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Nintendo 3DS Gets 3D Music Videos From Top Artists Including Skrillex And Death Cab For Cutie

Nintendo of America has announced via a press release that it’s teaming up with some of today’s hottest musical artists to bring a flurry of 3D music video premieres to users of the Nintendo Video service for Nintendo 3DS. Starting today, Nintendo 3DS owners who have downloaded the free Nintendo Video application will begin receiving a series of premium 3D music videos automatically when connected to the Internet.

The impressive lineup includes top acts from a variety of musical genres, and features the stunning 3D video for The Shins’ “The Rifle’s Spiral” track. Directed by Emmy winner Jamie Caliri, the video is from the band’s new album, titled Port of Morrow, which is in stores now. “Sabotage” from Wale and “So Good” from B.o.B will be available on Nintendo Video today. Additional 3D music videos set to premiere soon on Nintendo Video include:

  • OK Go, “Skyscrapers”
  • Skrillex, “Breakn’ a Sweat”
  • Death Cab for Cutie, “Underneath The Sycamore”
  • I Fight Dragons, “Save World Get Girl”


      1. I love that quote in the song with the new generation of music.

        Because it’s not even true. If EVERYONE will suddenly do this, I’m scared.

        We need more rock before we hit rock bottom!

      1. lol death cab for cutie is one of the weirdest band names i heard so far!


  2. why cant they just bring youtube instead of bringing shit like nintendo video and lame videos

    1. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT WHEN I READ THE TITLE!! make a utube app and i will love u nintendo.

    1. That’s stupid. That’s like saying Bob Marley > Metallica. You’re comparing Beatles to Electronic? haha

  3. argh, no more one direction videos!
    Its lame enough as it is, cant imagine what would happen if they actually sang :s

  4. I don’t even KNOW any of these bands. Put on something everyone knows

      1. I never even heard of that genre >_< sorry but I think ill stick to my Metal and hard rock from bands in the 60's , 70's and 80's lol .

    1. So, what, you see Skrillex and assume that all the bands are dubstep? The Shins are not dubstep. Death Cab is not dubstep. Ok Go is not dubstep. And I Fight Dragons is most certainly not dubstep. IFD is good stuff! The best chiptune rock you’ll hear, and they play all the chiptunes on stage using game controllers that the band has reprogrammed into instruments.

  5. I wish lady gaga would be in my 3ds. Or the gorillaz. Skrillex is cool though. Also still having gravatar issues, any tips?

    1. Go to either gravatar.com or wordpress.com then log-out and log-in again using your username and password. Seems to work for most people.

  6. This is probably the first and last time I read “Skrillex” and “Top artist” in the same sentence… Well well :) Free is free XD

  7. Hate? Nah I just know by listening to 2seconds of their music that they are shit. Dub step is truly shit anyways. No wonder the videos are free :’)

    Anyone up for Free Shit?

    Should put some Gorillaz or Beatles or Blur on that’s where the greatest music is.

    1. I Fight Dragons are not Dubstep, and everyone should really give them a try instead of just assuming it’s “shit” because they’re mentioned with Skrillex.
      I Fight Dragons is Chiptune and they totaly rock!

  8. Dubstep is awful. It’s possibly the worst electronic genre ever. Music videos on the 3DS are a ‘meh’ for me anyway, a lot of the music I listen to rarely ever have a music video.

  9. Ok, here’s my reactions:

    Skrillex: FUCK YES!
    Ok Go: FUCK YES TIMES 2!

    (I do like ok go, but i want to hear some skrillex.)

  10. @michael: What you just said is absolute bullshit. All bands are not shit. Only very few. and I mean VERY FEW! (that includes justin beiber) I loved the bands CRYOSHELL, Skillet, and even Nickelback and All Insane Kids(who did 2 songs for Bionicle). so michael, answer this; if there was no music left in the world, what the fuck would you do?

  11. (CRYOSHELL, Nickelback, and All Insane Kids are not dubstep, in case you think they suck balls. Skillet is not dubstep either. They make the extra (dubstep) sounds with their own music instuments.)

    So michael, you can suck it.

  12. Can you update it to after Dec 31, 2012? I saw a song on N-Video that I cannot seem to find on the internet, so if you could update the list of music videos to ever land on 3DS that would be great :)

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