There appears to be a problem with commenting on the blog. If you try to comment anonymously – which you can do by not entering an email address, or a user name, you will be greeted with the following error message:

‘That email address is associated with an existing wordpress account, please log in to use it’

I am working on getting this resolved as quickly as possible. Please bear with me while I try to get it sorted. Posting a comment on My Nintendo News now only works if you enter a username and email address. If your email address isn’t working when commenting, then feel free to make one up and it should work.





    • im sorry for my dimension twin causing trouble on the blog, still why does he hate a company and go were 90% people like the company, it does not make scenes.


  1. I was wondering why the traffic seemed slow today. Hopefully it will be fixed soon so we can get back to having half a page of people insulting someone who said “first”.

    Leave luck to heaven.


  2. Hey thanks for the link up there. This unwelcome change from wordpress appears to have been implemented to keep gravatar/wordpress email addys from being “borrowed” for nefarious reasons, and now requires anyone who attempts to post a comment using an email addy that is registered on gravatar/wordpress to log in to WP before the comment can be posted.

    In their apparent ineptitude, however, the error that is displayed doesn’t direct the user to a log in page, or offer further instructions of any kind. So, most gravatar users are going to assume that they don’t have a account (which they actually do, since the two are pretty much interchangeable), and probably assume that they’re banned from the site or required to register a fresh account in order to proceed (both of which aren’t attractive, of course, and the latter would lead to even more confusion once the user decides to register with the same email that they were attempting to use in the first place). In the end, many commenters are simply going to shrug their shoulders and move on.

    What’s worse, I’m guessing that most of the hundreds of thousands of bloggers out there aren’t yet aware of the problem, as the change wasn’t exactly announced and most aren’t going to be contacted by the average visitor. In other words, they’re losing comments from legit folks and don’t even realize it.

    Even if it was properly executed (which it isn’t even close), t’s a boneheaded sledgehammer solution to a fly-sized problem. Hopefully they realize their mistake and switch it back…soon.


        • yes it’s incredibly stupid, IMO. It (the change) does nothing to stop smam. In fact, it appears to encourage folks to use phony emails (like so), thereby increasing the likelihood that legit commenters get caught in the spam filter.

          The only problem that this addresses (that I can think of) is those trolls out there who are using someone else’s email addy in the comment form, in an attempt to impersonate or otherwise borrow their gravatar. But that thinking is flawed, since anyone can still simply steal an image and apply it to their own gravatar account, if they really wanted to impersonate another netizen.

          So we’re left to assume that log ins are now going to be required for the purposes of tracking or something?

          Kind of a head-scratcher….


    • I saw your post and a tweet you did with the link. Your solution (even if I don’t admin any site right now) seems to be plausible for the moment. You’ve done right posting in the official forums where one should see first so surely many people will be able to see it. Thanks for the explanation ;)


  3. sickr, if we are having that issue we cant post about it.
    i dont even know if this will work as my normal email for this is having that error. its been going on since early yesterday my time.


    • It’s a real pain in the ass. I’ve contacted support and it’s happening to all sites that are hosted by WordPress. I really hope they get their stuff together. Sorry about this.


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