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PlayStation Vita Can’t Catch A Break Against The Nintendo 3DS (Japanese Charts)

This weeks Media Create sales figures are in from Japan and they once again show that the Nintendo 3DS is seriously a force to be reckoned with. The Nintendo 3DS managed to sell 70,744 units, while Sony’s recently released PlayStation Vita, only managed to sell 10,023 units. Here’s the Japanese software charts, along with the Japanese hardware charts:

  1. [PS3] One Piece: Pirate Warriors
  2. 3DS] Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games
  3. [3DS] Harvest Moon: The Land of Origin
  4. [PSP] Great Battle Full Blast
  5. [3DS] Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
  6. [3DS] Mario Kart 7
  7. [PS3] Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Storm Generation
  8. [3DS] Super Mario 3D Land
  9. [3DS] Monster Hunter 3G
  10. [PSP] Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave
  • Nintendo 3DS: 70,744
  • PlayStation 3: 65,116
  • PSP: 15,715
  • PlayStation Vita: 10,023
  • Wii: 8,111
  • PlayStation 2: 1,377
  • Nintendo DS: 1,363
  • Xbox 360: 1,248


    1. Seriously? You realize if Playstation fails, there is less competition for Nintendo and product quality declines. I have both a Vita and 3DS, and they are both amazing. Sickr is such a fanboy, he lies and says “I’m not biased” yet he posts articles like this with the headline “Vita can’t catch a break with the 3DS” or “Vita throttled by 3DS.” He couldn’t post a simple chart of how well the 3DS is doing instead of bashing anouther company to make himself feel better?

      1. He is putting it in perspective. Sony really is getting bashed in. He tried a Vita blog too you know. You’re wrong.

      2. Oh, I saw his Vita blog. That website was more biased than this. He ignored the positive stories, and even there posted negative news about it, completely ignoring the other stories. He even posted his own opinions how he didn’t care about the Vita.

      3. I don’t know about the whole “sickr is a biased fanboy” thing, but yeah….I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I kinda agree. I mean yeah…..The vita isn’t doing well….but well…. we shouldn’t be hoping it will fail. I think based on the titles of these sales charts articles he’s being a little one sided. Juuuust a little.

      4. maybe, but is it really that big of an issue? The entire pre-vita launch, Sony fanboys talked about how “shitty and childish” the 3DS is, and how it is going to be an epic fail. Clearly, the Vita is getting smoked by the Vita sales wise, and regardless of the quality of Sony’s handheld(It is some damn impressive kit) it is quite easy to find it’s underperformance humorous. And if Sickr’s vita site is biased against Sony, then go to a new site. Sickr does a fine job updating info, but if you aren’t satisfied, than you have every right as a consumer too view a separate sight. I’m sure there are many Vita fan/news sites throughout the internet.

      5. when Nintendo was alone on the handheld market it was perfect, there was no competition and yet everyone liked it…

      6. when the 3ds was doing bad everyone was jumping in the “OMG NINTENDO SUCKS” bandwagon, but when Sony does bad all the sony fanboys are like “leave sony alone, blah blah blah” and allow me to remind you that Sckr posts when nintendo is not doing so good and all those patcher comments no just “nintendo is beating sony” newsletters

      7. Almost everyone wants to say this.
        SHUT the FUCK UP.
        Now Don’t go on ’cause none give’s a shit.

  1. Meh. Sales are amazing here in the US. Picked up 3 games for it just yesterday. MLB 12, unit 13, and Motorstorm RC.

    RC isn’t that good, but it’s free, not complaining. Now MLB on the other hand, is an exact carbon copy of the console version, and since I got the ps3 version, the vita version only cost me 10$

    And I play the vita version more.

    Just giving you guys a perspective from the other side of the fence.

    1. More like a dogmatic fart who keeps wanting to impose his own rigid belief structure onto others. Man, stop being such a poor sport and admit the losing situation when you see it.

      1. So you’re calling a guy a dogmatic fart for sharing his opinions in a non-biased way unlike Sickr? Shows how immature the trolls on this site are.

      2. Haha good call pleasant. While i did enjoy the broadened perspective of sony’s offerings, i have to agree with pleasant in regards to winscar only promoting sony, never posting positive on nintendo. Which is fine to do… but id rather read about nintendo here… on a nintendo blog. Ah well, we still love u.

