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Here’s The First Shot Of Epic Mickey 2 In Action

Disney finally announced to the world that it’s working on Epic Mickey: The Power of Two for Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. We’ve got to wait till tomorrows episode of GTTV to see footage of the musical game in action, but for now the GTTV team have tided us over with this off-screen shot of Epic Mickey 2 in all its glory.

34 thoughts on “Here’s The First Shot Of Epic Mickey 2 In Action”

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  2. The scenery reminds me of Aladdin……… still bummed it’s not for Wii U though. I just hope Warren Spector doesn’t give Nintendo fans the pre-verbial middle finger by including a ton of exclusive content in the PS3/360 versions cause they can hold more space.

  3. Jeez realy? honeslty Epic Mickey proved to be less than Epic even on the wii, if Warren Spectar ever wants to create an epid mickey:
    1. Get rid of the fucking musical aspect, this a game geared to gamers, not preschoolers.
    2. Voice action: This aint zelda, zelda is good with grunts and noises, not Disney.
    3. For godsakes please, oh please just get some high res. I know graphics shouldnt make or break a game, but we want something good to look at when we play. and granted Epic Mickey is pretty visual heavy. Its plain wrong not have good visuals for a game that boasts paintings.

    it makes sense dusnt it?

  4. I am going to have to pass on this, as I found the first game to be bland, clunky camera control and an overall lack of direction what I am suppose to do in the game. I also didn’t like the shallow moral choice system it had no effect on the game what so ever.

    1. Me too. I had the 1st one & I beat it in a fairly short time. & I was mad. I sold it on eBay shortly after release. They made it seem like it was level on with Kingdom Hearts, but it really wasn’t. I wish Mickey had more weapons, or at least extensions to his powers.

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