Pachter Says The Wii U Is The Next Dreamcast

Famed Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has told GameTrailers that the Wii U won’t be anywhere near as popular as Nintendo believe it to be. Pachter refers to the Wii U as the next ill-fated Dreamcast, though he does confess that he won’t predict the console’s demise until he knows the pricing and features.

“The reason that you’re saying that it’s premature, I think you’re really trying to suggest that it’s not going to sell well.

“I think that if in fact it’s a lot like an Xbox 360 in terms of graphics, frame rate and control scheme, then it’s probably not going to sell well unless it’s priced a lot cheaper, and I don’t think they’re launching the console at $150.

“So, yeah I think they are about to Dreamcast themselves. I don’t think Wii U is going to be as popular as probably Nintendo thinks it’s going to be. Question is, what does Nintendo do next, and I don’t know the answer yet. Let’s see howWii U sells, and I’m not going to predict this demise until I know pricing and features. When I know more about it, I’ll offer a better opinion.”


    1. So he’s saying essentially that the Wii U will be a amazing system thats totally ahead of its competition with technology far more advanced than anything thats due to come out in the next generation
      cause thats what i remember the dreamcast being
      although it didnt sell well but this isnt Sega were talking about here

      this is Nintendo ya know that company that is responsible for gaming being a populer hobby these days
      that company that saved the entire gaming pastime
      that company that has more loyal supporters than any of the other Console manufactors

      lol that company that proved that a 200 pound Handheld with a terrible launch and poor game lineup for several months was not a failure but actually a huge success

      I love Patcher
      its always entertaining how he manages to look at Evidence and solid facts then completely dismiss them all and replace them with all those fantasy stories he has in his head

      1. You remind me of my friend

        … but you’re not a sony fanboy like him

      2. Agreed. One thing the Dreamcast didn’t have was the casual market. If Nintendo can effectively target the casuals while stealing gamers from Microsoft/Sony AND retaining the dedicated Nintendo fans, then they have won. They may need to employ more people or work even closer with 3rd-parties because that’s a mega-feat.

    2. The dreamcast was awesome but i think the main problem with the wii u is the controller. Im a sony guy but i would drop ps3 if sega came out with a new console

      1. Are you kidding me? the WiiU controller looks awsome. It provides so much more gameplay. Pachter is an idiot. everytime he predicts something he is always wrong.

      2. oh yeah i agree patcher is a huge idiot i never follow what he says, but the wii u controller is way to big and bulky. A game console is meant to have games, not be gimmicky and thats what the wii u controller is, just how playstation move and kinect were gimmicks, can you honestly see yourself playing metroid or zelda with that? yeah it provides a second screen that maybe displays your map or inventory but the way it worked before is perfect. also the fact that they aren’t going to be available to purchase, and just with the wii u, is useless. That just makes the wii u a have to buy console for games that you could have otherwise played on the wii

      3. Have you held the Wii U controller? All the people in videos that I’ve seen holding the controller prototype say it’s comfortable and light. Also, Iwata and Miyamoto can palm the device between their thumb and middle finger, and I doubt their hands are like NBA players. Honestly, I’m actually looking forward to seeing what developers will do with the Remote Plus on these HD games, which is my preferred method. And to address some who have said the Remote plus won’t be used, well, unless it’s a game that has no multiplayer whatsoever, that’s not going to happen. Games must support Remote Plus to have local multiplayer.

      4. ive never held the wii u controller, but the point is game consoles are made to play video games, and the controller must be able to be used for such. like for the wii, motion control should have been a feature of the console, not what is was based off of.

      5. this controller is 100% able to be used to play games. infact you can do more with this controller than with a normal controller. troll harder noob

      6. im not being a troll. its a serious opinion i have. compare gaming on the gamecube controller and gaming with the wii mote, i prefer the gamecube because it dosent feel gimmicky.

