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GameTrailers Promise “A Blowout Of Rather Large Proportions” Next Week

The next episode of GameTrailers will feature a ‘blowout of rather large proportions’ according to the blurb for the forthcoming episode which airs March 22nd. The show will have an exclusive trailer for Warren Spector’s next game, which is presumably Epic Mickey 2 for Wii and Wii U. Here’s what the site has to say about the next episode:

“GTTV will have the world exclusive reveal trailer and first gameplay anywhere of Warren Spector’s next yet-to-be-announced game. It’s going to be …notably significant.”

10 thoughts on “GameTrailers Promise “A Blowout Of Rather Large Proportions” Next Week”

  1. wow when i was searching on youtube for wiiu i have seen too many trollers for wiiu and they say the wiiu will fail because the ps4 will ripe it off or ps4 and 720 will be the best consoles.exuse me what about the wiiu!? the ps4 and 720 arent the only consoles here if y know!

    1. Sit down, Real peteriuss. I opine that PS4 won’t be around for a while and the nex(t)-box won’t be called 720. Sure, E3 2013 may have a M$ contender but in the minds of true gamers (i.e. working males over 30 with cash to spare) will either realise the awesomeness that N has the potential to provide or purchase purchase a PS”4″ that would take alot to improve on it’s current model. The problem with entertainment is the fine line between cost and value. (Sorry for rambling but comments of earlier post are more likely to be read and I’d rather be associated with the real Peteriuss than the other trollbabies.) POINT: xBox is for gaming noobs. PS is premium mainstream general entertainment and the almighty N is for games. When I first got a Wii I understood that Nintendo is about Games, nothing else. I’ve known that all along but the Sonys and Microsofts of this world are what action movies and rom-coms are to the movie industry. Games are an art form. Nintendo makes art. Entertainment and art are separate things. I’m gonna stop typing now.

  2. This game will be, “epic” :) I hope there’s more stuff from Disney World in this game, me being in Florida and all lol.

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