Nintendo Says Super Mario Galaxy 3 Is Difficult To Imagine

The director behind Super Mario Galaxy 2, Koichi Hayashida, believes it would be difficult to make another game in the amazing Super Mario Galaxy series using left over ideas from the previous games. This suggests that the next Mario game for Wii U will most likely be an original concept. Hopefully we should see it in action at this years E3 event in June.

“When we worked on Galaxy 1 we came up with a mountain of ideas. Of course, the ideas that made it in to the final product were the ones at the very top. Those ideas that were most compelling or could be implemented most easily and effectively. The other ideas were a little bit rougher. Ideas we weren’t positive that’d be as effective, or might have been much more difficult to include.”

“When you think about trying to make a game like Galaxy 2 from that large group of ideas that we had already decided were on the rough side, that becomes a very difficult project. The only way that we got through the development of Mario Galaxy 2 was by coming up with entirely new ideas. I think of that as a very challenging project when I look back on it.”

“From that perspective, to say we’d make another game using the ideas left over from Galaxy 2, it’s very difficult for me to imagine. I feel like we really did research the field very well for possible ideas and we used everything that was reasonably easy to implement.”


      1. Indeed!
        SMG looked and played lovely, but there was no freedom. No Hub world (I didn’t think the spaceship, or that thing in SMG1 were big enough, neither was there a lot to do)
        Levels shouldn’t be so linear! If they want that they can make New super mario bros. or something :P

      2. Non-linear levels? I don’t want the unnecesary puzzle-solving from 64 to come back! I want my levels linear with beautiful graphics, amazing music and design.

      3. wow, what opposite comments. I really liked galaxy’s adaptation of SMB’s linear levels in a 3D form. But I really do miss the non-linear 64 style, BUT not the seemingly mindless blue coin hunts of sunshine. That game I think tried to move to more linear while maintaining some 64 elements made for very awkward stages

    1. I completely agree. Shrink him down and throw him into Luigi’s dying body to fight a disease or something. Mix the Dr. Mario world in a bit.

    2. what about a sequel to mario 2………that world, the villians, the bosses, same world but new areas….and make it like mario64…………YOU CAN ASLO PICK MARIO,LUIGI, PEACH, TOAD, and BOSWER…

    3. How about a Super Mario Cyberspace? Hes already gone to the galaxies beyond but has Mario ventured into a new kind of universe known as Cyber Reality?The enemies would be altered versions of current enemies ie goombas, koopas etc and have futuristic/digital themes. All digital and “chrome” looking stages. Mario would have new abilities in this universe such as the ability to teleport digitally from one pad to another, instead of through tubes. New suits that focus on highlighting the new environments in this type of “reality”. A futurustic and digital sounding Soundtrack composed, of course, by Master Koji Kondo. Mario and Luigi could team up like in PIT but would complement each other better, like some stages need luigi more than mario. The story could be that Bowser has taken over Cyber Reality and, of course, has trapped Peach with the complex pseudo-reality known as CyberSpace. The hub world could be a Futurustic Computer looking hub that would launch Mario to different CyberSpace locations instead of him flying to the galaxies etc…IMHO this would be better than a Super Mario Galaxy 3, as that series accomplished pretty much everything it could in just 2 titles….Speaking of running its course, do we really need more Mario Parties? I am DYING for a new Mario Kart for WIi U. Mario Kart 7 was a nice step in the right direction.

  1. Super Mario Universe? (stylize the U like the U in Wii U) Have it set in space, or maybe have it like an anniversary type game like Sonic Generations (I realize this would take awhile to develop but, it would be cool)

    1. Mario’s been in many different places within the Mushroom Kingdom (including being inside Bowser) and just got back from space. Where do you go after outer space though?!

      1. Well they can make a game where he goes into other dimensions or universes where he meets and Evil mario or an entirely different Mushroom Kingdom where Bowser has successfully taken over. Maybe he can team up with the alternate Mario’s of these Universes and maybe the main antagonist is a Mario from a universe where he’s evil and has been taking over countless universes.

      1. Super Mario Galaxy was not after Super Mario World, but i understand what you mean. ;)

  2. Better that way.
    They made a good end with Mario Galaxy 2 and it should stay like that, in my opinion.

      1. Wow! A psychic! Tell me, how will the Xbox 720 and PS4 do? You don’t know? That’s what I thought.

    1. that is so true. i am a huge mario fan just because of smg 1. i would be super angry if they change that. i hated mario till that day but after playing smg 1 and 2 i was amazed. the graphics were ok,and i really love the theme song and power ups.i say, leave it as it is and put smg 3 in stores already!

    1. IMO, if they made a new adventure game like SMG using Mario from SSBB would be awesome! You know with his attacks and F.L.U.D.D. and maybe Luigi too?