    2. Not to start anything here, but the fact that you got the system and some of its games does not translate to good sales overall.

      1. The vita has sold over 1.3 units and was number 1 in the u.s and Europe…. Plus there is a rumor going around that a grand theft auto game and a monster hunter game are in development for the vita…..I realize that the vita is nowhere near close to the sales of the 3ds but it is selling….I love my 3ds and my vita but this fanboy shit is stupid…I wish sickr would post worldwide sales.

      2. The thing about what you just said, is that it’s a rumor. While I agree about the fanboy crap and the worldwide sales, unless there is an announcement for Monster Hunter, the sales won’t take off in Japan like the 3DS has since Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart and Monster Hunter.

      3. Well I didn’t want to resort to posting specific numbers, but the games are killing on the charts in the US and EU, and unless everyone is getting 2 or 3 copies of the same game then the systems have to be selling well too.

      4. Let’s just say the vita is selling ok so far considering its up against mobile games and a Nintendo handheld…last year around this time I bought a 3ds and for months after I read endless articles about how the 3ds was failing and I was hoping it would get some sort of a boost well it did after the price drop and a few key games mixed with the holiday season. It’s still to early to be saying that the vita is a failure I’m hoping it’s not cause for me both devices coexist wonderfully together they are both completely different experiences for me. Only issue I have with both is playing in the sunlight especially with the vita the reflection is awful if I can see my iPhone screen in the sun why can’t I see the vita screen.

      5. Because the two use different kinds of screens. That’s like saying why is my laptop bigger than my friends. Every thing is different, Vita has problems, 3DS has problems, iPhones have problems, and they all have advantages to them too.

    3. Vita is failing less in the US, but still doing way worse than expected, and way worse than the 3DS, which has sold 4.5 million in less than a year, with Vita going down, and down, and down.
      Though I personally believe it is stupid to argue over sales, or the ‘awesomeness’ of one console over another, I also believe it quite arrogant to think you represent the whole gaming market.
      I like Vita. It’s doing awful. And Sony’s marketing terrible.

      1. True. I’ve seen the PSV commercials and they suck quite a bit. The commercials never go in depth about the console, unlike with the 3DS.

        3DS had much better marketing then Vita. Also many people who don’t know gaming believe that the Vita is a PSP with extra gimmicks.

      2. Same thing with the 3DS. When I play it, kids think it’s just another DS with 3D.

      3. There’s always gonna be people who think that. People at my school laugh at me and my friend cause we have “new DS’s” as they say, yet if we called their Vita’s new PSP’s, they would have a fit. The majority of people are biased, which is a shame with all the technology and innovation in both these 8th generation handhelds.

    4. I got me vita too and it’s awesome.me hopes more buy it so more games come on to it.graphics are incredible.I only like my 3ds for Mario,zelda,starfox me wouldn’t get 3rd party games for it me wud get em for vita.

  2. The Japanese have a awesome eye for Quality Hardware

    that exsplains this chart very well

      1. Hey, people in Japan would say, “CoD? Are you serious?”
        The majority pop culture is different in different places.

    1. I’m not a fanboy, I have both systems and I love them both. But compared to the 3DS, the PS Vita feels far more solid and well built. I love the games too.

      1. Very true I also have both as well the vita does seem better built because it is but none of that matters to me it’s all going to depend which one I have more fun with playing games…so far oot3d, mk7 and sm3dl have been very fun as far as vita uncharted is ok but I’m having a lot of fun with motorstorm rc and super stardust delta and I’m pretty excited about the new resistance game but I’m also very excited about the upcoming Nintendo 3ds games.

      2. I have played my friend’s Vita quite a bit on Uncharted and MotorStorm, and I can say that it is impressively built for gaming. However, I do not believe the 3DS is any worse built, but simply uses lesser technology in highly impressive ways. I find that 3DS games are more fun as nothing beats Nintendo’s first party games, while on the other hand, the Vita generally utilizes its superior technology and created fantastic games.

    1. The portables are really a bit of a difference when it comes to generation changes then home.

      Portables change more frequently then consoles. Usually it’s best to compare home consoles to home consoles and portable differently.

