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Here’s Six Minutes Of HD Footage From The Kingdom Hearts Premiere Event

Square Enix recently held a Kingdom Hearts premiere event in Japan to show off all things Kingdom Hearts related, and to give fans a closer look at the forthcoming Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance on the Nintendo 3DS. Kingdom Hearts 3D is due for release in Japan on March 29th, and is rumoured to be coming to Europe sometime in July.

31 thoughts on “Here’s Six Minutes Of HD Footage From The Kingdom Hearts Premiere Event”

        1. don’t troll a good game with a another say shit about kingdom hearts is bashing not only square enix but disney and nintendo cuz they put it on the 3ds this story is epic if you like kid icarus great but don’t dump on another game to point it that deters others from picking it up to get back at flamers so stop trolling

          1. No, we actually don’t want Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. WE WANT KINGDOM HEARTS 3 FOR THE PS3!!!!!!!!! 10 year anniversary and still no game for the PS3? How long has it been? C’mon Square – Enix and Disney, stop jerking us around with this side story crap, and give us the next dang game!! for PS3!!!!

    1. Releasing this year for Europe and North America.

      Of course Japan is getting this first, But North America should get the game shortly after Europe or Europe gets it shortly after.

      Anyway, the release date won’t be like Xenoblades… North America would not get this game and later on quite a long time later they say its being released for NA.

  1. i MUST GET THIS NOOWWWW lol everytime i see new videos or news about this game it re-kindles my love for this series lol ya im weird that way lol

  2. Thanks, Sickr. I fucking LOVE Kingdom Hearts! P.S. How were Sora and Roxas in the same place at the same time in seperate bodies? Maybe it was just a cinematic for the show.

    Leave luck to heaven.

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