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First Screenshots From Assassins Creed 3 Leak Onto The Web

The first batch of screenshots for the forthcoming Assassins Creed 3 have leaked online. The game isn’t meant to be officially unveiled until March 5th, but that hasn’t stopped All Games Beta from posting a batch of impressive screenshots online. Assassins Creed 3 is due to launch later this year on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U.

140 thoughts on “First Screenshots From Assassins Creed 3 Leak Onto The Web”

              1. lol. It’s just a game anyway… I don’t worry really if i kill my own nationality.

                In MW2 you kill Russians and in AC1 you kill arabs and in this it appears that you will be killing british. Sometimes countries have problems with this. In some middle eastern countries they banned Modern Warfare because your killing arabs.

                And in Russia I believe they banned the console versions of the Game Modern Warfare 2 because of violence of killing Russian civilians in an Airport in the mission “No Russian”. even some other countries had problems with this and there was a warning before the mission “No Russian” about it being disturbing and you can skip it… but if you skip it it will leave a massive plot hole so you won’t know why on Earth Russia attacked America and started WW3.

                Let me think whats next… they ban Assassins creed 3 in britain because you kill british? I can see something like that happening if AC3 is to violent.

                1. The Russian version of MW2 was edited by removing the optional level (the player is given the option to skip the level at any time) “No Russian” where the player is given the option to shoot Russian civilians in airport.

                  It was false reporting i read on MW2 being banned in russia. The real side was they Removed the No Russian level.

                  The problem of not playing the level is that you wont know why Russia Invaded USA to start WW3.

    1. I’m british too and tbh, i wont be too keen on killing brits. but after all it is a game, and if you look at the first screenshot at the top, the dudes in a blue suit (american) and looks like our “assassin” is about to hatchet his ass.. so hopefully, we get to kill some bar-steward americans too

        1. yes, but you will actually be killing americans too. Thats why it states “not all english are evil”. it basically hints at you working with some english while killing others.
          In total, this game features English, Americans, Half English/Half Native American, the French (dont have a clue why?) and a Native American tribe called The Mohawks (They are the people who raised the assassin from birth and taught him everything about templars and the like.)

                  1. yeah in ww2, however the brits and the french were real rivals back then, the french also had one of the strongest armies alongside britain so anychance to have a fight with them was pretty much taken… but basically yeah the french really got America the independance they wanted.

    2. You’ve played COD multiplayer where you play and fight against usa or britain?

      You’ve played sci-fi games where you kill humans?

      Well if you’ve played any of them then you have killed people of your own nationality through games.

      1. I can’t play games if it means hurting someone.
        Let’s all hold hands!
        Really? Two words for you, Grow up.

        1. Most games i love include hurting… I love Spore, Metroid, and many others, and i love movies…. let me tell you… all my favourate movies and games include violence in it and killing, seriously the genre is not about killing but it just has it in it. ;) you need to learn to cope with killing virtual things or watching a movie with violence… it’s just a video game or movie.

      1. Were you okay hurting human beings in the other Assassin Creed games? Cry in a corner for all I care, im going to enjoy this game.

    1. I’m not sure. It’s coming to Wii U however and PS3/360 and PC.

      I’m going to tell you the Wii U version will be best because PC gaming is very expensive and a rip-off.

      1. If anything, PC gaming has some of the best free multiplayer and you have more versatility. You can also download mods. Like a game but bored of it? Download user-created levels.
        Plus PC gaming allows you to have higher graphics if you have better hardware.
        Many games fall down to $20 dollars after a year or so, I fail to see how it’s a rip-off or epensive. I just bet you’re one of those guys who have really never played PC games but still judge it anyway.

        1. I have a laptop, but not gaming… i have Spore and Battle Stations midway… those are the only PC games i ever play.

      2. Mods, free games? I also dont see how its that expensive. I threw down the cash for a high end video card several years ago and still can play most games on full. When you buy the latest console you drop what 300-400usd on it day one plus a game and controllers plus whatever else. PC is complete backward compatible also.

  1. I really hope this isnt a, “Lets kill the evil Brits” kind of game, had enough of that from watching Mel Gibson’s, The Patriot.

    1. Ah well if was sensitive about killing Brits, that rules out a lot of bad guys in both movies and games. They seem unable to cast them as anything else. Except The Stath. :-) Same as how us Irish sound like Leprechauns and/or are terrorists

      1. Countries are quite sensitive about the content on games.

        In Middle east they banned Modern warfare because you kill some arabs.