      For everyone: if you don’t agree with me just reply to this message.

    1. You’re an idiot. Look at the sales of PS3, PSP and their games. Sony is doing fine, even if the Vita is bombing.

      1. To be more precise, Sony’s sales are doing fine. As a company however, they are losing money as their television part is crashing and their use of new technology causes very little to no profit on their consoles. Hopefully, they will pickup in the next few years.

      1. Actually, in the week ending the 3rd March, the Vita’s sales crashed in the US just as they did in Japan, dropping below the 360, 3DS and PS3. The PSP is selling poorly in the US though.

  3. If today’s news story turns out to be true that they’re getting a Monster Hunter, Fnal Fantasy and a GTA, that could help it a lot in both East and West

  4. man i really want a 3DS. I hope a get one this summer if the Wii U doesn’t come out this summer( I Wish it does) =D

      1. Shut up.

        Dead Or Alive Dimensions, Metal Gear Sold 3DS (Circle pad recommended) are brilliant 3DS games.

        Also there is AR games, Face raiders and some others included for free.

      2. Dont forget Resident Evil Revalations, plus 2 Monster Hunters, bunch of new RPG games, Tales of the Abyss, and every good DS game out there since its fully backward compatible.

    1. The Wii U is coming out ether next Summer or fall.

      It’s going to be after E3 2012 (Early June) to november.

    1. The 3DS got a One Piece game before and a Naruto game.

      And you could count Zelda, Mario and Pokemon since they all have had at least one anime adaption once in the past 25 years…

  5. Nintendo > PS3 > (Not even going to say Xbox because it sucks so much) Commodore 64.

  6. Games like RE:Revelations and Metal Gear Solid:SE shows a lot of promise in the graphical department for the 3DS. Sure, the Vita may look slightly better, but for the price of admission it frankly isn’t worth it. Considering 3rd parties are abandoning the system, it’s best to wait until Sony releases worthwhile games before picking one up!!!

    1. Slightly better? The Vita is 4x more powerful than the 3DS. Revelation uses the Framework Engine, that engine could make old cell phone games look like modern games. If they made a RES Vita, it would look much better than the 3DS version, not just slightly.

      1. Power. Does. Not. Equal. Good. Games.
        Get that shit into your head then come back.

      1. What in the hell are you talking about “looks almost Gamecube quality” thats a fucking laugh, Take a look at REsident Evil and 0 on Gamecube and thay look beautiful almost like an early PS3 game.

      2. lol…exactly!!!! That’s the beauty of Nintendo not releasing specs b/c all the 4x more powerful is just bullshit since both companies never released official specs. The teardown already disproved IGN’s “official” specs by having double the RAM and having an ARM11 dual core processor instead of 2 separate CPU (mental really). While I do think Vita is more powerful I still don’t think it is worth it

      3. Nintendo didn’t release the specs, but the company that makes the processor did, in 2006 (yes the 3DS processor is 6 years old) and it’s poweful, but yes, the Vita’s processor is 4x as powerful, 4 cores, dedicated video memory, way more ram than the 3DS, etc.

      4. Yes, it’s 6 years (that makes it newer than the Cell and 360 then lol) and yes the it’s single core (only the graphics chip PICA200 as the ARM11 is a dual core processor) but one cannot quantify that the Vita is really 4x more powerful unless somebody benchmarks the thing. For all we know it could be only 3x or maybe more 5x!!! All I am saying at the moment looking at some games (DOA, RE:R, MGS, LoZ:OoT etc) the graphical diffrence while giving the Vita the advantage, doesn’t really make top tier 3DS games look that bad compared to the average Vita games out there. Maybe in the near future, but not yet. Also the PICA 200 is capable of 15.3 M/poly/s with 3D and all effects on compared to the Gamecube’s 8-12 M making it a very competent machine. If it were clocked at 400mhz (it’s rumored to be a @266mhz) instead of 200mhz it jumps to 30.6 M/poly with all effects on!!!

      5. Obviously, you’ve never owned a N64 or a gamecube since that looks nothing like the RE remake for the Gamecube. It looks good for an N64 game but not even close to the GCN. However, MGS:3D, RE:R etc doesn’t look as bad to most Vita games as many ppl want to believe. Play them and you’ll see.