  3. I just hope they utilize the Lumas, star bits, spring mario, boo mario, etc. in future games somehow.

  4. SMG2 was really a great game and deserved every ounce of praise it received. I felt that it improved on all of the best qualities of the original and gave me hours and hours of gameplay.. That being said, I’m looking forward to a new Mario adventure game.

  5. It’s hard to imagine what the next Mario game will be like. Probably something more like 64 and sunshine but in a unic setting.

      1. +2

        Nintendo needs to try something very amazing and unique next time. I can think of ideas… i bet all the kids are going to say “THE NEXT MARIO GAME! MARIO HAS AN AK-47 AND SHOOTS THOSE FLYING TURTLE THINGS!”. I bet thats what kids say they want these days.

        How about some sort of Mario game which is all about racing? Oh wait thats mario kart!

        How about some mario game where mario goes to this island and ends up having to clean up the island? OH WAIT! THIS IS SUNSHINE!

        Now my idea… everyone reply to this and say their idea for the next mario game, because i bet mine is going to be bad. ” Mario goes around different plan… SCREW IT! THATS GALEXY! WAIT! “You know little big planet??? Oh wait that would make everyone say its a LBP rip-off… well sony is ripping of Smash bros anyways :/

        I can make brilliant ideas but not for Mario Games as the franchise is getting used up of ideas. JUST REPLY TO THIS COMMENT AND SAY WHAT YOU WANT THE NEXT MARIO GAME TO BE ABOUT!!! LET’S DO IT!

      2. My idea is…

        Mario Starts of at the castle… wait that’s 64, Hmm How about The castle is being taken over by an evil entity Lets say (a dark Magical goomba who is possessed by Bowsers Magical Powers) and slowly each day its getting more and more possessed and what Mario has to do is look for each in the caste shes trapped in what the caste used to be but now it looks much darker and its covered in a dark film where you step black dust scatters around your feet and you can use flud to clean some parts of the caste and the caste has the same paintings as in Mario 64 but in a new Dark way like a Majoras mask type of thing and Mario goes looking for the Star powers and stuff Ill finish tomorrow…

      3. This is my idea. Every time I play Mario Kart I see these awesome places like Mushroom Gorge, Moo Moo Farms, and Yoshi falls, and I just want to get out of my Kart and walk around and talk to people and do quests for them. So I think it would be awesome if Nintendo made a semi Open World were you can go to these places and travel in mushroom kingdom and what not. The story would start off about fighting Bowser then later a even eviler guy.

      4. I think that a new mario kart game with more story line would be a good idea. If we need a new villain, nintendo should use Morton (Bower’s dad. He looks like bowser except he’s black and grey and has yellow hair instead of red. He has made very few appearences throughout mario games).

      5. Well considerin it would have to show off the HD graphics, I’d say a mario game that has a more darker tone, but still appeals to the casual audience, much similar to how kirby’s dreamland3 and kirby64 tone was set. That being said, throw more evil and death into the game, and a much more interactive NPC. Remove the gimmicks and bring back the retro, utilize the cape and/or the power leaf, dedicate stages to specific power-ups (Imagine a stage where you’re purpose requires flying through the high skies or blastin enemies from afar), and INCREASE THE GAME LENGTH! PLEASEEEEE bring back Mario’s combat scheme much like in Mario 64 and make luigi playable and his own character and not a similar rip of mario with less traction and a higher jump. Anyone can put in anymore ideas go for it as I’m all thought out for now

      6. What do you consider a gimmick? Because if you’re one of those people who considers the gravity in Galaxy a gimmick you’re the biggest moron that has ever existed.

      7. Mario, Princess, Yoshi and Luigi gets trapped inside Bowser’s Destructo-Computer and are all digitized. There is a mega-boss similar to Bowser at the end of the game.


        Set the next Mario game in the future. Princess have been erased from history but Mario, Yoshi and Luigi remain and must reverse the damage.

      8. This wouldn’t be so bad, actually. Mario travels through time in attempt to fix bad things happening due to another time traveler.

      9. actaully, I have some Ideas for a game similiar to that, but I want to see them in a new SMG so freaking bad!

      10. I’m not very good with ideas but the story should go something like this

        Bowser is trying to capture peach once again, and all that, but then someone more strong/powerful than bowser captures almost everyone/character such as Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Yoshi, Toads, Peach, Daisy, Bowser, etc in dark castle jails scattered around places from previous Mario games and new places as well with new enemies. You start off as Mario and have to find different characters and save them. Once they are saved you could play as some of them. It would be in 3D and it would have game play similar to mario galaxy & sonic generations (Slightly fast paced).