        In Russia they banned the console versions of Modern Warfare 2 because you are with a Russian terrorist group and you kill civilians in an Airport in the mission “No Russian”.

        So countries are quite sensitive about content.

        1. (The part about the console banning i said was false)

          The Russian version of MW2 was edited by removing the optional level (the player is given the option to skip the level at any time) “No Russian” where the player is given the option to shoot Russian civilians in airport

          1. I can kill Africans in RE5 all day and im black. I could care less, and its true, the bitish got that ass waxed. Its still only a game. And nobody seems to give a fuck about killing asians in RE6, hell not even the asias who made the game. But nooo don’t let the british die in a game based on a time period where they where tyrants that needed to be stopped. I can only HOPE that your black in AC4 killing RACIST SLAVE OWNERS in the Civil War!! >:]

  2. I could see this taking place in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and New Castle. If this goes through on Christmas Day in 1776 then it will definitely have a Delaware reference

      1. Hints say it takes place in New York. It may span NY, Boston, New Castle and Philly. The bigger cities of the revolution

    1. Magazine says it takes place in Boston and NewYork and an enourmous wilderness area about 1.6 times the size of Rome with tons of small villages and encampments. That’s why you can climb trees now – because there’s going to be a TON of trees everywhere.

  3. Looks nice, but I can’t help feeling his costume looks out of place. He’d stand out too much. I won’t be able to get immersed in this totally. Would still be a fun game to play though!

        1. Yes, he stood out badly, majority of the city is dressed in regular clothes or guard uniforms(same as army coats like the pic.) Only the thieves come close to enzio’s look. I saw its about the same. Ooo bear skin cape this game? Please?

          1. Ah I see… I never played the others. All I have is a Wii. Well time to suspend my disbelief when I finally import a Wii U into Ghana!

  4. I love that people are butt hurt over killing the British. They have problems killing an ai based on a person of their country but, no problems killing shit loads of Jews and Italians (but hey those dirty fucks deserve it for making the character of 3 games suck so much ass.)

    1. Thats what im saying! Its not an issue until their nationality is being killed? I don’t get it, you don’t care about killing another race, but you only have a problem when YOUR race is killed!! Maybe some people are just ignorant… or racist…

      1. British and Americans are not a type of race. They are nationalities. Brits are brits, Americans are made up o different nationalities, i.e Irish, British, Spanish, Italians etc… Same as how Australians don’t like us brits, but us Brits and the americans are the reason Australia has people other than aboriginees (however its spelt.)

  5. The only thing that disturbs me is the main characters outfit, it really does not fit with the rest of the game. Could perhaps be that he’s from some foreign country and is in a assassin group or something. I’ve only played the first game tho so maybe I’m missing out on something, still want to play it on the Wii U tho :)

  6. Why do I read comments that ppl don’t want to kill British people in a game just cause they are from Britain?? Lol I’m from America and have killed plenty Americans in games sometimes just for fun like in gta or red dead I just go onshooting sprees. I mean seriously how do you think I guess the Greeks should have an issue with god of war cause all the innocent greeks kratos kill and the real bowser should probably be highly offended by what goes on in every Mario game.

        1. You see what i did there? GTA is based in USA and americans are killing their own nationality in GTA. ;P so…

    1. True. In games i’ve killed Americans, Arabs, Russians, (Brits if you count MW)

      The Russian version MW2 was edited by removing the optional level (the player is given the option to skip the level at any time) “No Russian” where the player is given the option to shoot Russian civilians in airport.

      MW was banned in Arab countries because you kill arabs.

      Off course on the censor ship. Austrailia banned quite a few video games because of violence.

    1. I think there PC screenshots.

      Usually they screenshot PC games as they have the best graphics.

      To be real, PC gaming has way better graphics than any console, even the Wii U.

      PC gaming computers are up to 5GHZ which is way more powerful then Wii U. And graphics card is so much better, the problem with PC gaming is it costs 1000s of $… very expensive.

      1. Absolutely right. Consoles can never match PC when it comes to graphical power, not if they want to stay affordable antway. PC is always improving, consoles have a limited life span.

        1. True.

          all you need to do however on a Gaming PC is when graphics get slightly better… Just buy a new graphics card and stick it in the PC… you don’t need to replace the mother board or anything to upgrade the graphics card.

