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There Are Over 700 People Working On Epic Mickey 2

Epic Mickey producer Warren Spector has revealed to Games Industry that he has a team of over 700 people working on Epic Mickey 2. That’s more people working on the game than Capcom have working on Resident Evil 6, or Activision have working on the Call of Duty franchise. Sounds as though Disney is determined to make this one a huge success.

32 thoughts on “There Are Over 700 People Working On Epic Mickey 2”

      1. OR he has hundreds of characters in the game WITH voice acting so he included them as working on the game as well.

    1. What’s with people saying “Leave luck to heaven” on this site recently? Luck doesn’t design good video games, talented devs design good video game. No amount of luck will result in a masterpiece being made.

  1. Oh dear, considering the first one was pretty rubbish and in my eyes a fail I wonder what this one will be like.

    The first one just felt so boring and I couldn’t bare to complete it due to how boring it was.

  2. 700 people doesn’t always bring good news, concept and ideas passed from person to person will bring unfinished ideas to the game. the bigest probable reason for that many people is voice and music. Artists, story tellers, designers, and programmers with that many people will undoubtedly leave the game with a lot of gaps.

    1. Just like with Duke Nukem… Everyone was expecting massive because it was developed for about 13 years or something like that and kept changing developers.

  3. Like Gabriev said, development would have to be well co-ordinated.

    I do hope this succeeds though. Mickey Mouse and the various animated programmes and movies they’ve released over most of the 20th century and super-early 21st century should be what people immediately think of when someone says Disney – not all this tweenage soap-opera crap they’ve been putting out recently.

    1. The tweenage soap-opera crap is just Disney Channel (thank god). The movies are still good (John Carter was AWESOME). When I think Disney I think of the theme parks, I live about 3 hours from Disney World :)

  4. I really hope it’s for Wii U, and I really hope it’s like the concept art from Epic Mickey 1, that concept art was EPIC and you could do so much with a dark and twisted Disney game.

  5. wouldn’t they only need 2 people to make a call of duty game nowadays? i mean they just take the same game and change the textures…. shouldn’t be too hard

    1. Not just that.

      They need to make new Models, make the script, Localizing, voice actors, sound directors, programmers and more… lots just for a sequel.

      It’s not simply just change textures.

      1. with call of duty they dont change the models, script, programming or sound. they pretty much just do voice acting and animate the cut scenes and then everybody eats it up

  6. I don’t care what anyone says, I liked the first game :) :) It was pretty amazing to me :) Can’t wait for the second!

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