        Or they could just make a Super Mario Bros. Z game XD

      11. How about………………………………….. well, I can’t think of a name but its like mario is fighting bowser in New super mario bros Wii or U when bowser stops fighting and pushes mario into the lava. Only its not lava. It’s a disguised giant pipe to Peach’s castle. Then he walks in and finds himself in a HOLE OF QUICKSAND! Really, peach is stupid putting that there. then in the other side, he finds himself in a different peach’s castle which he instantly recognizes as the one from sm64. But the painting each lead to different old mario games. These include super mario kart, donkey kong, super mario bros, and much more! If anyone wants to add to this (or think up a name), please reply.

      12. I know this could never actually happen, but I would love to see a Galaxy game with fan-made stages.

    1. +1

      Now I’m now going to request Sickr sticks a like and dislike button on this website just like youtube comments.

      for example this article is a youtube video and the comments for the video is what your doing and im replying to it.

    2. Another holiday? Christ, its not in the right spirit of a hero ha!..I reckon an idea where Mario has to fight to keep the fabric of the Universe together, much like how it was suggested in Galaxy. The threat of Bowser taking the super leaf away was really inventive, something more like that! Princess Peach can’t always be captured, but she should have more of a role in gameplay. Not to mention others. Luigi of course.

  6. i thing they should make a planet out of the mushroom kingdom and have you doing jobs for people like cute and cuddly GTA

  7. Yeah, They need to move to something else. Although It’ll be hard to best something like Galaxy.

    1. I’m not a mario fan and I don’t play mario games.

      I love Nintendo and the PS3, I play nintendo games like Star Fox and Metroid which are Nintendo exclusive while Games which are PS3 and 360 exclusive i play on those consoles.

      Really, to be a nintendo fan it does not mean you have to love mario.

  8. I’d prefer a whole new setting, like how Sunshine brought Isle Defino and Galaxy brought.. well, the Galaxy.

    1. both are horrible!!!!

      and i admit that starfox andventures had good graphics but its plot was stolen from zelda and the hole game sucks including its console too

      1. StarFox adventures was fine but it was rares fault for trying to turn Dinosaur planet into Starfox.

        Starfox adventures was quite similer to zelda for me but it’s quite diffrent… some sort of Sci-fi crossed with fantasy is what starfox is.

        Really long live Starfox 64! Best Star Fox game ever!

  9. Yes, I sense a awesome Mario game with a huge hub world,npc’s, and heavy exploration more than SMS and SM64. Galaxy’s linear let down is way past overdue, the true 3d Mario can be played forever, let it happen.

    1. I agree thus giving you 100up+ I got all 121 stars in both galaxy’s dont know if galaxy 2 has 121 or 120 but I beat them for sure… and haven’t touched them since and I still find myself playing Sunshine and 64 :]

      1. dude if you get 121 stars in glaxy 2 then you did not beat it after you get 121 stars you go get 120 green stars there 241 stars in mairo gaxey 2 so no if you onlu have 121 then you did not beat the game

    2. Why does everyone want that? To me Mario Platformers should be all about playing the Levels in order, straight forward, and only, I MEAN ONLY require your skill, not exploring and that shit. We have enough RPGs and other games for that! Just go play freaking Skyrim or Zelda if you want exploration!

      1. Platforming is becoming more of a handheld style for gameplay it seems. The next big idea will of course take centre stage on console. As it always has. Times change dude! It won’t go RPG though, come one.

  10. I just hope we get the hub world back. I don’t really like the direction Mario has gone recently with NSMB/SM3DL and such.

      1. LOL^ dont even answer this guy maybe he still has hope toi get a life… and sieg that’s not even him its just a pic bro…

  11. 720 is the future

    wiiU will be nothing as the wii,i meen no one didnt know and care about the wii and most of ADS advertise only the xbox and ps3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! suck it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Whatever they do with Mario, they make it good. They’ve proved that. Now GIVE US SOME METROID! I just got Prime Trilogy a couple days ago, and I hope they do let Retro have the honors of making a sequel to Fusion… or it says that before Metroid (NES), Samus completed missions that other hunters proved impossible… maybe some backstory?!?! PLEASE!

  13. Let’s have both a new sort of Mario game and a third (HD) Galaxy title (or an enhanced port of the first two with new levels). If we can have a 3D Mario game sitting alongside the 2D titles why not include a third Galaxy game? Not like they’re all that similar and I’m sure people would buy all three. I know I would.

  14. I want a really adevnture on the mushroom kingdom, not on delfino island, not in the space, not into the paints.

  15. Actually, I prefer with the new Mario series where Mario, Luigi and other allies can travel through the time. It can be fun but more challenge.