          You can even change the CPU if you wish.

          You cant go to a store and buy a new CPU for your PS3… and PC gaming you can.

          1. You do have to replace the motherboard and processor, videocard every few years. The most expensive part is the video card which can be as much as a new console up to 500$ for the best cards. PC gaming isn’t as much as you make it out to be as long as you can build it yourself and buy on sale. PC downloads go on sale often and there’s tons of free games not to mention backward compatible for ever pretty much.

        1. Is your PC better then a console like PS3?

          So it’s processor is higher then 3.2 GHZ?

          And a good graphics card better then PS3?

          Other wise if your PC does not meet these requirements… you should get a console.

          1. yes. i have a 3.8 overclocked 6 core cpu and a gtx 560 ti that is at least 3 generations ahead of a ps3. and i also have 8 gigs of ram and i run most games at the highest settings at an average of 150 fps satisfied?

            1. 150 FPS at high or low graphics because my 2.5GHZ laptop can hit that high on low graphics settings.

  7. Is it me or does those graphics look really good? Like better than anything we have seen this generation good?

    1. I believe this is PC screen shots.

      PC has the best graphics out of PS3/360 and Wii U.

      But PC gaming is expensive and not console.

  8. I can see from the comments lots of brits are a little sensitive that their killing brits in this game.

    Really it’s just a game. ^_^ Sigh…

    I know some countries are sensitive about certien games, I won’t be surprised if in britain they have problems rating the game there because of this.

    They already banned console versions of MW2 in Russia

    And banned MW1 in Arab countries.

    1. (The part of MW2)

      The Russian version of MW2 was edited by removing the optional level (the player is given the option to skip the level at any time) “No Russian” where the player is given the option to shoot Russian civilians in airport.

      I found out it was false reporting i was saying about just above is what really happened.

    2. Simon "Ghost" Riley

      Germany banned quite a few games which had over the top violence and Nazi references.

      Left 4 dead 2, dead rising, House of the dead, Man hunt, and AVP were banned due to high violence.

      Wolfenstein, KZ manager and Silent Hill: Homecoming were banned due to Nazi references.

      I don’t think Black Ops was banned. But it had Nazi references in one of the Zombie mode maps, didn’t it?

  9. Not the place for this, but I don’t really care. Feel free to add my 3ds friend code 0344-9662-4667. I play:
    Starfox 643D

    1. Assassins creed 3 will be released on PC. it’s windows PC’s.

      So your safe if you want it on PC. It’s also coming on PS3/360, Wii U and Possibly 3DS and PSV.

        1. I said possibly, not it will.

          They said assassins creed was coming to 3DS one point but it was cancelled… you know it could be for a surprise.

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  11. Who gives a damn about american civil war…this is the most rubish history setting ever…so much history in the world and waste it on this…i coudnt believe it at first…wont buy it…ill leave it to americans…enjoy this crap…

    1. the american revolution was a very interesting and exciting period of time. if you’re american or not you can’t deny that is was a very..cough cough “revolutionary” point in our worlds history

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  14. Completely unrelated news:

    Valve developing own console.

    If this is true, then the Wii U better have good Nintendo games. Cuz that’s is now like the only reason I have left for wanting the Wii U at this point. No matter what you say, Valve is a bonafide gaming company, having been in the business for a long time, not to mention having developed some very, VERY awesome games during that time. Whether you care for them or not, it is wise nevertheless to not underestimate Valve, especially given their potential impact on console gaming. The Wii U has to totally deliver at E3 now, and I’m pretty confident it will with its magic that most other consoles don’t really have, but if it lacks a certain sort of substance, a sort of staying power, let’s say, then I dunno…let’s hope that’s not the case.

    1. Valve would be good because they are a video game developer first not like Microsoft and Sony who only go into gaming for money, Valve would be kickass for consoles,i havent played much valve games but they look like a dependable company,kinda like all up for have a valve and nintendo console,have would have one of the best first party exclusives up there with nintendo,nintendo being first

  15. !So much bullshit in here, ppl have no fuckin idea how important this time period was for the worlf, the american revolution was amazing. And why would u have a problem with lkilling british guards? We have been killin germans japanese for years in video games, wise up

  16. These are most likely bullshots, sadly. Ubisoft has a tendency to post them for their flagship titles. I have no doubt the game will look great based off of the leaked information from Game Informer, but these screens aren’t entirely the real deal.

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