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Here’s The Immensely Colourful Mario Tennis Open North American Box-Art

Nintendo of America has released the first image of the Mario Tennis Open box-art for the Nintendo 3DS. Mario Tennis Open will be available to purchase on May 20th in North America, and will arrive a few days later in Europe on May 25th.

63 thoughts on “Here’s The Immensely Colourful Mario Tennis Open North American Box-Art”

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  1. I was hoping for Mario Sports Mix, which did include tennis didn’t it? Ah well, maybe some day. This could be good for online play even if it’s just one sport.

      1. Currently all games with that logo will be having future DLC. Like Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem Awakening. And now Mario Tennis Open. It’s official, Mario Tennis Open will have future DLC. :)

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  3. HEY!!! Nintendo Network will be up by May? Awesome!
    And from a business standpoint, that boxart is amazing. Imagine how much attention it will grab from little kids in the stores.

  4. Is this the Japanese cover? If not, we can expect Nintendo Network to come in May or earlier.

    Also, does anyone know if we’ll be able to make a username for our 3DS once Nintendo Network comes up?

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