      7. i think all things u sed is right but i think u can use wii remote and hopefully classic controller pro/ gc controller but i don’t think that every games gona make the game support the wii remote or classic controller. i but i no games like sonic are going to be ruined like sonic and black knight and the secret rings cuz of the new controller even though u can use it like a normal pad sage will find a way

      8. I think Wii U will be sold with both the new controller and Remote Plus in the package; because it’s necessary that every consumer has one. This enables developers to create games that support the technology, and actually sell their games on the system. I know the peripheral controllers like CCP will still be able to be used, but I think most of the old Wiimotes will be relegate to just Wii games (without the attachment). Any decent new game that utilizes the Wii remote will definitely utilize the gyroscope, etc. of the Remote Plus. What excites me is the ability to use these different control methods; and overall, I think we’re in agreement.

      9. I dunno about you but I’ve always wanted to play my console games on an oversized iPad with buttons!

      10. The Wii U controller is much smaller than an Ipad and if your too good to try it then your not a gamer.I play every system a lot and if your too stuck up to try them then that’s your loss.I will be purchasing the next systems out.

    3. Did you even read the quote? Everyone knows that the DC had good games, he isn’t even trying to dispute that fact. You do know the Dreamcast failed **FINANCIALLY**, right? Largely because it was released “in between two generations”, interest in the console disappeared quickly because of the soon-to-be-released PS2.

      As much as I like Nintendo, I can’t help but worry they’re doing the exact same thing Sega did back then.

      1. But DC also didn’t have alot of BIG name games come out to combat the release of the PS2. I think that as long as Nintendo can keep a steady release of good games, and enough games that hardcore gamers will know, they will not dig themselves into the same hole that Sega did. Wii U needs to do exactly what the Wii did for the first 3 years when you could NEVER find one in stores. Not for the last 3 years, when games are barely released, software is rarely updated, hell, even the Wii SHop Channel was rarely added with new content.

      2. Just so you know, the only reason the DC really didnt do well was because people were way more hyped up for Sony’s next console. It literally stole its thunder. Hell the PS2 was the best selling console of all time until the DS. There isnt a console that people are going to hold out for, especially since the Sony won’t get the same amount of hype its gotten in the past and Microsoft has got negative rumour floating around so theres no worry

      3. Well, the WiiU won’t launch “in between two generations”. It’s a new generation console. It’s not like all 3 consoles have to launch the same day for the generation to start.

  1. my 2nd First comment on the same day, THIS IS AMAZING
    I heard patcher became part of the microsoft team,so i wont trust him (correct me if i made a mistake there)

      1. I’m not watching anyone’s back, you are the one who always looks at the the backs of gays, because you’re fucking gay, and deserve some cancer. Now you can suck your moms penis again.

      2. No, stop the lies, nobody believes them, and you’re only making the situation worse for yourself. Now go back to sucking your moms wrinkly ass.

  2. Seriously: who actually is this muppet? All he does is talk crap like an attention-seeking toddler jumping up and down in the corner shouting, “LOOK AT ME!”
    The Dreamcast is my third favourite ever console (behind N64 and 3DS) so I’ll be delighted if its like it. I wonder if he’ll be saying the PS4, Vita and next Xbox will fail?

    1. “Let’s see how Wii U sells, and I’m not going to predict this demise until I know pricing and features. When I know more about it, I’ll offer a better opinion.”

      Why then has he be banging on about it for the past year then? Muppet.

      1. Yes, but calling him a dickface is an insult to all the dickfaces, not even they want him

      2. Cause Microsoft probably paid him to say it

        this guy would defend a burning Xbox system even if it set his house on fire and killed his familly

        the guy is a complete tool and a total joke lol

        nobody takes him seriously
        specially gamers lol

    2. Who is this Muppet? I dunno for sure, I think the evidence suggest he’s Gonzo.

  3. The highest analyst prediction for Wii lifetime sales pre-launch was 18million units. It is close to passing 100million sold.

    Analysts are often wrong.

    1. What do analysts and Pachter have anything in common? Analysts look at facts objectivly, Pachter is simply barking like a dog.

  4. I do worry about this. It seems from what I have heard, that the Wii U will be the console that Nintendo should have released this Gen in terms of Power :(

      1. Lmao…. and the “tool he is” may lose his job for his biased predictions. He’ll probably attrct some angry investors that would regret not hopping on the Wii U bandwagon. Sorry, no sympathy for stupidity. Lmao.

