Ubisoft Preparing Another Wii U Game

Ubisoft is currently busy developing a brand new entry to the Your Shape franchise for the Wii U. The news was uncovered via a listing of licensed music requests which showed that Ubisoft has requested numerous songs to be featured in the game. Expect to hear more about Your Shape Wii U at E3. I bet you just can’t wait.


  1. As long as Red Steel arrives sometime. I loved the second one, saw one “rumor” that they’ll bring something to Wii U

  2. this is the ultimate title that i have been waiting forr!!!!!!!!!


    i’m starving for some WiiU news :(

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  3. It’d be nice if Rocksmith 2 came out for the Wii U. Really wouldn’t mind it being a port with alot more songs, effect pedals and what not. I just wanna discard of my PS3 already. Never did like Sony. Just got it cause my Wii couldn’t get all the games that came out for Xbox360 and ps4. It’ll be a completely different story once Nintendo releases the Wii U.

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