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Kid Icarus Uprising AR Cards Available Now On UK Club Nintendo

You can now trade in your hard-earned stars on Club Nintendo for a batch of twelve Kid Icarus: Uprising augmented reality cards if you visit Club Nintendo’s Stars Catalogue. The AR cards will set to you back 250 stars for two packs of six cards. You’ll get twelve random AR cards, and there are apparently hundreds of them for you to collect. Kid Icarus: Uprising comes out tomorrow in North America and Europe.


  1. Haha i was just catching up on some club nintendo surveys (800coins so far) and didn’t c these up for NoA. I tried to get my 3 free … but there gone now, Dammit!

  2. Does somebody know if they are random or not? I would to know if is useful to order more then one

    1. If u had any experience with the original title, u would b wipeing shit off ur lip from that opinion u just excreted.

      1. Well,Nintendo COULD have given us both the best of both worlds,free ones and ones which costs coins/stars for both US/K

    1. Me too :-P still have 6000 points left so maybe I’ll get some more depending on how many doubles are in there…

      1. i got 1000 left but thought the same thing, i dont want to spend all my points and get 100 of the same card :D

  3. The sad thing is im getting this tomorrow but i dont have the fucking circle pad for it even though i ordered from gs 2 months ago… me sad

  4. For some reason whenever I try to sign up for club Nintendo it always doesn’t work. Mabie we’ll be able to get the 3 packs by the time I get that account working. XD

  5. Just ordered 12 packs with my 1500 points lying around, was saving up for a 500 Wii point code but this is a much better deal!

  6. I have the same problem with Nintendo. Being in Australia products take a while to come. I had to wait a hefty 9 weeks for my legend of zelda poster set. Just ordered 6 packs of Kid Icarus cards today. Hopefully not to long…

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