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Nintendo Releases Stunning New Fire Emblem 3DS Trailer

Nintendo of Japan has uploaded a new trailer for the highly anticipated Fire Emblem Awakening for the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo Europe has already confirmed that the game is coming to the West this year, though they haven’t specified exactly when we will see it. Fire Emblem: Awakening is due for release on April 19th in Japan.

36 thoughts on “Nintendo Releases Stunning New Fire Emblem 3DS Trailer”

        1. then you dont like Zelda Wind Waker or Skyward Sword then. Plus this is only a cutscene not actual graphic of the game.

          1. No no no… I was talking about it being in a FIRE EMBLEM game. It struck me as weird. But yes, I love WW and SS. And now I understand that yes, this is only a cutscene.

    1. Its because fire emblem has been a strategy game series. Most people know what kind of gameplay will be in it. Unless nintendo decides to change it which I truly doubt.

    2. There’s been TONS of in-game footage already. They’ve released, what? 8 trailers worth of footage of gameplay already?

      In fact, this trailer is VERY necessary, as Fire Emblem traditionally doesn’t have any cutscenes that look anything like this. This shows that, not only is the story more fleshed out, but it’s more unique and has a totally new way or presenting it.

      1. Well put. At least they initially released more in game features, as opposed to most non-Nintendo games now that just show cut-scenes (often not even in the game).

    1. 50+ of people fighting and people trolling etc. I don’t see how that means the blog is dying. A lot of people comment on the FB and twitter pages also. It also depends on what news there is I guess also.

    2. It depends on how hot the topic is. Usually, you see loads of comments when the article pertains to Nintendo and a company that rivals Nintendo. And boy can Michael Pachter get someone talkin’.

      1. ??? I don’t hate the blog, I visit various times a day. That’s y I realized the comments have dropped tremendously.

    1. Search the net, you’ll find some in-game details. Of course, it’s a but harder to figure out what a portable game will like from a computer video. Especially with 3D

  1. “Nintendo Europe has already confirmed that the game is coming to the West this year”

    Did everyone miss this part?

  2. I think I just drooled enough over this game to serve liquid to every thirsty person on the continent of Africa. This game can’t come soon enough.

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