  5. Dreamcast huh? So it will have a short life but have amazing games and loads of fans asking for more? I can dig it.

  6. Im serious with this question, who is this guy? I’ve never ever heard of him before reading this blog with his seemingly idiotic predictions. What does he base these predictions off of? Just his general opinion? Has he gathered research on the hype of the console and peoples thoughts on it? From what I’ve read it sounds like he’s some old man sat in a basement who comes out once every so often to announce to the world the epiphany he has had from within his basement and that all should heed his word.

    He sounds like a fucking moron. Why do people listen to his opinions? Why do websites make posts about it? (not you Sickr, more aimed at the site who first reported it) What has he done to make his word on the subject any more worthy than say mine, or the poster above me, or the tramp that lives on the bench in the park down town?


    1. He’s just a troll on the MS payroll

      he blatently slanders everything that isnt Xbox

      he rips on the Wii U controller yet praises Microsoft for thier attempt to copy it calling it a inovative and brilliant idea

      he’s simply a joke and nobody takes him seriously
      he gets his fame from being a douch and people taking a huge disliking to him

      whats good about him though is that he is always Wrong on a huge scale

      so when patcher says the Wii U will be a failure and will be the end of Nintendo

      its perfectly safe to assume the Wii U will be a Colossal success and will completely Dominate the market :)

      1. hahaha! Nice. So him making this statement is actually a good thing since he’s always wrong. :D

  7. Can I just ask; why do you think this is news?
    News is the stuff that few (better yet no one) knew about before hand, and actually has some sort of worth to the general masses. This is just some analyst who thinks that Nintendo will fail. This was news the first time he said it, and at this point is just you spamming us. Stop it. It’s old, we now his opinion, and there isn’t much to say at this point. Unless he changes his opinion on the system and Nintendo in general, I really see no point in continuing to post his thoughts.

    1. Took the words right out of my mouth. This dude is not news, he’s a joke and if I wanted to hear what he has to say I’d go to and watch his 5min of pointlessness. I come here to hear new news on the Wii U and Nintendo…..but mostly Wii U! Patcher is not worth posting “point blank period”.

      1. Except for those 1/100 times he actually points out Nintendo’s strengths…before dismissing Nintendo again in the next prediction.

  8. 360 cannot run unreal engine 3.9 or unreal engine 4 like wii does, and what ps3 and 360 perform, is nothing more than a 720p quality graphics.

    So what patcher says, stays with patcher..

    1. Not to mention, that xbox720 is NOT going to have dvd or blu ray attached!! But only ONLINE… Most of gamers buy consoles because they are not forced into online exclusively, 720 is going to fail, in a personal speculation, if does not come with a dvd or blu ray drive.

      1. Not to mention the massive target it wil become for hackers and other online nasties

        why pay for games when you can just hack into someone elses console and steal gamefiles

        lol does anyone really think that Microsoft have the skills and ability to keep people from doing such things?

        they have several generations of Operating systems that stand against them there XD

  9. I like what he has to say on Gametrailers, but I don’t know why he has been on this anti-WiiU binge lately. And I’m not going to bitch about the guy considering he makes probably more than three times the money I make! O__o

  10. Then why is he saying it’s the next Dreamcast if he doesn’t want to predict the demise until he knows pricing and features? He obviously isn’t thinking about how Sega two systems flop consecutively before Dreamcast. I think it was Sega CD and 32X or something like that. Nintendo’s only flop was the Virtual Boy (and maybe Gameboy Micro) and that was 17 years ago and they improved on that with the 3DS.

    1. Don’t forget the Saturn. After 2 failed add-ons, they announce a new console very shortly after the 32x launched and launched it at E3 w/o any prior warning.

      One great irony in Pachter’s statement is that Sega lost EA during the Dreamcast because the neglected them during the Saturn. They’re currently huge supporters of the Wii U.

  11. Does he always have to say something negative about the Wii-U. The Wii-U is going to be popular just like the Wii, watch.

