Epic Mickey 2 To Be Revealed On March 27th


Warren Spector, the acclaimed creator behind the original Epic Mickey, will be attending a Disney France press event to show off an “epic project” on March 27th. We all know that Epic Mickey 2 is coming, but it will be good to finally have confirmation of the game. Epic Mickey 2 is another game that’s reportedly in development for the Wii U.


    1. Just shut up about first. This is the last time ever im ever going to say to the trolls to stop saying this.

      It’s always you saying that.

  1. Why make the title so that it presents this story as fact, when in actuality it is only rumour and speculation. No matter how logical assumptions may be, don’t advertise them as fact.

    1. Well, if he’s saying “Epic (hint hint) project” what else could it be? And we already know it’s in development so it literally is the best guess, but we haven’t been shown anything about it yet.

  2. The first one was based on Disneland (mostly), this one should be Disney World so the in-game “world” (lol) is A LOT bigger. The first one was too short and small. I would also like it if you actually walk between the areas of the game rather than using those portals, a lot more exploration that way.

      1. Lets now start a new generation of game jokes as arrow in the knee is old now. Lets start on the ‘Cacpom’ jokes!

        Disneland? Thats how ‘Cacpom’ spells ‘Disney’! XD!

        1. YEAH! Arrow in the knee is old now. Capcom is making wierd stuff now with their spelling. ;) Lets start a new gen of jokes.

          1. Wierd? Thats how ‘Cacpom’ will spell their next upcoming game with the word ‘Wierd’ in the game title ;)

    1. for sure Mike! That’s exactly what I missed in the first game. More exploration, a bigger world (maybe open-world), more collectable items, movies and stuff.

  3. Wow! Epic Mikcey is going to be epic in the sequel!

    Can’t wait for 27th! 1 year of the 3DS launch in NA also ;)

  4. sickr, theres a chance that medal of honor warfighter is coming to wiiu. the new trailer just came out and said the release date was Oct 23.

    1. Yeah I saw that its coming out.

      It’s running off Frost Bite 2 and coming on Wii U ;)

    2. It’s gunna be Black Ops 2 vs Medal of Honor! ;)

      Really prefer the MW series over Black Ops 2, Not sure if there is going to be an MW3… the ending looks that it can continue with a completely new story just after the event that happened at the end of MW3.

    1. Cacpom would draw their faces like this saying it’s happy D: , But they mean it’s sad when they do it like this :D

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