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GAME Declines Rescue Plan

A rescue deal that was put forward by private equity firm OpCapita appears to have been shunned by GAME, who are once again on the verge of collapsing. It’s not entirely apparent why GAME declined the offer, which would have offered them a lifeline. There’s still a tiny bit of hope for the company as Walmart and GameStop have yet to put in an offer.

54 thoughts on “GAME Declines Rescue Plan”

    1. Go back to the kitchen chef and bring me back a sandwich.
      btw, Roy is a really weird name for a woman.

      1. Hey Gamestation is owned by GAME and GAME owning gamestation is getting confusing.

        GAME is a company that owns GAME and Gamestation.

        And I don’t just play CoD. I own Most of Metroid, Starfox and F-zero GX a Warioware, Just Cause 2, Played Mario Sunshine, Got bloody roar and Spore, and lots more. I’m not saying every game i have.

        Also I know the background of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.

        Nintendo was founded back in 1889.

        Stop saying I know nothing when I play lots of games.

        1. Wait… how come Nintendo (according to you) was founded on the 89… but Mario and/or Zelda came out on the 86??? you just proved yourself STOOOPIDER….. and that is not a joke…C’mon man… seriously????

          1. Seriously? Zelda’s 125th Anniversary just happened? Numbers confuse you? You seem to think Nintendo started when Mario did. C’mon man… seriously????

          2. What the?

            NINTENDO STARTED AT 1889 NOT 1989… notace the 89 and 99?

            Nintendo started in 1889 making card games and made their first console in 1981 called the game and watch.

            I know the 8 is so similer to the 9… Find out online about Nintendo’s origins.

      2. Sorry there, I was ment to say Gamestation not gamestop. I don’t know why i was thinking that for a second.



      3. You could be alot nicer to someone who obviously made an accidental error.

        No wonder they say gamers are pathetic loners without relationships. People like you present that misconception as fact.

    1. WTF! I was ment to say Gamestation!

      I hate the way there are 2 retails which are named so similer.

      Sorry everyone for that.

      1. Oh and I made a mistake with gamestation and gamestop mixed up also.

        I relised that Gamestop could buy GAME. I know gamestation is owned by GAME.

        Sorry for the confusion… its just gamestation and gamestop are very similer names.

  1. the people who run the company are dumbasses why didnt they accept the offer unless their was a condition

        1. I know.

          I don’t know why people do that.

          It wastes comment space also.

          People get very annoyed if someone says first.

          1. The only people who are annoyed by someone saying first are the people who wanted first in he first place…

        2. They do it because they are 12 years old. Once they hit maturity they’ll look back and realise what we all know and think “gosh that was fucking dumb of me to do… wish I never did it.”

          1. nah.

            I bet their 18 years old but still havn’t hit maturity… Like everyone keeps saying with Justin Bieber. ;)

  2. It makes sense they would refuse it. From what was said about the offer from OpCapita. They’d force a fair few lay-offs for workers, and the chances are they’d do some kind of merge with Comet. Now, that’s not exactly in the best interests of the high street Gaming market for the UK, by any means. If they took over, the chances are, we’d no longer see a dedicated gaming store in and around towns/cities again. Gamestop, if and when they make an offer, will be by and far, the best option available for us.

      1. Dude. In the Charleston WV Town Center Mall, there’s a GameStop on each floor. They can afford to keep stores open.

  3. Its ridiculous that a company barely out of the red are buying a company bout to go into the red, i do hope Walmart takes a stab at it, they may not be the best but at least they have deep pockets!!!

    1. Wow.

      I have a Jet Black Gamecube… used to have purple but sent it away and bought another one.

      Never knew they made a orange one.

      1. And I’m keeping my gamecube but selling my Wii when the Wii U comes out… Gamecube was classic ;)

  4. If the execs can’t be bothered to save themselves, I can’t be bothered to lawfully purchase goods from their stores, and hand cash over, so who’s up for some lazy exec inspired thievery?

  5. Do walmarts in the UK not sell games (Asda or w/e its called) seems weird for a games retailer like walmart simply buy another.

  6. i think the reason GAME turned down the offer was because they wanted th buy the 7p chares for 12p a share and they would own the majority of them so they could resturcture the company the way they want and of course all the top dogs of the company want to stay in power so they wont suite them…

  7. Who cares really

    Most people get thier games from online retailers anyway
    easier, Cheaper and they get delivered to your door

    if retailers go down i woudlnt complain but if games become dependant on digital distribution then i’ll be the first to stand up and shout go to hell lol

      1. Yes. Most game store employees are uptight douches in my experience. I would probably be one to if I worked there. Who gives a shit. “How will I ever find another job in customer service?”

  8. Well, it looks like they’re doomed. It’ll be kind of depressing to lose GAME as a brand, but if they don’t even want to save themselves, I guess they don’t belong in the industry.

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