  16. I actually don’t think Mario Sunshine 2 would be impossible. I think it could he fun. But if they did that then the atmosphere would feel a little weird I think, cause I don’t think they would do voice acting again and it’s kind of weird having voice acting in the first one and not in the sequal.

    1. Its been proven that voice acting is not necessary, and doesn’t add too much extra to game design, in the case for Mario or even Nintendo. Sunshine wasn’t that bad for voice acting, it was suitable for the narrative. Good point you make though, if anything, it would be reduced upon for a potential sequel.

  17. i found the galaxy series better than every mario game ever although those 2 games are the only ones i finished 100% but they’re still better even if i didnt finish other ones

    1. LOL that’s why I hate Galaxy1&2 I had no problem at all beating it 100% and just zipping through every stage held by the hand nothing really good interesting came from them nothing like super Mario sunshine or 64 those games took me about 3-4 months to finally beat actually 64 took like a month but galaxy game took me less than a week fuck that shit lol…

  18. While we’re at it, let’s throw time-travel into the pot. Time-travel(long and short range), open world navigation(towns, “dungeons”/levels, extras), and other dimensions or good world/bad world. If the wii u is strong enough, it’s not too much to ask. It would have to feel like SNES 5 and not ps3 or 360, though.

  19. They just need to make a nintendo all star adventure game with Mario, DK, Samus, Kirby, Fox and so on. And make where you can play as any one of these characters enteracting in each others worlds.

  20. Good. Galaxy 1 was amazing when it came out. ,Galaxy 2 took Galaxy 1, diluted it, and removed it’s heart and soul. It’s time to make another 3D Mario where we actually get to explore again. It’s been a long time since we were able to really get absorbed in video game worlds in games like Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie/Tooie.

    1. That…just simply is not true. When you say ‘we’ you are speaking of a small majority of people. Really immersive games are introduced all the time! Bioshock was the first to come to mind, although Zelda is the obvious one here. Taking the plat former ‘deeper’ and the product of that is what you’re really talking about here.

  21. Whatever they come up with they will surely knock it out of the park as always.

    Her’s my idea for the next mario game. A mario version of my all time smash hit holiday classic movie “JINGLE ALL THE WAY!!!!!”

    Leave luck to heaven.

      1. It’s all very simple. A fire flower powered Mario travels to Bowser’s castle, where Princess Peach is being held captive, he kicks open the door.

        Bowser says “It’s Mario, get him” Suddenly an rmy of Koopa troopers, hammer brothers, goombas, bullet bills and chain chomps burst into the room, charging at Mario. Mario throws away his fire flower, whips out his twin gatling guns blows all of the enemies, including Bowser, away, in slow motion.

        Turns to Princess Peach extends his hand and says “Come with me if you want to live.”

  22. what about a sequel to mario 2………that world, the villians, the bosses, same world but new areas….and make it like mario64………………….

      1. Wii U = New console with a controlller with a touchscreen on it

        Wii: Console aimed at everyone, used the Wii Remote


  23. I want the next Mario to not have the same kind of storyline, with Bowser trying to get Peach. That just not morally right and it is old now. I still want Bowser, but a new plot would be nice.

    1. I agree with the idea of changing the storyline. I mean like really it’s old and let’s like reimagine Mario or something.. lol

      A new storyline for each game OR for every new game would be 110x good, but I still like Mario though.

    2. I would actually love a co-op game. Bowser and his dad steal Peach and Daisy and Mario and Luigi together save them. Online play or local play. That would be the shit.

      1. that would mean two people saving 2 people captured by 2 people! :O

  24. This saddens me. I was hoping that Super Mario Galaxy 3 would be the last great Wii game and blow out any other game that has been made yet. On the other hand, I am excited for a brand new Mario game on Wii U.

  25. Just Make Super Mario Galaxy 3 to make it a trio. Who wouldn’t want to see Super Mario Galaxy in HD! No other Mario game would make much use of the graphics. And I can think of tons of ideas for Mario Galaxy games they never thought of. They need more creative people if you ask me, but they are doing a good job! It’s Super Mario 3D Land that scares me, it was a terrible game. I really don’t even like it and I was addicted to SMG!

  26. nintendo is already make 2 wii u games and 1 3ds games that are the origanal concept. after their done with those games, the should try to make super mario galaxy 3

  27. I have a whole knew mario galaxy 3 idea that you guys might like! I will send it to Nintendo and they might really make it a game. the main ship is called the Star Gazer and it is really cool! Also the last bowser fight has a epac name!!!! I hope you will like my idea! I will make a video about it on You Tube.