  12. Why does Gametrailers waste their time giving this guy a show on their webpage just to spew hot air about why he thinks Nintendo sucks? Oh wait I forgot, it’s the same website that has the nerve to say Sonic Adventure 2 didn’t deserve the money it earned. Ignorant fucks….

  13. This is what I told him on GT.
    “Your comparing Nintendo fans to Ipad fans. Insulting to say the least When people see Super Mario Galaxy 3 in HD with a hundred goombas on the screen thayll shit bricks. When they see 8 player smash bros online thayll shit bricks. There is no next Gen. Like I said if games were more powerful than what the WII U it would take too long to develop. Why are animated movies all cartoony? Because it would take too long to animate realistic graphics without looking stupid and robotic it’ll take forever. So unless the only games on XBOX720 are 30 minute Viva Pinata games than there’s no way it’ll be much more powerful than WII U. ”
    “If games were any more powerful they would take too long to make. Look at animated movies. Can you imagine how long it would take to make a game with those graphics? Anything more powerful than a WII U would be overkill. You don’t want short games with good graphics you want long games with deep gameplay right? 360 was premature. Nintendo purposefully made WII a weak system because they knew this would happen and Microsoft did not. Hell even Sony knew thats why they made their system with a 10 year life cycle in mind. WII U is going to be the most powerful system and will make the 360 look like a piece of crap. Microsoft hasn’t announced a next system yet because they don’t have one yet. And a touch screen tablet is the best way to browse the internet on TV and make phone calls on Tv and thats what people are wanting to do and thats what the WII U will provide. A touchscreen tablet works like a mouse/remote for the TV. Also Nintendo has the best software lineup. Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart, Smash Bros plus all the 3rd party stuff that PS3 and 360 have except with better graphics and touchscreen gameplay.”
    “Having more polygons won’t make a game look better that just means more work needs to be done to make it look good like lighting and other stuff sorry I’m not a pro but i think making a game with movie like graphics would be a humongous project that would take years unless the game was really short. I go back and play N64 and Gamecube and the graphics still hold up today and im impressed not because of the polygons but because the time and effort that was taken to make it look right. Then you look at some of the new 360 games and they look messy and confusing and the animation looks unnatural and robotic. Why do you think animated movies are all cartoony, because making it realistic would take waaay too long to animate. ”

    I think I embarrassed him in front of his friends and family. I proved him wrong and he looks like and idiot which he is. Go back to filing income taxes and stay out of games.

  14. “When I know more about it, I’ll offer a better opinion.” Its not like your opinions can get any better, Mr. Pachtroll.

  15. If the Wii U is the next Dreamcast… The Dreamcast was fucking awesome… Therefore, the Wii U will be “fucking awesome”

    1. Your comment reminded me, homebrew games for the Dreamcast went on well after the system was discontinued. Pachter forgets this, but then again homebrew never really meant anything to investors who are, quite frankly, the last people in the world who you’d want to ask about the video game industry. They’re looking for instant, conclusive results, and that’s not a realistic approach to take.

  16. Seriously? What does Patcher know? All of his previous predictions have been wrong and you fuel him by posting the utter diarrhea waterfall that descends from his mouth. Cleanup on aisle 4

  17. I think that the biggest think pachter forgets is that this in nintendo. Nintendo has an enormous install base that sega never had. Wii sold ~100million units. 3DS is on pace to obliterate the original ds sales with 4.5 million sold already. (At least that’s what ign told me) Fanboys and closeted fanboys (like myself but, I guess that means I’m a fanboy now) will buy this system in a heartbeat. There are enough people, I believe that will buy this system without blinking. There are those who want functionality with their wii equipment and with their shiny new 3DS. It may not be the blockbuster that wii was because motion control have been around a while but, zelda and mario have a big enough fanbase (ahem universal fanbase anyone?) That if nintendo has learned from the 3DS launch, as they said they have, then they will drop these titles on launch and they will move consoles. There’s also the fact that nintendo will be within the graphical spectrum of the other two. Sony is putting out a console for at the very least 3 years now and wiiu will most likely surpass ps3. Yes, xbox720 will surpass it by somewhere around 20% but, big deal? One console has to have the best graphics, that doesn’t mean it’ll sell the best. Look at last gen: gamecube’s power wasa superior to ps2 but no one gave a fuck. In fact most of my idiot friends tried to tell me ps2 did because they had more realistic looking games. The point is, people who put grpahics as #1 criteria make up a small portion of the market. Nintendo is offering a hardcore system with casual perks that will sell. And if it doesn’t, I’m going to own a limited edition treasure.