    2. Uncharted Golden Abyss owns both if those games when it comes to graphics. You fanboys are delusional if you think the Vita doesn’t own the 3DS in graphic capabilities.

      1. Uncharted is a very overrated series and not very original I might add!!! Only, delusional Sony bots think otherwise. I do give that Uncharted looks good but that’s about it. The games are just meh and not for my taste.

      1. After only one week of release the Vita once again gets outsold by the 3DS in America. Like I said again, people should hold buying the thing as it surely will end up like the DC or more recently the PSP GO!!!

  7. the vita will start picking up sales once that price goes down along with the stupid pricey mem sticks.

    1. Sony is bleeding money and I don’t think they can afford to hemmorage more blood for this thing. If Sony is smart they should pull out of this market and concentrate on home consoles!!!

  8. I love my 3DS and gotta say I have no interest in the Vita. People also complaining why there isn’t any Sony love on a NINTENDO NEWS BLOG….come on

    1. They should just go to a pro Sony site like VGC etc. most of those guys are drinking Sony’s Kool-aide!!!

  9. I don’t get it. If 3DS software is selling so well, why did they made Pokémon B&W 2 for the DS? I really don’t like that.

    1. Why spend much more time on recreating the whole of Unova in 3D, which would take well over a year, when they can re-use the older one while slightly changing parts and only take a short amount of time? And the DS is almost the best selling console of all time, and I’m sure the people who can’t get a 3DS would be sad to find out that they cannot finish Gen V of Pokemon.

  10. You realize 3DS did just as bad before its price cut? Stop acting like it’s a surprise. Once Vita’s price is cut it wil demolish 3DS. Sad, but true.

    1. Based on what evidence. You can’t possibly tell who will have done better several years down the line. You’ve not presented any reason of why the vita will do better, you’re simply speaking from personal preference. I think both are great handhelds that cater to wide, varied amount of people. Many people said the PSP would demolish the DS for the same reasons they are saying the Vita will do the same 3DS, guess what happened, didn’t even reach half of the lifetime sales of the DS. Its too early to say anything. 3DS is currently outselling the Vita, it just is, take off your blinders, realize both are great machines, and acknowledge that it will give your favorite toy some competition.

    2. if you compare sales numbers from all the 3DS and vita’s respective weeks on sale (3DS japan launch vs vita japan launch, 3DS first week worldwide vs vita first week worldwide, etc.), the 3DS clearly comes out on top, so your statement is based upon absolutely nothing. and your statement about a vita price cut is nowhere nearby if it’s even going to happen. it was said somewhere within the past 2 weeks that a price cut was not on sony’s radar, which makes sense because sony seems to be in need of profits lately. why else would the vita lack the ability to save a game and cost you for a proprietary memory card that functions as well as an SD card and costs twice as much?

      by the way, the lowest the 3DS sales got before the announcement of a price cut (i’m not counting the week or two between announcement and price cut because most people made the intelligent decision to not buy a 3DS during that time) was around 15k, which is a number that the vita only took SIX WEEKS to dive down to in japan and hasn’t gone far past since then.

      as soon as sony stops neglecting the japanese audience and actually starts putting effort into advertisement, then may be the vita will find success, but “demolishing” the 3DS is just not in the cards. yet another generation with nintendo wearing the handheld crown, what a shock.

  11. A winner is you Nintendo! Anyways this information is great and all but it would be even better if developers notice it and decide to put more games on the platform. I know I say this alot but I’m worried that third-party developers will mainly focus on consoles rather than the 3DS.

    1. I have a feeling it’s only a glitch. The interesting thing to see if the Wii or even the 360 will eventually beat the Vita in Japan this year!!!

  12. Only in Japan is the 3DS doing this well. In Europe, Vita holds the lead by about 40,000 units and in North America, 3DS holds the lead by a little more than 10,000 in sales figures from March 3rd. Also, worldwide Vita holds the edge in software with 625,000 units sold last week compared with 555,000 units for 3DS.

  13. just wait until a monster hunter is released for vita,all the little nippers will flock in droves to get a vita.

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