  28. Maybe the Koopalings could make an appaerance- if you just through in more playable characters (Toads, Wario Bros., ect.), There would be a good plot. Also, I remember Baron Brrr from Game 1. If he makes a reapperance, throw in Baron Burn to go with him. ;-)

  29. someone really needs to replace bowser. bowers failed hundreds of times. hes not really a threat. and hopefully bj wont take over. This hole bowser thing has to end eventually. supposedly wario says hes marios archenenemy. they like never fight. someone ha to become a real villain.

  30. How about like others put earlier, You have to save princess peach in an epic battle through history. Bowser traps you in his super computer and sends all these monsters and computer viruses after you to try to stop you from fixing any damages the shadow mario has already done. It is like in Super Mario Sunshine, when they have that evil mario, the same guy is runing stuff through history, and you have to stop him before princess peach is permanently erased from history!!

  31. i think they should make something like super paper mario maybe a sequel where dimentios ghost comes back and u get to see count bleck and tippi again that would be awesome

      1. Sounds cool! I LOVED the first one! And maybe bowser would quit helping you after a little while? I don’t know…

      2. after the final battle, lady tip-something wen’t away with count bleck to someplace to be wife and husband. forever. And I just gave away the ending.what I’m typing is that super paper mario is a great but loner game.(It deserves a platinum rank on the nintendo channel)
        and by the way, nintendo is aready making the sticker star game.(which I know is going to be a piece of crap)

  32. How about a super mario world/earth something like that. creating new worlds with landmarks and stuff from our own world? like in France the eiffeltower and that sort of stuff, and in las vegas we can put that big ghost again like in Sunshine. Something like that. worlds like those from 64(big, not one-direction-wise-ish, a little like smg)inside the painting with sidemissions like finding water voor someone in the sahara XD who knows what else. and as boss fight a giant godzillabowser in Japan? XD what more fun can you make with lovely places like Italy, China, Egypt, The Netherlands, Brazil.. etc. etc.
    I like my idea XD
    We just need to add good story with that XP
    (you can even think about making it different dimensions and mario (or everyone)gets accidently blased off into our world, a young girl or boy helping him back to his world, that way the graphics can inprove much more while preventing it from looking really weird for a typical ‘Mario-world’ right?)

    1. Maybe they can make every continent a different world. So Antarctica get to be the ice-like world, Asia a mountainious, south america jungle, africa can be desert, australia beach, north america can take place in the sky with all those skyscrapers and europe can be the final world with all kind of places to visit with a final fight in the colloseum in rome.
      And for the other worlds they can also put a boss fight in a sightseeing place

    1. Agreed. In fact, I think they should make it so that you can play it (and other n64 games) on the wii u!

  33. IF they can make SMG3, it should have more playable characters, some unlockable items (and i don’t mean you find them in levels, i mean like sm64 had unlockable caps), and reasons to play as different characters (other than that they look cool).

  34. If they make SMG3, they should make it 4 player and be able to choose Mario, Luigi, and Blue and Yellow toad like New Super Mario Bros. Wii and U.

  35. they should put all the mario bros in the game and make them played including waluigi and to have where u have it where you fight bowser j. and his brothers and bowser like in super mario bros for wii and make it where you have all kinds of power ups

    1. man it would be best to remake mario 64 utilizing maps from all the games :3 throw in a bonus use of all mario characters ^^ unlock them along the way. personally i preferred the Mario 64 home area to any mario game ever. so much freedom and the ability to discover things was a fun experience. Showing the game wasnt just inside the castle. Maybe even throw in a mystery or 2 maybe a twist bowser was never the bad guy (in this game) or something ^^ mario hands bowser his ass looking for peaches sister cousin w/e luigi joins up with mario they go castle raiding XD i mean there must be multiple kingdoms XD

  36. bowser kidnappes luigi and mario goes to bowsers castle to save him.small cutscene of bowser and mario fighting but just when mario looks like he will win bowser pulls out a rainbow star and breaths rainbow fire and mario is knoked back 5 feet on his stomache.he tries to lift up his hand but says mama mia and his hand falls.then you notice goombario and goombella wathing from a small window.they run back topeaches castle and tell her what its up to PEACH(and goombella goombario) to save mario.she goes through 7 lands: (in this order)mushroom kindom,yoshis island,Donut plains,pipe land,Koopa caverns,lava lands,and bowsers castle is so huge it has several different levels in it. IT’S SUPER PRINCESS PEACH 2!!!!!!!!!

  37. how about a Mario game similar to Mario & Luigi partners in time except it would be placed into the future and it would be like the mushroom kingdom gets a transmission from the future that the mushroom kingdom from that time is under attack and the Mario and Luigi from that time are captured by Bowser and the present heroes have to save them from future Bowser & Bowser Jr. or something like that

  38. I don’t really like the Super Mario Galaxy series. I’ve played all the 3D Mario games so far, including Super Mario 3D Land, and my favorite is Super Mario Sunshine. One of my favorite features of this game is when you meet talking enemies, such as Bowser, he actually talks. He doesn’t just grunt and the dialogue box shows up, no, he actually talks to you. I was disappointed when I saw that in the Galaxy games. I’m wishing for a Super Mario Sunshine 2 for Wii U. I think the GamePad would be nice to control F.LU.D.D. in more ways than before.

