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First Trailer For EA’s Medal Of Honor Warfighter Using Frostbite 2

EA has unleashed the début trailer for the forthcoming Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The game is a direct competitor to Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and both games will go head to head during the Fall. Medal of Honor: Warfighter is due for release on October 23rd for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. While EA hasn’t officially confirmed the game for Wii U, it does look as though it’s a likely candidate for the system when it launches later this year.

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54 thoughts on “First Trailer For EA’s Medal Of Honor Warfighter Using Frostbite 2”

      1. lol this is my first one ok. I know that when people do that its annoying but really come to think of it why does everyone get so bothered by it! I mean seriously It’s not interrupting anything your doing…..

        1. I Honestly Could care less. What makes me mad is when morons respond to it, and create a huge chain of bullshit I have to scroll through. I wouldn’t mind a single comment that says first. Ironically I just contributed to what pisses me off.

  1. Are there any actual hints that EA is developing the game for the Wii U or is this about some guys who just keep shooting wild guesses around whether or not it will be on Nintendo’s new console?

    1. Considering EA is supposedly working very closely with Nintendo’s online, this is very likely to come to the Wii U. And anyway, I don’t see the problem with speculation. Why does that bother some people? Just don’t read it.

    2. You know, I actually get how you feel there. It can be a little frustrating having more reminders that we don’t know what Wii U will actually have.

      1. You mean the 720 that is actually called Project Durango and has no official specs released yet? I say Nintendo has a lead on this mate!

        Come back when you have evidence and when you realize how many Nintendo Wii consoles have been sold in comparison to over brands

  2. Meh, im not really into these COD style games. Give me a new Metroid Prime game, ide rather think about what im doing.

    1. Words of Wisdom right here.

      Tell me this isn’t exactly what each of the franchises is trying to do. Failing miserably of course, because they really want to throw out a new multiplayer.

      And I absolutely can’t wait for new Metroid.

    2. Well, we’ve been getting some Metroid goodies lately, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they announced it. Plus, it’ll be about two years after Other M. Maybe they’ll realize that leaving franchises untouched for too long can hurt them.

      1. As the eight-year wait between Super Metroid and Metroid Prime really harmed them? Nintendo release a new game in a series when they have something new to add to it. Look at F-Zero. Now new main game in almost nine years! Why? As it’s primarily just a few laps around the track and they obviously feel releasing just a prettier version is a discredit to the series. That’s why, for me, Nintendo are the best in the business as they care about their main series games.

    3. Got to say that i agree with you. Medal of honor was one of my favorite games on the PlayStation up to rising sun. Then it got disappointing…..

  3. Excuse me for my ignorance, but what’s the difference between Battlefield and Medal of Honor? Aren’t they both made by EA?

    1. Battlefield is more of a simulation than Medal of Honor, which is more arcade-like.

      Medal of Honor also doesn’t have vehicles, environmental destruction, or the level of teamwork that Battlefield games do.

      It’s still a great series, but different play styles and directions.

    2. To add to above, MoH is SP focused while BF is multiplayer focused. So if you like a good SP and don’t mind playing shooters, then get MoH.

    3. Then there’s is also Battlefield: Bad Company. It has the same basic mechanics as Battlefield, but it has more “defined” characters for the SP. I prefer B: BC since those games have more comedy and have an arcade style to them than Battlefield. All of those games are made by EA.

  4. Oh EA you crafty buggers you. So smart. I hate you but oh your so smart.
    You know the 1 year cycle that Activision uses on the Call of Duty (lol I typed “Call of Ditry” first by accident) is slowly doing damage to the series by burning it out. You don’t want to do that to your series do you? Oh no, thats dangerous, you know what its like, you have felt it first hand before, but you still need to compete with Activision and keep the pressure on them, but how without burning out your own face base? Oh, I know, and it seems so do you. Don’t release the same game series every year, release those 2 years apart, us another first person shooter that is a different series but plays to a similiar audience (more a middle ground sort) and release that when Activision releases their game as a way of combating it. That way people don’t feel burnt out because its a different “series” of game, but its still of the same genre allowing you to impact upon and peel players away from Acitivions Call of Duty player base that is starting to feel burnt out from the same game series released every year in succession.
    EA you really are the devil in disguise. I take my hat off to you.

    1. Don’t forget that EA also has Battlefield: Bad Company as well, so they could alternate them and make them every 3 years. Then there’s also Crysis, but that attracts the Halo audience.

  5. Well, there are two MoH games for Wii. I mean, for Wii! I don’t wanna sound like a graphics whore, but those games looked horrible, just as CoD on Wii. If EA made Wii versions without caring about power, it’s almost impossible that this won’t come to WiiU.

    1. Good point, and since they announced a parnership with Nintendo at last year’s E3, then it’s the only logical way to go.

  6. I don’t want those kinds of games touching my Nintendo concole but it’s good news if it does make it to the Wii U.

    1. Not you again.

      PS4 will be way better then the next Xbox.

      With XBL you have to pay it while PS3 is free.

      BTW: This is coming on 360 and PS3 and Wii U + PC. It’s not coming on the next PS/Xbox

  7. One more game added to my “won’t play even if my life depends on it” list.
    A gray/brown shooter with Muslims as terrorists? Damn creative. Just DAMN!

    1. It’s actually based on real events around the world, so you’ll go to Somalia and maybe fight pirates, Mexico to maybe fight drug lords, and yes, the middle east to fight terrorists…

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