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Sega Is Pulling Sonic Titles From The Wii Virtual Console In Japan

Japanese publication Inside Games is reporting that several Sonic titles are being pulled from the Japanese Wii Virtual Console. The games that are being withdrawn from the service include Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic & Knuckles as well as the Master System version of Sonic the Hedgehog. All these games will be removed from the Japanese Virtual Console this month. Clearly this is rather worrying.

33 thoughts on “Sega Is Pulling Sonic Titles From The Wii Virtual Console In Japan”


      There, your typical sega fanboy.

  1. By “several Sonic titles are being pulled from the Japanese Wii Virtual Console,” I hope that means that infidel children are being murdered by not accepting Allah….and My Little Pony.

  2. Still on psn so I don’t think that sega is making its own console….

    But yea that is worrying indeed…. Wounder wtf is going on at sega now…..

      1. Yea, I got accounts for all regions.

        Know an account glitch on the vita so I got a hybrid account for all regions.

        That and there is region exclusive goodies on the ps3 end of things.

      1. Then you must be blind.

        SEGA is clearly removing their games on the Wii, to put on the eShop for the Wii U. Why keep your games on an old Wii Shop, when people will be buying them on the PS3 / 360 / Wii U. Although, it is a slap in the face to Wii Users who can’t afford any of those consoles.

        1. Just because 1 company is pulling games doesn’t indicate it’s dead or dying. TMNT was pulled for licensing, I’m sure there’s a reason behind the Sonic games being pulled. Perhaps they will be updated with new features? Maybe it will be a new Wiiware game that has all of them bundled together? Maybe a new Wii disc with all of them on there? We don’t know the entire story, so dying/dead is a very quick conclusion that is most likely false.

          1. Could simply be they are adding them to 3DS Shop or planning on relesing a sonic collection for 3DS or something

            who knows
            im sure we’ll get a reason soon enough though

        2. No he isn’t blind. What you said doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. It doesn’t cost them anything to keep their games on the Wii Shop, they can easily have it on their and on the Wii U and other systems without a hassle, so that’s not a valid reason for them to remove their games. All it would do is get rid of the sales from people using Wiis, there’s no tactical advantage in the sense you’re talking about

          1. That’s exactly why someone else posted the idea that it might be a collection of some kind. And by the way keeping the software in the Wii Shop does indeed cost them something. You have licensing fees that Sega pays Nintendo for, in order to sell their software on their system. As well as a percentage that goes to Nintendo for selling their software. Maybe they are not making as much money as they’re paying Nintendo, since everyone that wanted to buy those games has either already bought it, or decided not to since the Wii is in its last legs.. or actually better put it’s already dragging itself across our floors.
            Sega will continue to support all consoles because.. not trying to hate, but its the best analogy I got.. they’re like the slut of the video game industry recently, all of their games except a few rejects have been multi-platform, they will never miss out on making money with their software on any console that comes this way. P.S. I love Sega, just not since they stopped being part of the console wars and are not even trying to get back. Hopefully they surprise us soon with all the money they’ve made as professional prostitutes… xD

  3. Either they’re being removed to pop up on the WiiU close to launch or it’s also possible they’re looking at a Sonic Compilation for WiiU and don’t want it cheapened by individual games still being available on the Virtual Console

  4. as if that’s going to stop people from playing those games. you can easily softmod your wii and download any vc/ww title out there.

  5. Why are we keep getting games off the VC first TMNT then some other games ( can’s remember there name) and now sonic WTF is going on?

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