  39. How about a super mario Universe. a MMO type thing. create your own person. like dc universe but mario style

  40. Who remembers the negative world glitch in the very first super mario bros? They should make a game where he travles there. Why i am not sure yet got to think more.

  41. I thought of something else. He has to travel there to stop bowser from using the starz power the black star. And that is were the dark side of mario can join forces with bowser and bowers good side joins mario and so on. But i find it a bit to predictable. The light and the dark have we heard this before? Mario needs to combat a stronger enemy one who has the potential to kill him. But i don’t want him dead just close enough were in the end he discover a stronger force that surpasses stars.

  42. I think the Hub world should be an expansive castle and a town like paper mario. Both would have areas that you can access. I just want more freedom and livelyhood in mario’s 3d games.

    They minds well wrap up the Galaxy series with 3 and go out with a Big Bang:D

  43. Super Mario Galaxy Final Game Power Up-bowser takes away all of Mario power ups and tries to use it to destroy everyone.mario eventually gets a machine that goes under his hat from e.gadd enabling him to use all of his powers from everygame except some cost coins to give to e.gadd so he can load it in the machine. So you use the powers to get through various challenge but the machine can over heat indicated by a bar on the screen then you need let it cool down. Some power ups are limited to use a certain amount of times per level.A star or any invincible power your gonna need alot of super coins ya know the big ones but once you by any power you keep it.bowser takes most of your power limited to the invincible star the fire flower and the mega mushroom but you also use all of your powers like ice,fire,cape,and in the end invincible the end the return of invincible cape Mario is needed to stop bowser Mario destroys Bowser once and for all or so Mario thinks after the credits bowser jr. Swears to get his dad back or at least his revenge as well as the other koopalings!
    Super Mario galaxy luigis turn- Mario and peach are captured and it is up to luigi to help you as luigi play through Mario galaxy levels and 2 levels but with different goals in the end you save Mario and peach but only to end up realizing how hard Mario job is and stop being jealous of his attention
    Super Mario Galaxy 3 Reincarnated- Mario is shocked when his dimension is ripped apart and he runs into 8bit ,paper,brawl,and future Mario the game includes story mode and online brawl where you can fight as Mario characters from the previously mentioned games paper,brawl,etc.You have to stop the bowsers who have also leaked dark,giga,dry bone,and to bowsers surprise there is no future.So he draws it back to Mario killing him in the future and concludes that he should be stopped and ablitherated.In the end it’s a fight that might really rewrite history!

    Email me or join my site and comment if you like on my page or wherever in the forums.

  44. I personally think there we should stick with the space theme and cut Bowser some slack and make him the hero for once. For example we could make it so that someone brainwashed Mario, Luigi, and Peach by harnessing the power stars, and Rosalina enlists the help of Bowser, and he has to get said stars back in order to restore everyone to normal. Then at the end you can choose to return the stars to Rosalina or you can keep them and try to build an empire at the center of the universe again (either way it ends with a cutscene). Then there can be an alternate game mode after you win where you play as brainwashed Mario + Luigi in which you do the bidding of whoever brainwashed you. In this mode, at the end of each level a power star is converted to a ztar (or whatever they’re called), and once all stars are converted to ztars, you confront bowser. When you beat bowser, he says something before passing out that snaps you out of your brainwashed state and you take on the person who brainwashed you in one final fight, that in turn fixes all the power stars. (dont care if you think this idea is crappy, I like it)

  45. I still want SMGs back! think of the future they would bring! for some odd reason, people disliked super mario galaxy 2… it brang more of what we loved, right? and imagine the new features it could bring! luma star-spins? yoshi gulps?
    … I cannot believe people at nintendo don’t have any ideas. I have a load of ideas! … to fit four games!
    …( anybbody think the 3DS was just filler inbetween the ‘two great ones’ ?

  46. Ok what about Mario galaxy type thing with the koopalings? But it’s called super mario matrix galaxy?

  47. Note that this is practically taken from a you tuber named explosionkody, but I like the idea that when once again the star festival is underway, peach gets abducted by a UFO and bowser chases after her in there because he wants to kidnap her. Mario tries to make a rescue, but he is too late and the UFO takes off. Mario frantically runs out and an anonymous person tells him that he saw everything and to run in his escape pod immediately. He turns out to be your mii, and tells you that the UFO stole his power stars, meaning he can’t move anymore. The escape pod hovers up to his gigantic starship and bowser smashes into the ship. Mario prepares to fight, and lets him in. Mario beats bowser, and your mii explains that to survive, they would have to work together. A luma spots a grand star and you do a level to get it. Bowser will help you on your journey and the rest is up to Nintendo. Like it?

