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Unchained Blade (Dungeon RPG) Coming To The West Via Nintendo 3DS eShop

Japanese dungeon RPG Unchained Blade Rexx is coming to the West according to the latest edition of Nintendo Power. The game will be available as a download on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, but there could be a physical release as well. Sadly there’s no mention of a firm release date for either North America or Europe.

56 thoughts on “Unchained Blade (Dungeon RPG) Coming To The West Via Nintendo 3DS eShop”

      1. Unless that’s an attempt to call those “full games”, I think you missed a word in his comment. Full. He’s talking about boxed games, ones that sell for $40 at GameStop, available where ever you are.

        1. I thought Dillion and Sakura were very hefty for download games… Impressive for sure.

          Maybe not $40 download games, but a sign that full download games are coming.

      1. Never judge a Video Game by it’s graphics.

        -To Hardcore gamers who think graphics are the future and forgot about the Commodore 64.

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  1. So a full 3DS games via eShop. Capcom..YOU NOW HAVE NO REASON TO NOT GIVE US ACE ATTORNEY INVESTIGATIONS 2. If a full 3DS game can be thrown into the eShop why not a full DS game? >.>

    1. I’m hoping they group all the Ace Attorney games via the eShop in a “series” of games, with one releasing every week on the eShop… $6.99, Capcom? That’s the price you’re paying for the iOS versions, and here there’s no development costs having to port the game over.

    1. SD Cards are pretty cheap. Nabbed my 8GB one for like $8 on ‘black’ Friday aka day after thanksgiving. I knew I’d need more space.

  2. Not really into this myself, but has anyone thought that maybe the reason it’s going on the eShop is because it’s so small they could just save money by doing it this way rather than putting it on cartridges? I mean, it’s not like people in the west are bashing down doors to get the latest RPG’s, it’s all about the latest shooters ¬.¬

    1. First reason that came to mind. Niche titles like these will be the first to utilize the “Full Games Via Digital Distribution”, with big titles coming last. Titles like Call of Duty and sports titles strive on shelf space, with consumers being pulled in by big ads and whatnot. EA has embraced digital distribution recently so FIFA might be one of the first to come to the service, but games like Madden probably won’t (just don’t quote me).

    2. Seemed to me that Skyrim did pretty well. That’s an RPG/adventure game. I actually enjoy Skyrim too (PC!)

  3. Very cool, full retail RPG for download and it appears to be a roguelike which is also something the 3DS needs more of! This is shaping up to be an awesome year for 3DS owners!

  4. SOLD!

    A lot of games like this are limited in quantity, so it’s a pain to try and find it at a store. It looks like I’m going to have to get the 32GB card after all. Even if it’s just the subtitled version, it should improve the morality to localize more games through the eShop as opposed to the risky physical carts.

  5. i was hoping for full retail games! i love the way psp/psvita/ps2/psone/ps3 games are going digital (not that all are going digital) so i can’t wait for ds/3ds games on eshop!

    1. you are a sad little man lol jk idk if a dungeon rpg is the same as a normal rpg but i love rpgs lol but thats all right that you dont like that kind of game (we all have opinions :)

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        1. We all know that you didn’t hack him. He has been saying some dumb stuff lately and is surely blaming other’s.

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  7. i noticed since the 3ds launched there has only been games tailored to japan gamers all these rpg but we americans do have the mario zelda kinda games but im talkin about in terms of 3ed party everything on it so far is japanese and i have nothing against that but give us a call of duty or battlefield game and im sure most of u are gana say fuck cod but if it comes out on 3ds on the go ur gana buy it im sure of it i just need something like kid icarus and resident evil to keep me playing the 3ds not final fantasy and all these other BS RPG but fall out for 3ds wouldent be bad i just want something that dosent involve spike haired big eyed characters

    1. If you want those games then the Vita is the system for you… and please don’t call “Battlefield and CoD” western games… if FPS’s are “Western games” then I don’t want to play “Western” games. I want games like TWEWY and Heroes of Ruin (Japanese game vs. traditional Western game, like Diablo).

      1. naw vita offer nothing but 3g my thing is im tired of rpg i have been playing them since snes which i still own and thats the system where the most rpg are so its good to wana play something different u guys say there is to many fps on xbox360 there is to many rpg on 3ds it should be a mix and thats why i said there should be cod or battle field now if u want to play rpg that ur type of genra but i have a mix of genre fps Thirdps performer is my fav and last arcade shootem ups and beat em ups

  8. This might obviously mean they’re putting full games on the 3DS.
    Which is pure epic win.
    Keep it up Nintendo and the other game developerrs who are putting full games to the 3DS. =D

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