Battlefield Evolved Appears On Retail List

Trade publication MCV has uncovered a listing for a new Battlefield title called Battlefield Evolved. EA already has Medal of Honor: Warfighter coming out this Fall, so it’s unlikely to be a brand new Battlefield game. Battlefield Evolved could well be a SKU that includes Battlefield 3 and all of its downloadable content. Hopefully there’s a chance it could appear on Wii U.


    1. if u waite to get it when wii u comes out u shoudent buy it at all the skill u have to have to play battlefield is just fustrating at first but im sure u might get the hang of it but buy it know or rent it on xbox not ps3

  1. Lol for 100+ dollars. EA is full of money grubbers. Though I will give them credit 15$ for DLC but they at least make it worth the money.

    But chances are the DLC won’t have released yet by the time the wii U comes out, so you’d guys be waiting even longer. (due to their deal with sony DLC can’t appear on another console until it has been on the ps3 for a week)

  2. Despite the fact that FPS games are falling like rain over our heads, there are some well developed FPS, and battlefield is one of them. I can’t say I want to play it, since the last FPS I’ve played on this generation was CoD: MW. But, if it comes to WiiU, it’s gonna catch a huge audience to the console.

  3. A previous Battlefield game was called Battlefield: Combat Evolved so to call another BF tittle BF: Evolved sounds redundant to say the least. MyNintendoNews posting whatever crap they can pull out of their ass…

  4. Graphics gonna look sick. Wii U controller implentation could be sick as well!

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