    1. it’s actually clever… though I’d change the UFO thing.. it’s like repeating SMG…

      What I’d like is to see is a 3D mario game, but with a good solid storyline. Like the MArio and Luigi games…. those games are awesome and have awesome unique storylines… Why not integrate it into the 3D games? Also being a fan of Mario RPGs, which are fun as hell, I’d like a 3D RPG of Mario. Imagine the funness of a Mario RPG in HD graphics… Plus nintendo never fails for a fun battle system, so we’ll leave that up to them…

  48. How about this time, the game opens up with Bowser and Jr. looking at their last space castle in shambles, floating around in space. Then something catches Bowser’s eye. A stone tablet floating around with the space ruble. Bowser catches hold of it and starts to read it. A series of flash backs tell the story of ‘The Koopa King Growser’, who ruled the universe in a selfish and evil way. Until the star council, the court against the injustice in the different universes, came to a decision that Growser shall be punished for his deeds. And so they created the Star Mother, who shall banish Growser to the Void, the most powerful black hole ever, for eternity. And she shall take a form of a human. And so the day came for the banishing of Growser as the Council secretly gave her the Cosmic Wand, the most powerful object known to all universes. But Growser had somehow known of her treachery and planned to kill her and destroy the Cosmic Wand. And the great battle began in which all dimensions hanged in the balance. During the fight, the Star Mother, with a great twirl of the wand, pushed Growser in the void along with his entire universe in it for eternity and locked it with the power of the wand and moved it to a hidden dimension. By the end of the battle she was fully drained from her powers and was dying. She fell softly to the top of an old planet. As she was dying, a member of the Star Council appeared. He told her that he could not save her, but can grant her a wish. She said that her only wish was that he should use the powers of the Cosmic Wand to create a rightful heir to its power. And to protect the heir, star creatures called Lumas shall be created and a warrior with the heart of a dragon shall protect her. He has a destiny. To obliterate Growser and his army from existence. Then she disappeared in a cloud of sparkles. And so to honor the Star Mother’s death, they created Rosalina, the heir to the power of the Cosmic Wand, Lumas who roam around exploring the cosmos, but they created Mario years after for an unknown reason. Then there was a picture of the Cosmic Wand in the tablet which looked rather familiar. After reading the tablet, Bowser, shockingly understood that Growser was his father and he was the descendant of the original Koopa army. Then Jr. looked into the tablet and saw the picture of the wand and remarked that it looked like the wand that Rosalina carries. Immediately, Bowser used his evil magic to find Rosalina. He found out that she was in the mushroom kingdom, celebrating the star festival. He got the best airships and set course for Mushroom Kingdom. Meanwhile, back at the kingdom, Princess Peach invited Mario and Luigi to the castle for a surprise. And so, they started their journey to the castle, watching Toads trying to catch Star bits. At last, the Mario Bros. have arrived at the balcony of the castle where they met Princess Peach. Next to her, floating around, was the Young Master Luma! (From smg 2) And when Mario looked into the sky, was the Comet observatory. ‘Surprise!’ a familiar voice said. To their great surprise, it was Rosalina, Polari (from smg 1), Luba and all the lumas from the observatory and Starship Mario. Princess Peach said that she had invited them over to celebrate the star festival and to share the cake she baked. And so the festival was in full swing and there was no sign of Bowser or his army. When it reached mid-night, every Toad and Luma gathered in front of the castle and Rosalina, Luba, Polari, Princess Peach, Young Master Luma, Luigi and Mario gathered on the castle balcony. Princess peach announced that they will be cutting the cake and it will be distributed to all in the kingdom. Princess Peach then cut a piece of cake and gave it to Mario. Before he could put it in his mouth, a huge explosion rocked the castle to its core. Everyone started to panic. Mario and everyone except Princess Peach rushed down the steps to the streets. Before they can react, another explosion from the balcony got everyone’s attention. They once again climbed up the stairs only to see hundreds and thousands of airships attacking the kingdom. And on the biggest one was Princess Peach held captive by Bowser. He said, ‘you will be useful for house work after my father arrives’’ (Everyone except Mario and the character you are playing as can’t talk with a voice). Rosalina felt a little uncomfortable after that. Bowser commanded, ‘ATTACK!’ And from every direction huge flaming rocks were flung towards the castle and it blew up in a big explosion. Luckily, everyone escaped unharmed and flew in different directions. But Rosalina’s wand went flying to Bowser. He caught hold of it and laughed, ’’GWAHAHAHAHA! Now nothing can stop me from reviving my father’’. At that moment, the wand magically flew from Bowser’s hand and fell to the ground and got stuck there. Everyone was astonished. Then, a dark cloud formed over the Mushroom Kingdom. It was so dark that the full moon appeared as deep space. The ground began to erupt and a huge crack tore the kingdom in half. Some of the Toads peered inside and saw a door. It was floating to the surface. When it reached the top, it reviled that the wand was inserted into it like a key in a keyhole. Suddenly, it flew open and a black hole sucked in almost everything, including the airships. The Toads hanged on to the grass so they were safe. From it immerged an old figure with a little droopy skin and a wooden walking stick which on top was a purple stone. He looked exactly like Bowser. He flew to the skies and closed the door with a twirl of his stick, sending the wand flying towards Rosalina. He then flew towards Bowser’s airship and said some things to him and finally ‘Tough luck Mario!’. And they flew away in a flash of light. Rosalina said to Mario, ‘If Growser sucks up the power of the black hole in the center of the universe, he will become invincible. We have to stop him. He took away the power of the observatory and starship but left a bit. We need to defeat him and save princess peach. So, Mario.Bros, ready for another adventure? The Starship can function as an exploration pod and the observatory to travel to different universes. We need to get more stars to power the observatory. So they headed out on another adventure. There are 6 worlds; the grand star from the first one is from Jr., Bowser, and Growser and so on. All the power ups from all the galaxies will be there and the vampire mushroom and the electric flower. Finally after defeating Growser, you will get a ‘Grand Master Star’. You can play as Luigi in P2 and Mario in P1 and orange Luma in P3. Oh! And at last the observatory and starship will merge unlocking secrets. One more thing. After defeating Growser, you’ll see the star mother.