    1. Dude u rock. Wii U will be awesome and cause of that I will let you in on a secret that nintendo news knows nothing about. I can’t post it here cause everyone would know and I would like to keep it a surprise till nintendo mentions it. Lets just say nintendo has a new game that will blow kingdom hearts out of this world. I don’t want to spoil anything so I will just say that you should prepare for it. :)

      1. i am planning on pre ordering my Wii U. and patcher doesn’t realize its Nintendo they always know what they r doing. i am excited for Wii U

    2. You hit the nail on the head. Also, Pachter didn’t look at the past – he was wrong about Wii, he was wrong about the Wii HD coming out, and he’ll be wrong about the Wii U.

      One problem though; all the points you brought up were buried in a badly-laid-out wall of text. Hit the enter key once in a while.

  18. Oh and now I´m like “I just troll almost over for a year sayidg baad things about Wii U”, now I need an excuse to change the minds about me…..oh I got it, I just need to say I really don’t know the preice and the features to look like I was saying all that stuff for that reason. I’m a genious DERP.

  19. Michael Pachter…

    the one who predict the death of Nintendo Wii, the NDS breakdown, and the one who said N3DS will be a “failure”

    well Nintendo Wii has sold 91.5 millions (and still selling)

    Nintendo DS has sold more than 151 millions (and still selling)

    and N3DS (the failure), has sold 16.5 millions (more than the NDS in the same period of time) and is the number one console week after week worldwide.

    I’m so tired of this fucking idiot guy (Michael Pachter) everytime that he say something, is just for bashing Nintendo in any way he can… but the funny thing is that he’s ALWAYS wrong.

  20. I have a question. Why is it that this guy named Pachter is the only person I have heard talk bad bout wii u that is supposed to be known as famous (I have a dad who knows a lot about technology and he has never heard of this person). This guy ain’t a big deal. Also nintendo and people who attended at E3 have said that the graphics are stronger than X-box 360. Next time you post something remember to do your homework first. For all we know Patched is a 7 year old who knows what a dreamcast is and does not know of E3.

  21. i know i know why he hates so much nintendo i think that when he was little he saw his mother uSing his snes as a dildo and then he started hating it but, when he became a teenager he went to a friend’s house and a raper enters he’s friend’s house so his friend had a nintendo 64 and the raper didn’t want to rape him in the ass so he used the nintendo 64 as a dildo then he started hating nintendo because they were his young sex toys

  22. Before this answer, he said that Nintendo would go third party because of the Wii U being another Dreamcast. Stupidity just keeps leaking out of his ass.

    Sega went third party because of a number of failed products before the Dreamcast and because of terrible management of their company. The gamecube, which is considered a failed, made a lot of profits for Nintendo. The N64 could not beat the PS1, and the Virtual Boy failed hard. These are spread out events, but they’re still around. The Wii and DS has generated a mingboggling amount of income to them not just in hardware but in games, accessories, game licenses, etc. And since they don’t have to leverage their earnings the way MS and Sony do with their other divisions, I would say the Wii alone brought in more profits than the PS2 did for Sony.

    Another smart thing to do was wait out the HD war. MS and Sony had to spend a lot of money building and adapting their systems for online, DLC, ect., through trial-and-error. Nintendo can just analyze what works and what doesn’t for their new system. They can go straight for the kill, and there have been more competitors like Onlive, so they can try something like that at some point. Remember, Nintendo had a fully connected system in the NES days with the Satellaview.

    Don’t be surprised if Nintendo blows your mind to pieces at E3 with what they offer, and it’ll be that much more exciting since they do an excellent job at keeping their surprises close to their chests.

