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Pokemon Black And White 2 Has New Story And Features

The forthcoming Pokemon Black & White 2 for the Nintendo DSi will have a brand new storyline, and will come will all new features according to the latest edition of Japanese publication CoroCoro. Sadly there’s very little details regarding the game, but you’ll be pleased to know that it’s definitely coming to North America and Europe this year.

56 thoughts on “Pokemon Black And White 2 Has New Story And Features”

  1. Wow. I bought Platinum in January and haven’t even started on it. Maybe I should do that, and get B&W 1 before 2 comes out.

  2. I think the thing about a direct sequel with no new pokémon is that we’d wanna use the ones we got on Pokemon Black/White. That being said, I hope they have some way of transferring a save or pokémon that doesn’t require the GTS.

      1. Tell me about it! I haven’t transferred that many Pokemon over to the current gen because of it… Why can’t we have a simple transfer UI and a flashy cut-scene that takes ten seconds? :<

  3. also ive heard a good new and it was true.the ps move is a big failure.I think god triforce jas granted my first wish :)

    1. More Instaled Based… just like Gold And Silver can be Perfectly be played in Game Boy and Game Boy Color but Cristal is Color Only(the Code of the game), doing only for the 3DS will alienated the DS fans and the 3DS is more like a GBC than a sucessor like GBA(until the new Redesing with second Circle Pad, better battery life and clocked to the limit).

      Thus maybe we going have a Gray one who follow both history at the same time if this one is a sucess

    2. You’re so right! According to this site, the 3DS is doing pretty well in Japan, so what was the problem with making these games for it?

      1. they will make a completely new gameplay for 3ds. it would probably be grey since the sequel is on the same console. Saw a screenshot of how it would be on 3ds but it might be fake

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  5. I would of payed good money for this on the 3ds. But as it is for regular ds I can download it illegally and play it using r4 card.

  6. I Am The Yeti. You Are Scum

    Still dissapointed it won’t be a 3DS title as well but I’m not gonna hate. Sold Pokemon Black after I beat it and was thinking bout buying it back. Maybe I’ll get this instead…

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  8. Black and white 2 sounds wierd. They should have named it gray/ grey. (Because black and white make gray, duh)


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  12. I hope there is new pokemon or at least some new pokemon. looker really got me mad because i went on a wild goose chase for the seven sages and what do i get NOTHING!!!.

  13. whats the point fusing two legendary pokemon together whats the fun in that, its like capturing two pokemon in one pokeball. I mean all proper fans would agree that they have never done it before so they shouldnt start now.

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