  49. Start out with a bowser battle, than bowser is thrown in prison.Let their be a two player mode with luigi. Then the koopalings (like in NSMB) each have to be stopped with their own individual evil plots. Add new galaxies and bring back some old ones with new levels. Each dome could have a koopaling boss and one throwback galaxy like battlerock, freezeflame, gusty garden, toy time etc. After defeating all the koopalings bowser jr. frees bowser and you have to fight him after he kidnaps peach (again). Then Morton (Bowser’s dad) kidnaps luigi, peach, rosalina, and the toads and takes over bowser’s army of evil minions. You have to go through several more worlds playing as mario and bowser (instead of luigi) to beat the game.

  50. They should just make a game that is like super mario legend of the seven stars + Skyrim meaning a huge Mario World to explore and finish Quests!!!

  51. I have some ideas for new galaxy 3 game the koopa shell can be back in this game and galaxy 1 power ups and galaxy 2 power ups but in the galaxies will be maybe 4 stars this time a new power ups:BRUSH FLOWER mario can shoot paint balls at enemies to make them slip or cover them in paint making them easy to defeat he can also solve puzzles like making the right color combination for example and secoND POWER UP SPIKE MUSHROOM:mario becomes into a spike mario and he can throw spike balls and he can destroying any blocks and more and a retro power up can be ice flower and yoshi and his power ups i think is super mario galaxy 3 game must be from the wii again:D

  52. And if nintendo want to do new super mario bros 3 maybe on the new nintendo ds i have some ideas again the gam will be on the hd graphich like new super mario bros u and he can had amazing world like the prequel u game and power ups the bomb flower and he can give mario to make throw bombs to destroy manything like gold flower and drill mushroom mario he can drill down of the ground and drill to defeat enemies actually like the spinn drill and last ghost mushroom where will be come just in the ghost houses mario will be turns into the ghost mario and he can be walk on the walls and shoot ghostballs to easy defeat booes new enemies will be like mini boo or boo thwomp big bo thwomp or more so whadya think am i give you all ideas??????

  53. using the spirit of the flowers will be mario can walk through walls I thought to say no to apologize after the walls of a long sentence, I am really very confusing that sometimes write wrong but surely you all know what I mean: D

  54. new 3d mario game for the wii u could also once contained a mini mushroom, or maybe a koopa shell or ice flower or all?

  55. I think it would be cool if they made a mario game where mario is sitting at his house one day and a letter drops on his head and says please come out to the woods to meet me. And instead of finding peach once he gets there and finds bowser and tons of his minions surrond him but all of a sudden a portal opens up next to him and he is pulled in to a portal where it is 100 years into the future and all the marios from games have gathered with one purpose 5 years later in the mario from the beggining’s time bowser takes over mushroom kingdom and
    the marios from the past and future are all trying to win it back.

  56. mario and luigi dream team is a rpg game. If you think of the new mario rpg game wouldn’t be bad to do another one

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