      1. I’ve noticed that on multiple sites honoriing the N64, but my point was that the N64 could not beat the PS1 financially, yet Nintendo still lives as a hardware manufacturer. For a game-only company, that is a milestone to have survived against so many competitors since they started a long time ago. That was what I was getting at.

  23. For fuck’s sake.

    Just… stop covering Pachter. The guy is infuriating, inaccurate, and IRRELEVANT.

    Every time I see more news reports on Pachter from you guys I am tempted to stop reading your news.

    Please. STOP.

  24. Patcher… no one want your oppinion, i think u suck because u always put xbox 360 first, but nintendo’s products don’t have comparission… kinect and ps move have the idea of “moving while playing”, but what was first? Wii!!! those guys only copy Nintendo’s ideas, but more sofisticated… Patcher, i wish u could read this… “i’m wondering how many money Microsoft pays you to give this fucking and wrong oppinion about wii U?” lucky for you, and wait for the Wii U, i think u will be the first one to buy it…

  25. Wow just because the dreamcast has a controller on the screen it does not mean Wii U is a Dreamcast rip-off.

    I’ve seen many game controllers with screens on controllers. For your enjoyment watch this funny Wii U controller unboxing.

    1. He meant it in that Dreamcast was considered by many as a bridge system between generations, just like a lot of observers are calling the Wii U a bridge system without any real information. It’s assumed that the Wii U will be outdone by the “Nextbox” and PS4 when they launch like how the hype of the PS2 killed the Dreamcast (along with bad decisions on Sega’s part), but it’s looking more likely that both those companies will avoid a big power leap this next gen and focus on infrastructure (system/means of control/online/etc.).

      Of course, both calling it a “ripoff” or comparing Wii U to its power position are faulty at this point.

  26. What a load of nonsense. Wii U WILL sell well,because it’s done by one of the best games company’s in the world. Plus,Nintendo are very popular. And then there’s Mario,who’ll probably feature in some kind of WII U game.

  27. He’s not gonna predict the demise until later though he already has in the paragraph before lol. He’s a dumbass

  28. … dreamcast didn’t have mario… or great financial backing… why am I even replying?… Pachter is just trolling again… it must be making his company money or something…

      1. No i take that back everybody on mynintendonews is metally challenged and has a nintendo dick up there ass

  29. With all the AAA titles that are going to released around or barely after launch there’s no way the Wii u will face an early demise. With Xbox Durango possibly going totally digital xbox is going to flarline before it even appears at e3. People aren’t ready for total dlc… No used games their greed it’s all going to be Nintendo…

  30. Patcher is shitting on Nintendo again. It must be a day ending with “day”.I have a selfish request, does Pacther have a twitter account or facebook page? I want all of the people who read this to find it and send him a simple message. Here it is:

    “Leave luck to heaven”.

  31. Alright, so am I going to believe a proffesional in the industry who says he’d be shocked if wii doesn’t do well (the dude from epic in a newer article) or a guy who’s opinion nobody gives SH*T about and says wii u will bomb? Gee, that’s a real head scratcher. I gotta think about this one for a little while. (sarcasm)

  32. There is a special place in Hell for Michael Pachter. I seriously want to take a Wii U controller and smash it over his head and then strangle him with the Wii remote’s nunchuk.

  33. And there is again that fucking idiot!! Really… who care those stupid words that come from his mouth?? Pachter was, is and is going to be a Forever Alone.

  34. So Pachter thinks that the Wii U will be an awesome system and fail?

    Pacther just failed with his logic. Dreamcast is an awesome system, so he is saying that, even though that Wii U is Nintendo’s last console, it will be awesome?

  35. Who is this guy? He just seems to be a Sony propagandist. I’m not knocking Sony. The have some good stuff going on, but how does this guy know how anything will turn out when he admits he does not know what the cost and the capabilities of the machine are?

    1. Actually I think he is paid by Microsoft. However, he is an idiot, none the less, as he does not seem to pay attention to any of the sales data.

  36. pachter gain more popularity when he said something bad about nintendo
    he actually knows nintendo is better, pachter please don’t buy your kids a wii u

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