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Resident Evil 6 To Feature “Seamless Conversations” And Features Lots Of Voice Acting

This months Dengeki PlayStation magazine has revealed that Capcom’s Resident Evil 6 will feature what the developers call a “seamless” conversation system, and dialogue that can change depending on the situation. One of the developers over at Capcom has even questioned whether the team is going overboard with the new conversation system. A Wii U version has yet to be confirmed, but given Capcom and Nintendo’s close relationship, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to think it will come to the platform.

47 thoughts on “Resident Evil 6 To Feature “Seamless Conversations” And Features Lots Of Voice Acting”

  1. LOTS! Is this what you get when you cross a movie with a game.

    Eg of this includes

    Dead or alive 3D games

    Resident evil 6

    Metroid Other M

    1. Simon "Ghost" Riley

      Metal Gear Solid 4 had the longest cut scene ever! It was like a movie. The longest cut scene alone It lasted 27 Minutes!

      Seriously though… Team Ninja is over the top with cut scenes. It took forever for the cutscenes to end in Dead Or Alive Dimensions and Metroid Other M. I think all the cut scenes in Metroid other M hit just over 1 hour all together, and some cut scenes are very long.

      Dead Or Alive Dimensions on 3DS had so much cutscenes and acting, You don’t really fight so much. Its more about the story that works off the cutscenes.

      And thats what you get when you cross a movie with a video game ;)

      1. The cut scenes are long in DOA:D as it’s a story mode where they’re going over all the events from the previous games and bit’s missing/speculated over before. It was done on purpose and even tells you of it. If you wanted to fight then you don’t go on story mode. Simple really.

        1. What is the reason I like playing the story mode for DOA:D? Because it’s a story i want to get into a story.

          Why do i prefer Campain in MW2 over Multiplayer? Because it’s a story. Simple really. I don’t buy games just for a little thing like multiplayer in MW2, i buy it for the campain.

        1. Simon "Ghost" Riley

          We need a direct sequel to Metroid Prime 3, because at the ending of MP3 with the sudden appearence of a mysterious ship that looks just like the one, one of the hunters (Forgot the hunter’s name) used in Metroid Prime Hunters.

          Direct sequel to MP3 first then an sequel to other M.

          1. Sequel of Other M already exist… is Called Metroid Fusion(for that was how it was so panned, several canon contraditions)

            SO Metroid V(other M and prime are outside from the main continuity) for the Wii U

  2. I really don’t like cut scenes that last to long and can’t be skipped. They can really ruin the feel of a game. What if you’ve seen the cutscene before, as in you died and restarted from a checkpoint or this is your second playthrough? It’s not fair to force people to sit through it everytime.

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