, doesn’t mean western consumers are ignorant towards Japanese games.


    • Japanese consumers are not IGNorant towards western games.

      They prefer their culture of gaming, they still like games that are made in the US. :)


  4. Any of you faggots got a hot wife I can bang?

    I didn’t think you gay fucks would be happy at seeing such a manly game come to the u.s.,most 3rd parties games fail on nintendo consoles unless you get to suck mario,zelda,or donkey dick.


  5. sorry but this article means nothing until we hear info from capcom themselves cause capcom is known to crush dreams, there were articles for monster hunter portable 3rd and we know that game is never coming here, but there is a chance that it’s coming west with online because there are more fans than last year so I’m not saying to give up but don’t bring your hopes up to high until we hear the final word from capcom


  6. I’m not entirely convinced that it’ll come out in N.A. or that if it does it won’t have online multiplayer if it does come out here I’m getting it regardless of if it has wifi or not though it does have event quests that you get online I think capcom announced that it will come out in europe in the fall and if it comes out in europe then it’ll hopefully be released here.I think nintendo should stop making consoles like the wii or the wiiU I think they should make “The gamecube2” it would be a improved version of the gamecube and be more like the PS3 and Xbox360 they say that the wiiU’s graphics are going to be equal to the PS3 and Xbox360 graphics but whats going to happen when the PS4 and Xbox720 are released nintendo will be behind again I like nintendo’s handhelds but I don’t like what their doing with their consoles and I don’t hate nintendo I just like the PS3 better then the wii.


  7. Hey guys.Just thought I’d let you all know that as of February 27 I am happily married to my life-long partner.Me and him have been friends and lovers ever since we were boys in grade school.I’m so happy ^_^


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